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by Kenzie
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Lives changed in an instant, as the tall towers tumbled.
Tumbled Towers, Humbled Hearts
by Marilyn Mackenzie

Flag, God Bless the USA

T’was a bright and sunny day
The American dream was in reach
For people living on the prairies,
In the mountains, near the beach

And that’s where our minds were
Not on our God up above
Not on our needy neighbors
Nor of reaching out in love

Lives changed in an instant
As the tall towers tumbled
What could we do to help
Forever hearts were humbled

We stood in lines to give blood
Prayed for our nation’s peace
Waved our flags, sang and cried
Listened to the President speak

What we mustn’t do now, you know
Is go back to the way that it was
For our world will never be the same
Now that so many shed their blood

We’ve discovered heroes among us
We just cannot forget those who died
Nor can we assume our own safety
Or forget how our country cried

A tragedy taught us to be
What our forefathers thought all along
One nation brought together
By loss, by love and by song

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