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The story of me, all that I feel and all that I am. The story of my life using symbols.
She stands on the precipe of life, the pinnacle of all she desires is there right in her grasp, take it or don't take it. Now was her choice, the decision she makes as of now will forever change the outcome of her life. She sways as she stands there looking down into the dreary dismal abyass below her feet..........she could topple and fall at any moment. Her perch was precarious at best..her hand clasped the pinnacle somewhat loosely, as if she had never been this high before...

She looked down and suddenly her feet move forwards, she gasps but does nothing to stop her descent, she falls not far, but enough. Now she has to look up at the peak she once was standing on and the pinnacle she held so briefly in the palms of her hand.

So she sat down on the tiny overhang over the abyass. The place was not hard or rough, but rather smooth and worn, as if someone, possibly she had been sitting there for some time. Indeed her outlook on life had grown rather comfortable and complacent for her lately. She took comfort in the sameness of her life. At least she was no longer in the darkness.

Many a day and night had she sat thusly peering deeply down into the heart of the hole, listening to it call to her. The call was familiar and in its own way more comforting than the shadowed greyness of this hold to sameness. Sometimes she wanted to step to the edge of the cliff and let go of the edge and feel herself plummeting dowards in a spiral of self fulfilling doom.

Other times she just sat there and closed her eyes and ears from all of the memories the abyass belched out at her, hoping to entice her to anger. Enough anger and she could fall again. Truthfully it was if she set out on a lifes course on some days to personally seek her own demise.

But now she just sat dangling her feet over the edge of the yawning black hole and wondered what it would be like to finally stay on life's peak and hold the pinnacle of triumph...She didn't think she could do it....
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/372176