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Proof that you only live twice
i say what i mean
no wasted words for
poetic injustice
of fluff and nonsense
stuff of vain fancy
dreams of powdered
unicorn's horn
my time is well spent
no spare second for a kiss
from beauty's lips
not a drop from the pool
of infinite life
spills into death and
my time is better
used elsewhere

shouldn't i
catch the rain
on my tongue
just once
to remember
what wet felt like
that day
or shouldn't i roll
through the flowers
in your garden
just so i've been there
just to say
i've been there
shouldn't i once
feel the breeze from
a hummingbird's wings
to say i have felt
why shouldn't i waste
my precious time
to love you
to be in
something insubstantial
like wind or
like honey
like breath
why shouldn't i follow
this road down
to nowhere
just to say that it's
i've been
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