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a woman of godly proportions
her eyes, like glistening rubies.
her skin, like freckled gold.
to touch her, that is paradise.

her hair, the smell of strawberries,
her lips, the taste of pina colada.
to kiss her, a sweet surrender.

in my arms, she lies asleep,
as peaceful, as beautiful,
as an angel, in the fire light.

when she dances,
the world stops around her,
as she moves like the flickering of a candle,
in the dark of night.

her body, like that of a goddess,
her soul, more beautiful than that.
to love her, i've been blessed.

but then, as if in a dream,
i awake suddenly.
to reality, i return.

and i look upon her empty house,
in the pouring rain,
with an empty heart,
and an empty soul.

her face, now but a faint memory.
her voice, but an echo in my mind.
to lose her, i have died.

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