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Girl you know my love
Gets stronger as time goes by
Eerytime I think about you
I get a natural high
As I rub my fingertips across your thigh
I want your hot, silky body on top of me
Riding while I'm inside
Harder, Faster, Longer than ever before
You know you want it
You know that I want it
Nothing can stop it
You begin to feel the power
Me with you, girl, every hour
No matter whether in the kitchen or the shower
I will shower you with my love
I begin to go downtown
Licking and kissing your body all around
You are my highness, my queen
You are my destiny
There is no one else for me
My love you can see
All I see is you and me
Walking along the beach
Soft sand beneath our feet
As the mooon shines over the water
We begin to kiss and reminisse
Our emotions run wild
As we start to sex on the isle
Only water and sand near by
Nothing else but just you and I
Our moans are carried thru the wind
To my love there is no end
Our love together is Infinate,
Everlasting, Eternal
Under the dock
As the cool water runs between our chests
The nipples of your breasts
Are as hard as a rock
But at this point, nothing is harder
Than me inside of you
You know one thing is true
I'm not going to lie
Girl, you know my love
Gets stronger as time goes by.
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