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Opposites attract?
I push, you pull
I'm cashmere, you're wool
I say no, you say yes
I want more, you give less
I gaze up, you glance down
I call it square, you call it round
I add, you subtract
I give opinions, you want facts
I lift a window, you shut a door
I sleep silent, you snore
I turn left, you turn right
I say it's day, you say it's night
I listen, you talk
I run, you walk
I fear, you help me live
I take, you help me give
I'm free, you're on hold
I'm contained, you are bold
I'm a goat , you're a fish
I say a prayer, you make a wish
I believe, you cast doubt
I stare ahead, you glance about
I say it's bad, you say it's worst
I hunger, you thirst
I melt, you freeze
I release, you squeeze
I drink milk, you drink Tang
I'm your yin, you're my yang.

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