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by Kenzie
Rated: ASR · Prose · Romance/Love · #320043
Two becoming one, in mind, body, spirit. An excellent marriage, designed by our Creator.
Yellow and Blue

By Marilyn Mackenzie

Yellow and Blue 2

Just yellow and blue

Parts of a rainbow are they

Swirling lust colors

Yellow And Blue Makes Green

Some time ago a gentleman and I discussed the institution of marriage. He believed that if I were the color yellow and he the color blue, the painting of a marriage between the two of us would merely be a white canvas with yellow and blue stripes or yellow and blue polka dots. I disagreed.

To me, an excellent marriage is more than two people learning to live peacefully together during the daytime hours and sharing a bed at night. In a good marriage, the colors of yellow and blue splash randomly on the white canvas. In some places, the yellow dominates part of the page; on other parts of the page, blue takes command.

In many places on the canvas of married life, the colors of yellow and blue whirl and swirl side by side and in very intricate patterns. But, more importantly, and ideally, yellow and blue combines to make green. Two becoming one, in mind, body and spirit. That, to me, is the definition of an excellent marriage – one designed by our Creator.

Another friend was the first to read my finished words. He pointed out something else that I hadn't even considered. When the colors of yellow and blue combine to make green, the colors are mixed forever and cannot be undone. So it should be with marriage. Two becoming one, in mind, body and spirit - forever.

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