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by Malik
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From the realms of depression...
The Dark side
From the realms of depression...

A place neither far nor near
Where reality is never clear
Cold, dark vast and wide
This place is called the Dark side

A place full of hate and anger
Where kinsmen and friends are total strangers
Where souls die because of pride
This place is called the Dark side

Therein we feel God’s never there
Because of pain, fear and despair…
And tribulations from which we try to hide
This place is called the Dark-side

Dismal attempts to try and repress
Bad things that you’d rather forget
Cause you not to realise
That you’ve ventured through the Dark-side

Some stay short term so as to mend
Some stay until the very end
Others just can’t decide
This place is called the Dark-side

To this place I’ve already been and gone
I’d wish it not for anyone
For I just escaped by the skin of my hide
From this place called the Dark-side

It wasn’t easy
It took some time
I very nearly lost my mind
But now I’ve left this place behind
This place is called the Dark-side

From this place you can surely leave
If only you just perceive
That life is not a smooth ride
Then you’ll be free of the Dark-side

This place is unique, one of a kind
The Dark-side is a state of mind
Past encounters compel me to
Relay this advice to you…

For those of you already there
Mark well these words and don’t despair
No matter how bad your life may be
Never detach from reality

Step one to your trials and how to solve them
Is first to acknowledge you have a problem

Step two to life’s little game
Don’t waste time looking for someone to blame
To improve your state look nowhere else
Except internally towards yourself

Life’s battle is tough
Stand firm and strong
Walk tall and fight don’t turn and run
For if you try to run or hide
You’ll forever remain in the Dark-side

Finally I must relate
To those who’ve suffered not this fate
The fortunate ones on whom God’s Grace
Has prevented entrance to this place
Should life change and start to spin
Take good note of the following…

When life seems dim and almost done
Strive hard and you shall over come
I pray that you will never find
This place I call the Dark-side
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