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My gripe, today, is a warning! WritingML tags can be dangerous!

There I was, minding my own business.

I was typing away in this forum and that one, adding my thoughts or ideas, when suddenly, out of nowhere, my monitor bit me!

Thinking this must be due to a lack of sleep or that I dozed off for a moment, I continued on to the next forum.

Again, I answered a post with one of my own, and in my post I added a link to one of my items. Upon hitting enter, it happened again. My monitor bit me!

Pouring over my "Windows for Ding-Dongs" book, I found no cause listed for this, as well as, no cases listed.

So with trepidation, I crept to the final forum of the night. I posted one last time, adding an item after my signature. I slowly reached for the "enter" key when I suddenly see what must be causing this strange occurrence.

Sitting quietly within its brackets was the word {bitme:}.

Now for my next gripe...typos.

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