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Letter of resignation from ACS
American Cancer Society,

For the past two years it has been great to be a part of this organization. Being a cancer survivor, I felt I should be involved and do what I can to raise money for the fight against cancer.

This year, I cannot believe how this group has treated one of our members, Isaac. This member has dedicated 10 years - a decade - of his life to raising money, organizing events and providing support - all for you! He was a friend to any and all who came into his path. He has taken the Relay for Life in our town to extraordinary levels. All for nothing.

And now, without a second thought about it, you shove him out of your organization without even the slightest explanation. Well, not until a lawyer, the press and your financial supporters demanded to know.

To treat this person this way is unreal to me. Never for a second did he ever have anything but ACS and his committee members at heart. He didn't follow the pettiest guidelines 100%, but do all of you? And why is it that all of the other committee members that stood right beside him in agreement with decisions made... are still serving on that committee? They went behind his back in deviance and voted him out. Never gave him a chance to defend himself, ask questions or explain himself. I am disgusted by your organization and for all it stands.

I'm not even sure why you did what you did. The Relay for Life in Mifflin-Juniata will NEVER be to the level at which Isaac had taken it. It will never raise as much money as it did before. The support for this event and your organization is gone. Teams have pulled out, committee members are resigning and your corporate employees are telling us to go ahead and quit - that you don't care.

I will never, ever be a part of the American Cancer Society. I will not be a part of a group that turns on a fellow member in the way that you have done with Isaac, a truly dedicated volunteer of the American Cancer Society. I will no longer financially support the ACS. I will also advise everyone that has donated money before, to no longer do so.

I resign from this scam of an organization. Do not send me anything from the American Cancer Society. Do not ask me for money. You will never receive a dime from my family or me.


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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/372143-Resignation-Letter-from-ACS