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by Kenzie
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Once upon a time, I was asked to describe myself. What resulted was the ABC's of Me.
The ABC's of Me
by Marilyn Mackenzie
It's just me.

Once upon a time, I was asked to describe myself using the entire alphabet. What resulted was The ABC's of Me.

Who and what am I? I am...

Aunt Marilyn to five nieces and three nephews and automatically activated to accept this challenge and already anticipating the unknown ending. (Do you ever do that? You know, start writing while having no idea where the journey will end? Fortunately, I don't drive my automobile that way, without an end in mind!) Also assertive and alert, ambitious. And, an author.

Baffled as I battle the tendency of my typing fingers to rush ahead of my thoughts.

"Creatively Thrifty" - I had to throw that in, as it's the name of my snail-mail newsletter. Also cheerful, crafty, cunning and caring, calm, charming, clever, and committed to completing this list! And quite conservative and Christian.

Deliberate, daring, darling, determined and driven to not be defeated by this or any other life challenge! And daughter to two wonderful parents!

Eager, enthusiastic and excited about enlightening and entertaining readers, yet embarrassed as well at the excess use of adjectives. What an exercise! (Can't forget editor of "Creatively Thrifty".)

Friendly, fun loving (can you tell?), frugal (see Creatively Thrifty), feminine, forgiving. Also faithful - to friends, family and most importantly to God.

God-fearing and God loving. That's serious, and I take my faith seriously. Also, generous, giving.

Humble (go ahead and laugh!), happy, helpful, harmonious, honest.

Imaginative, impatient (yes, that's a flaw but I have it), industrious, innocent (still, sometimes), inquisitive (always), independent.

Just, jovial and Jesus-filled!

Kind, knowledgeable. Also Kenzie (a name some friends call me).

Likeable, lovable, loyal. Also loving - a lover of friends, family and God!

Merciful, miserly (that's a bit more stingy than being frugal and thrifty, but sometimes I am miserly), modest, mysterious. Ms. Merry Sunshine. Also mom to one 17 year old. And Marilyn.

Naïve (see innocent), normal (you think?), neighborly, nice.

Original (aren't we all?), observant. Also open - open-minded and openhearted. (Is there such a word? There should be!) Outgoing (Now that's a new one. I used to be so shy!)

Patient (yes, I think one can be both patient and impatient), persistent, persuasive, pleasant, polite, praise-ful (to God) and prayer-ful (to God), prudent, and punctual (thanks, Dad!). Parent to a 17-year-old son. Personable. Sometimes a poet.

Quiet (often), questioning, quick.

Rare, rational, real, reasonable, rebellious (for good causes, I think), reliable, responsible, reserved. Red is my color!

Satisfied, secure, sensible, serious (I can be), social, spontaneous. Big sister to brother Bill and sisters Carol and Karen. Sincere, somewhat sensitive, sentimental, sweet.

Talkative, thoughtful, truthful, thankful for so much, teasing, thrifty. Living in Texas (but they tell me I can't be a Texan until I've been here 15 or more years).

Unique, unusual, understanding.

Vigilant, virtuous, valiant, victorious, visionary. Often a volunteer. Always a voter. And, now, very, very happy that the end of the alphabet draws near.

Witty, sometimes wise, warm, full of wonder, a witness for Jesus, wistful, writer (or would-be).

EXtremely certain I won't find any word beginning with "X" that describes me. I'm not an x-ray or x-rated, nor am I a xylophone or a Xerox machine!

Young at heart, originally a Yankee (born in Pittsburgh, PA), yellow makes me happy. And I yearn for some things, a soul mate someday, for one.

Zany, zealous.

Zounds! I've just about zoned out trying to decide if I truly like zucchini and zwieback!

I do hope that you haven't found this list too flippant. I do have flaws, but for the most part have chosen to ignore them here. Expounding one's attributes is good for the soul. I urge you to write the ABC's of you. Get to know yourself, so that you know which of your characteristics you'd like to keep and which you'd like to change. Have fun with it. I know I did!

Someone from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA wrote to remind me that much of who and what I am today can be attributed to growing up in the 'Burgh. He's right!

I can't forget that I'm a lover of chipped ham, hot hoagies, perogies, pigs in a blanket, and "sammiches". I'm not nebby (nosy). Although I've never used the word "yinz" (mom wouldn't let me!), it does seem as natural to hear it being used as it does hearing "y'all" in the south. And, even for years after leaving the 'Burgh, I had those same beautiful legs that all Pittsburgh women have from walking up and down those hills!

Open the package
And look inside
I’m more than
The eye can see

Twinkling blue eyes
And still blonde hair
Just the wrappings
Of the me that’s me

 Inside and Out  (ASR)
How can we believe that one’s skin color, girth or age makes them more or less likable?
#616676 by Kenzie

When I was a young adult, I wrote something about who I was at that time. I was angry because the world was defining me. My parents wanted me to be just the way they thought I should be. My spouse tried to define me his way. I ended my lament, "Why can't they just let me be me?"

Years later, I wrote another short rant. I complained that I often didn't even have a name of my own other than "Derek's mom." In it, I wrote, "I’m still and ever a child of God. If I must wear a label, let that be the one I embrace."

I think that defines me best. I am a child of God.

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