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Rip Off Of Going Away To College by Blink 182
The Ball
Please do up my image
For some reason I should look good and
Please drive me to the ball
I need a lift
In your flash styly car and I
Forgive you, I'm only acting on emotions but
You should remember
That the two hundred other people around you still exist
Why does it feel like
You never have as much fun as you always
Thought you might have
Theres always something missing there
I know
Turn your heard round, you see it all around you
And if Tonsil Tennis was a sport then
I must be at the Olympics
Don't depend on me
To ever understand my feelings or stop this
Jealousy cause
You must be sick of this
Don't you know that
I often picture myself in someone's arms and
I'd dance the night away though I
Wouldn't forget my friends
Like you
So I'll have fun with others
Who feel like me in some ways
Maybe I'll even go up stairs and see
Those who are feeling even worse and
I haven't had as much fun
As I thought I might
And I just want to run
On my big night
Sad to feel this way
A simple wish for me
This worlds so complicated
But all I want you can't see
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