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Members frequently ask Staff for interviews, so that they may use our quotes and information in their article. Most of our past answers will be posted here so that everyone may use them in their article. If you have a question that was not addressed in any of these articles, please drop an email to either of us and we'll do what we can to answer that for your article.

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1. Check out an interview from The StoryMaster , done for the Writing.Com For Authors newsletter: "December 11, 2002: kimmer.

2. This is more a "fun" interview, but you might be inspired from something you read: "Having Tea With The StoryMistress (Pt I).

3. Check out the "About Writing.Com section!

4. Read this: "Read This; It's FREE!.

5. Helpful information can also be found in the Advertise With Us area located at the bottom of every page.

6. Be sure to check out our Members' Testimonials page: {{b}http://www.Writing.Com/main/testimonials.php). If you find a great quote that fits into your article, just email that member and let them know you'd like to use it!

. . . S I T E W I D E  S T A T I S T I C S . . .


. . . Q U E S T I O N S . . .

What, if anything, have you planned to keep the enthusiasm constant and reliable?

One of the things that makes Writing.Com different from other sites is the fact that it's constantly changing. Unlike most writing websites out there (or any website, for that matter) we are updating this site on a daily basis; it's constantly changing and improving.

One of our jobs in controlling the community is to provide a hotbed for creativity. We do that with new features, improvements on current features, holiday decorations, etc. This isn't our "second job" or something we do on the side for fun. This is our life and our members know it. That makes a huge difference.

And the members themselves motivate each other! The support found and friendships made here are more motivation and encouragement than most see offline. Writers are improving their skills, trying out new styles, getting feedback, giving feedback... it's a playground for creativity here. And for that reason, the readers benefit on a daily basis, as well.

What, in your opinion, makes this writing site any different than other so-called writer sites?

Our difference is that we are much more than a site to showcase an Author's work. We are a community for Authors and a centralized location to store all of their writing, and then some.

Here are a few other things that make us unique:

*Star* Unlike a lot of "random" sites for showcasing content, Writing.Com runs multiple servers with RAID5 drive arrays with more than 150 gigabytes of storage, redundant MySQL servers and tape backups to both on and off site locations. Hosted by INetU (http://www.INetU.Net/), a leading in dedicated and colocated server hosting. (Ie; We have a real infrastructure.)

*Star* It's built from the ground up, all in house... as such, it is a completely integrated portfolio, email, forum, etc system.

*Star* Writing.Com has two full time staffers who are readily available and in contact with members. Contrary to other large writing sites in the past who have staffed close to 30 people, we find plenty of time to run our community of 40,000+ as well as add new features all the time and answer interviews like this! The site has been built to run as a working support system. Most everything is automated and members have their own support systems in place to help each other!

*Star* Our portfolios support 15 different "Item Types" including:
         *Bullet* Books (to hold novels, novellas, collections, journals, etc.)
         *Bullet* Static items (for traditional works like articles, essays, poetry, prose, etc)
         *Bullet* Campfire creatives (great for group writing)
         *Bullet* Groups (for members to work together)
         *Bullet* Images
         *Bullet* In & Outs
         *Bullet* Interactive stories
         *Bullet* Madlibs
         *Bullet* Message forums
         *Bullet* Surveys
         *Bullet* Polls
         *Bullet* Community Notes (cNotes are the ecards of Writing.Com)
         *Bullet* Word searches
         *Bullet* and portfolio folders to keep it all organized!
         *Bullet* And finally, the most detailed product review format online!

*Star* Members find support for their writing when they previously had no one to share it with.

*Star* Content rating system to help keep minors away from subject matter and language that is inappropriate for them.

*Star* We've created a point based economy within the site (Gift Points); members can freely trade Gift Points and use them to buy Basic / Upgraded / Premium Memberships and other products or exposure within the site. Members setup contests, encourage each other, etc.

*Star* Support for younger writers.

*Star* We have complete families using Writing.Com... Moms, Dads and children all spending time together reading and writing on one online community.

*Star* Our portfolio services and writing tools are excellent for homeschooling and we even have some school teachers using the system within their classes.

*Star* We make relationships happen that wouldn't have been possible before.

*Star* It's addicting and a whole lot of fun! *Smile*

What, in your opinion, is it that a writer is seeking from your site when he or she registers?

Like I mentioned above, most people come here searching for a place to post their work online. Some are looking for encouragement and feedback, but it's usually an author searching out for a reliable place to house the written items they've worked so hard on.

But as I'm sure you all know, they get MUCH more than they bargained for. *Smile*

And with that, I'll point you again to our Testimonials page: http://www.Writing.Com/main/testimonials.php so you can see for yourself. *Smile*
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