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by Malik
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Must let go but can't
Just to forget

Remembering you hurts, because you left me.
Thinking you’ll return drowns my heart with false hope.

Remembering your smile makes me frown, because that smile is no longer for me.

Remembering that you’ve moved on prevents me from doing the same.

Such memories won’t bring you back.
Reminders do no good.

Remembering you has this effect,
hearing your voice weakens me,
and seeing you will do far worse.

Ego keeps my eyes dry,
Talking doesn’t ease the pain,
my wounds are still fresh
because of the memories that remain.

If I am to survive these memories must die.
I must resort to drastic steps to exile you from my mind


I need to have never loved you

I need to force myself to be repulsed by your beauty,
ignore your every phone call.

I have to destroy your every letter,
burn your every photo.

It’s a must that I hate your very existence…

Just to forget.
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