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by Am____
Rated: 13+ · Serial · Action/Adventure · #371403
Second chapter of Emerald's quest
Emerald made her way down the castle corridor and towards the small dinning room. She heard her father voice before she saw him. "I want everything perfect for tomorrow" he said as Emerald walked through the opened door. The king looked up as his daughter entered the room. "Good morning Emerald" he said as Emerald took the seat next to her father.
"Good morning father." Emerald said once her father turned to her.
Emerald gazed around the dinning room as the meal was served. Her thoughts turned to day ahead. A day filled with endless hours of lessons. The dinning room was quiet, except for the soft clanging of forks, knives and spoons.
Emerald finished her meal and waited for her father to finish as well. "You have been quiet this morning my dear. Is something wrong?" Her father asked breaking the silence.
"No father, nothing is wrong" Emerald answered as she got out of her chair and walked towards the door. "Emerald we will be having some quest coming to stay thru the end of the month. I wish you to be here to help me great them." was all he said as she left the room.
"Yes father." Emerald said as she walked out of the room.
Guest could mean only one thing a seamlessly ending array of dinner parties and balls. Emerald groaned innerly as she walked to the side exit of the castle. It was time to find Madeline, The Fairy Queen.
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