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song written by a friend of mine
"the choirmaster"
written by
Ray Niebrzydowski

if you listen to my words.
You'll go against your lord.
when you give in to this urge.
Your soul and i shall merge.
Trapped in me eternally.
Your soul cannot be freed.
it is truley a disaster.
Falling to the choirmaster.

Invading all your deeper thoughts.
Twisting your mind into a knot.
Destroying everything you love.
Including faith of the above.
Corrupting every action done.
So when you die,evil has won.
Now you must think im a bastard.
But i am just the choirmaster.

Once i basket in the light.
But no power was in sight.
So i said to all goodbye.
And then dropped out of the sky.
Now here i sit and sing to you.
This word i preach,please listen to.
Come and join the choirmaster
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