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A story for those too shy to come forward
The day was hard and long. A good, hot bath was desperately needed and very much deserved. Sherri entered her apartment thinking only of the soothing bath soap which would soon soak deeply into her soft skin. First, though, she threw down her purse and coat on the sofa and proceeded to check her answering machine.
Nothing. Always nothing. She longed for the day when she would press the new messages button and hear the voice of Larry. They talked every now and then back at the office, she gave him her number, but he would never call. At this point, she just wanted to hear from anybody. All she had to look forward to each day is work. At times it was hard to go home, it was far too depressing going home to nothing.

She made her way to the bathroom. She turned on the light and ran the water and added the bubbles for her bath. She watched steam rise from the tub as she undressed. In front of the mirror she slowly removed her clothing, pretending Larry was watching.

She ran her fingers through her fiery red hair. It was hard to believe that this beauty did not have a line out the door of guys wanting a piece of her, just to be seen with her would fill most men with pleasant dreams to their dying day. Unfortunately, she was very shy. Larry was the only guy she had ever had the courage to talk to, let alone give her phone number to. It had taken a long time to gather that courage, but it was decided that she needed to overcome her shyness. She was 25 and had never felt the gentle touch of a caring man.

The large, oval tub was full of frothy, steamy-hot water by this time. She lit a cinnamon scented candle, turned out the light and entered her bubbly retreat.

The water felt wonderful against her skin. She took her washcloth, soaked it with water, and started to caress her body. She had large, supple breasts; great care was taken to wash them. The cloth rubbing against her nipples turned her mind to thoughts of what she had not yet experienced. She was becoming aroused. The cloth moved around her body, almost under its own power. She ran the cloth firmly into her legs. Of all her body parts, her legs were her favorite. Slightly tanned, slim, very inviting. Slowly, she moved the cloth along the outside of her right leg, then turned to the inside. She made sure to clean well her inner thigh. Slowly, firmly, then on to the other leg. The same process, time consuming, but very relaxing and worth every second.

The normal duties of a bath were now over. The water was still hot, so she leaned back, closed her eyes and let the steam take her away.

Sherri opened her eyes. She was in the same room, but it was somewhat different. There were at least two dozen candles, deep red and ivory, ranging in size from quite small to relatively large. The aroma of cinnamon and vanilla filled the room. The door opened slowly. A man stood in the doorway. Short, dark brown hair, just under six feet tall, piercing blue eyes. It was Larry. He was wearing a black suit, light blue shirt with the top three buttons undone and no tie. He entered the room with one dozen brilliant red roses, a bottle of Champagne and two crystal Champagne flutes. He set the roses on the vanity and set the glasses on the edge of the tub. Sherri looked on him with desire in her eyes. She watched as Larry opened the bottle. A gentle hiss blended perfectly into the mood as Larry flawlessly uncorked the stubborn bottle. He poured. Rushing effervescence, the sound made Sherri tingle as the sparkling wine hit the glass.

"To a night you will not soon forget" Larry toasted, with a deep, seductive voice.
They both sipped their drink, enjoying the bubbles in their mouths. Larry took both glasses and set them aside. He took off his clothes and joined Sherri.

He rested beside her, his finger running up and down her body. Her eyes closed, her body quivering with anticipation. Their lips met. Slowly, very passionately. He moved his lips, then licked her sweet neck. His right hand squeezed firmly her wonderfully shaped hips. His other hand rest behind Sherri's head, slightly scrunching her hair. They kissed again, his tongue making its way into her luscious mouth. She was slightly shocked at first, but quickly accepted and enjoyed it.

Sherri moved her right hand to her breasts, grasping her left nipple, squeezing almost to the point of pain. With her free hand, she reached for Larry's thigh, grabbing tightly, then pulling his leg on top of her willing body. After caressing his leg for a short while, she turned to his inner thigh, rubbing deeply. She then moved her hand to her secret place, inviting him in.

"Not yet", he whispered softly into her ear, then he gently nibbled on her lobe. She moaned slightly, more after he started sucking on her neck.

His left hand was constantly moving over her wonderful body, exploring every detail of every inch-she loved every second of it. His right hand could not move from her hip, rubbing deep into the most seductive part of her body. Finally, his right hand moved, covering her perfectly pink vulva, tickling slightly.
He massaged her thighs slowly, teasing her, torturing her. Then, he slowly slid his slender finger into her. She arched her back and neck, an unknown pleasure filled her body, her hips started moving, begging for another finger.
She opened her eyes, she could not open them 'til now. She stared miles into the most brilliantly blue eyes she had ever seen. She could not look away, she didn't want to. Both of her hands felt for his chest, he did the same to her with his free hand.

Sherri felt the fingers leave her body, she grabbed at his waist as she felt an even better piece of him replace the fingers. Her eyes bolted shut, her neck was touched by his familiar lips, they moved up to her ear, then to her lips.

The water was cooling quickly, but the two were heating beyond their collective boiling point. The mirrors were engulfed in steam, both from the bath and from the passion of the two lovers. The smaller candles had faded. Light still emanated from the larger candles, the shadow of the most sacred of dances flickered on the tiled walls. The sound of gentle splashes and light moans echoed throughout the lavatory.
The splashes grew stronger, the moans faster. Sherri's hands wrapped tightly around Larry's body, her nails embedded into his back. He felt the pain and welcomed it. His hands massaged firmly her thrusting hips. His grip on her whitened his knuckles. Her grip on him drew blood. Water began to spill from the tub. Everywhere in the house the sound of deep, fulfilling moans could be heard.
Stronger. Faster. Louder. Silence. The water went cold, the candles burnt out. Total darkness, total stillness.

The cold water began to irritate Sherri. She got out of the bath, wrapped herself in an oversized, purple cotton towel and blew out the single cinnamon candle. She checked the answering machine once more, then went to bed.


"Of course", he thought, looking at the 0 on his telephone. "I wish I had the nerve to ask her out. Who am I kidding, someone that attractive can't be single." He looked at the number taped to his phone, his blue eyes began to well with tears. He stood almost six feet tall, but he felt four when he thought of Sherri. "She is the essence of perfection, I don't have a chance." He turned away from the machine and went to take a bath.
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