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A poem about being a Mom.
"Untangle my slinky."
"Unknot my laces."
"Shrink my shrinky-dinky."
"Watch me make faces."

"Get the gum from my hair
And the seat of my pants."
"Mommy I'm scared."
"Help me step on these ants."

"Please read me a story."
"Will you brush my hair?"
"Have you seen my shoe?"
"I have NOTHING to wear!"

"Can I have a friend over?"
"Can we have a party?"
I need a break!
Think I'll get it? NOT HARDLY!

"Can I call my friend?"
"I need some new shoes."
"My pants are too short."
Got the teenager blues!

"Can we go out and play?"
"Can we go to the pool?"
They just don't seem to realize
What's too hot or too cool.

"Can I play the computer?"
"Mark took my book!"
"The marshmallow exploded
When I tried to cook!"

"I spilled juice on the carpet!"
"I got paint on my shirt!"
"Do you think you have time, Mom,
To mend my blue skirt?"

"Ooops! I stepped in dog poop
Then walked on the rug!"
"Hey COOL! Look at this, Mom!
A new kind of bug."

"Bobby's biting my finger
And he won't let go!"
"Bobby, why did you do that?"
His answer? "Don't know."

"Stop hitting your sister!"
"No you CAN'T wash the cat!"
"Wipe the mud off your feet!
Why d’ya think I've got a mat?"

"Please clean up the dishes.
It's now time for dinner."
"Don't run through my house!"
CRASH! "But Mom, I'm the winner!"

"I can't find my dress shoes."
"What's this spot on your tie?"
"My book bag is missing."
Oh why? Why? Why? WHY?

"Go get in the car."
"Brush your hair on the way."
"Don't have it? Forget it."
Man, what a day.

If it isn't one thing
Then it is another,
No one told me there's no rest at all
For a mother!

But is it all worth it?
Which one would I trade?
To have a clean carpet,
Less laundry? Beds made?

"Mommy, I love you."
"I made this for you."
"It says you're the best!
And it really is true."

"Thanks Mommy. I love you."
"Thanks for mending my skirt."
"Thanks for reading to me, Mom."
"Thanks for kissing my hurt."

The day winds down and I check on the children,
each one fast asleep in their room, in their bed.
"I wouldn't trade you for the world," I whisper,
Tucking each in and kissing each head.

While some days seem heavy with fights and complaining,
"I need this." "He did that." "Why can't I go too?"
The "I love you" 's are worth it, erase all the rest
So that each day we wake up refreshed and renewed.

My job as a mommy
I never would trade.
No, not even for clean floors,
Less laundry, beds made!

I've watched each precious infant
Grow stronger each day.
To get to the point
Where they are today.

The hugs and the kisses.
The smiles, the love.
I have these special blessings
From our Great God above.

To see and to nurture
Their talents and strengths,
To teach them God’s ways
I will go to great lengths.

Each day brings new challenges,
Of this I am sure.
But the treasure of motherhood
is worth many more.

Each day I thank God
For my honor as "Mother".
Even on the worst days,
It surpasses all others.
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