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My cheers have turned from “Go Steelers!” to “Go God!” and I’m not sorry.
Monday morning wasn’t like other mornings. Usually Ms. Merry Sunshine jumps out of bed ready to greet the day and its challenges. I did wake and study God’s word as usual. But as I drove to work, I couldn’t help wondering how many would ridicule me this day, especially as one working in a newsroom. How many would think it un-American that I’d missed the Super Bowl? Yes, I admit it. I slept through the Super Bowl. Worse, though, is that fact that this year I didn’t even know which teams were playing. Nor did I care. Now that’s un-American!

How had it come to this? I grew up in Pittsburgh when all the sports teams there were at their finest – the Steelers, the Pirates, the Penguins. My college boyfriend attended Penn State and I attended Pitt. There was such a rivalry there. I attended the Army/Navy game and shivered in the stands. And in the late 70’s and early 80’s I lived in Houston, when not only the Oilers, but all the football teams were fantastic. Remember? Dallas, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles? They all had great teams. Only New Orleans had a team of which to be ashamed.

But there it was Monday morning after the Super Bowl and I couldn’t even discuss the commercials! Or the half-time show! How had it come to this?

As I drove to work, wondering what I could talk about to my co-workers, I realized that my perception of what is important had surely changed over the years. If they wanted to discuss politics or the economy, I could hold my own. Being thrifty is something I’ve conquered as a single mother, and “family values” is an issue I find rather important.

Should someone want to discuss the wonders of this world created by God, I’d be able to talk for hours about the cute squirrel who scolds me each morning as I leave for work. Or the neighborhood cat who seems to belong to no one, but survives because the neighbors all take turns feeding it. Or the way the birds seem to hold a concert just for me (or is it for God?) each morning as I sit on my porch reading the Bible and writing in my journal. Or the plant on my porch, given to me by my church on my last day as secretary there. I’ve never been very good at nursing plants, but this one has survived for two years on my porch, nurtured by God’s rain and sun.

If anyone wanted to discuss people, I could certainly talk about those closest to me – my son, my other family and friends. Or neighbors who struggle with life’s problems. Or some we’ve written about in the newspaper. Yes, I could talk about them.

As I drove into the parking lot at the newspaper, I felt as if God’s strong arms were embracing me, reminding me that although I hadn’t a clue about who won the Super Bowl or who even played, I did know something far more important. I knew that God was in control. I knew that Jesus died for my sins so that I’d be able to have eternal life. I knew that God’s Holy Spirit was with me as I got out of my car and headed for the door of the building to the newspaper. As I wondered if any would ask what I had thought about the Super Bowl, I rejoiced in my knowledge that I have a Super God.

I thought, “Let them ask.” My cheers have turned from “Go Steelers!” to “Go God!” and I’m not sorry.

I wrote this in 2002, when I worked for the newspaper. Since then, I have watched or not watched the Superbowl without ever regretting either choice. Most years, I don't know (or care) who is playing. This year, I knew only because there seemed to be such an interest by people who don't usually care one way or the other.

This year, the NFL decided that churches (and other groups, I suppose) cannot show the games on big screen TVs. That's pretty dumb. I'm not apt to watch any Superbowl alone. I have much better things to occupy my time. But I might watch with a group on a big screen. Oh well. I guess the NFL and their advertisers know what they're doing. I never have watched the commercials. *Laugh*

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