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What I dream about at night when I see you, girl...
I'm lying in my bed
Tossing and turning
I can't get a wink of sleep
My mind just keeps thinking
My stomach is churning
My heart is yearning
I have these feelings
My thoughts are reeling
With the love that I'm dealing
Into a full deck
Yet no games are playing
My hormones are weighing
Inside of me staying
Causing me to be erect
For this cause and effect
Only one can expect
For this thing to fall thru
You know that it's true
There's only one thing to do
Open wide and let me come thru
Full of your desire
My love is for hire
Your passion takes me higher and higher
Into the sky
I cannot lie
I'm not going to cry
But maybe just a tear
There's nothing to fear
As long as your here
By my side
As I gently caress your thigh
You rub your hand across my chest
I kiss the silkiness of your breast
I'm about to explode
Full throttle then overload
Soon there is no kinda control
Harder and harder
Hotter and hotter
Wetter and wetter
Nothing can be better
The only question on your mind
How long can he go?
Your not sure
I'm not sure
But soon we'll both know
How long this experience will last
Pushing the gas
Working full speed
This is true pleasure indeed
As romantic as the beach at night
As romantic as a cruise
No need for either of us to move
We'll stay right here
Our love will show us the way
Thru both night and day
And when the day does come
I will turn and see you
And realize
For me there is none
But you my only one
And begin to believe
That though this is only a dream
Loving you last night
Was simply a dream come true...
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