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The perfect woman in a man's life His words on their relationship

I was the happiest man alive, she was perfect. I know, I know tons of guys say that about their wives or girlfriends. But I was the only one who could say that and be right. She had the figure of a supermodel, soft warm skin and long, sexy legs. But that wasn’t what attracted me to her. It was her eyes. God, those beautiful eyes. Like two pieces of backlit jade set in perfect diamonds that shone with a sparkle of constant optimism. No matter how bad things got, she would always be there, always telling me to keep going. And her smile, white like polar snow, it radiated with its own aura. You couldn’t help but smile when she did, and her laugh. It was so full of joy. But the one thing I never ever, understood about her was how she was attracted to me. I’m a gargoyle and to have such a perfect woman fall all over me, it was a mystery. Just like Stonehenge or the Missing Link. The one thing I do know is that I loved her with all my heart and soul. I worshipped the ground she walked on. It was funny how we met. I was in my apartment building, she had just moved in. We were both in the lobby. When she walked through that door I just stared. I wasn’t paying attention so I walked into the wall and broke my nose. I look back on that now and realize it was funny the way I tried to introduce myself, keep my cool and try to keep the blood in all at the same time. I guess I impressed her. She ended up coming with me the hospital so I wouldn’t pass out on the drive. The rest is history. Everyday I would roll over and see the sunlight dance across her face. Then when our eyes met she would smile. We would kiss then…well you know, we were in love. She was more than my lover; she was my best friend. One night we could be tangled up in each other, the next day we could play touch Football with our crew. She was a great person in all ways. Nice, smart, a great sense of humor, a listener, a conversationalist. She was just nice to be with....You felt like a better person just being in the same room. I told her all my deep dark secrets and she told me hers. Some nights when life went so bad, she’d cry on my shoulder, others I’d be crying on hers. It was incredible. A relationship so deep, it went beyond love itself. Yeah, it does sound a bit crazy, but it wasn’t. It was bliss, with her I knew what heaven was. I remember one night; I had spent the entire week trying to get reservations at this restaurant on the pier. It was the most romantic spot in town. It had dancing, champagne. The works. I sat at that table, just staring in to those eyes as candlelight flickered against her beautiful face. We danced the evening through and had a great time. Her silver dress reflected the light, making it seem like she gave off her own glow. Like an angel. She was an angel, my angel. She saved me from my inner demons. She made them all go away, and the world was a better place with her. But one night, I remember it like it was an hour ago. We were driving home from a party, one frosty winter’s night. I could feel her head resting on my shoulder, and thinking to myself how perfect my life was. I had a good job, good friends and this vision of beauty by my side. Nothing could go wrong. My god… I was an idiot for thinking that…Out of nowhere a semi-truck come at us head on…I tried to stop, but the car skidded. Then… and then nothing, I don’t remember anything until I awoke at the hospital. When I realized what happened, the first thing that came to my mind was her. I remember looking up at the hospital ceiling, Seeing doctors and paramedics swarming around me. I tried to say Where is she…How is she? But all that came out was incoherent gibberish. When I came to my senses, one the doctors came into my room. I was on a respirator. He couldn’t look me in the eye, I knew something was wrong. He said the words that changed my life forever. He sat at the end of the bed and said that he couldn’t save her nor the fetus…Melissa was pregnant… he said about five weeks in. I had no idea; she was probably waiting for the right moment to tell me. I was gonna be a father and have a family… I cried that night, more than I had ever cried in my 27 years on this planet. More news was about to come my way. When they took me off the respirator, for the first time I noticed…I couldn’t feel my legs. In a frantic state I began to slam my fists down on my legs…Nothing. Doctor and nurses had to restrain and sedate me…. It’s been a month now; life is just unbearable without her and I’m stuck in this fucking chair for the rest of my life! Some nights before I fall asleep I can see her silhouette lay beside me. Don’t worry dear, I’ll be there and we can be together again.

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