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A metaphorical journey down turbulent waters
The Raft


Barefoot Bob

On a soft and sunny Summer ‘aft

a raft and it’s waters were wed

set adrift from motherland

blind to dangers ahead

A sturdy craft, it seemed one only a devil

could sink or tear

The current of love tugged easily then

beckoned by illusion’s stare

But a giant slept around the bend

The vessel was soon to know

a malevolent river horror show,

an avalanche of jaded snow

Too late for thoughts to fly ashore

on innocent sliver wings

Too late to grasp the leaning roots

which weeping families bring

Too late to wonder who’s to blame

The river or the raft

for unleashing malignant tides

‘neath serenity’s shady mask

A scream to sour the pristine breath

of God’s unspoken word

came tumbling from a monstrous mouth

till peace could not be heard

A dream of love forever smooth

of trust forever pledged

awakened, then, in icy spray—

ensnared on nature’s edge

Engulfed in seething foamy rage

and dared by leering rocks

the fragile raft veered away, veered away,

to mock a hazardous clock

Enduring the ram of time

the sickening howl of NOW!

The fearless raft stood there stead fast

and held a steady bow

But then, at last, this journey’s end

was heralded in the breeze

from limpid pools and wiser rules

by which the heart could please

The raft drifts now and smiles—

in spite of rapids further on—

Resting with assured new strength

to challenge a moody dawn

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