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As a man, I challenged myself to write a story from a woman's perspective. Enjoy.
Hottest Star in the Heavens


Barefoot Bob

When Sophie first laid her hot Summer eyes on Beeper, she had an irresistible urge to tear his jump suit off him and jump his bones right there at the airport. No one would have noticed, anyway. Because during events like this everyone was straining their necks upwards to the skies. It was a boring Sunday, and Sophie had decided to go to a skydiving festival. She had never been to one, and, up till then, she had never seen a sky diver, except on T.V.

Beeper noticed her standing there, alone, attired all in white—shorts, tank top, and cap—the coolest thing she could find to wear. He walked slowly towards her, grinning at her excited "OOOOH!’S" and "AHHH!’s" A radiant smile brightened his tan face.

"Fun,huh," he said. "Do you jump?"

"Me? Oh, no…It’s fun to watch, but I could never do that." She told him.

"Sure you could," said Beeper. "It’s safe." He reached around and patted the parachute that was strapped to his back. He fondled it lovingly, like a tender child on his back. "The chutes they make these days are pretty high tech," he continued. "The only time there is an accident it’s because someone did something really stupid…I try not to do those things, myself."

"Good for you," said Sophie, flippantly. "Keep up the good work." Sophie usually got flippant when she was around men that attracted her as much as he did. She hoped he didn’t notice her trembling with desire for his sinewy body.

"You should try it sometime," he said. "You’d love it…nothing else in the world like it. And you’d be safe—especially with me."

"Oh," said Sophie. "Are you safe?"

"Hmmm," he said, then chuckled. "Well, I don’t know if I’m safe. But the jump would be safe."

"Sure of yourself, aren’t you," said Sophie.

" I’ve done over a thousand jumps," he said, glancing at the sky. "I haven’t killed anyone, yet." He held out a beefy hand to her. "I’m Beeper…That’s what people call me…I’m a certified tandem jumper."

She took his hand, and something stirred in her groin. She introduced herself. "Sophie," she said. "So you’re one of those jumpers who jump with people strapped to you?"

"That’s right," said Beeper. "It’s called a tandem jump. Wanna try it?"

Sophie visualized herself strapped to his manliness. But at eight thousand feet! She was afraid of heights. It took all her will power to keep from agreeing to do it.

"You charge people to do that, don’t you?" she asked, trying to find a delicate way out.

"Usually," said Beeper. "The pilot needs to get paid too.. "But he’s a friend of mine. I can work something out, if you want to try it."

"Thank you. I’ll think about it," she said, politely. "’Hot, isn’t it." She needed to change the subject.

"It’s cool up there," he said. "Real cool." He grinned.

"You’re incorrigible," she said, and chuckled. "I was thinking more along the lines of a cold drink."

"Sorry, hon," he said, patting her arm. "Just having some fun with you," he chuckled. "A cold drink would be great. Would you like to join me?"

He escorted her inside the fence to the "Jumpers Only" area. There was a stretch of tarmac that had been sealed off. It was filled with colorful tents and RV’s. Rock music permeated the pungent air. There were jumpers from all over the world, assembled at the festival with the common passion for skydiving and partying. Beeper and Sophie sat at a picnic table. The cold beer felt wonderful, and it relaxed her. At first, they talked about skydiving and the weather. But after several more beers the subject began to change.

"Sophie…," said Beeper. "…I can’t prevent this from sounding like a phony line, but I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met."

At that point, Sophie didn’t care if he was sincere or not. Just to hear the words coming from his sexy mouth were enough to make her dizzy. But then he punctuated his words by leaning over the table. Sophie met him half way. Their lips met. She extended a leg under the table and pressed it against his. He responded by kissing her harder. His hands were on her shoulders, hot and firm. He held her to his mouth, and they explored each other’s tongues. She melted into his embrace. She placed her hand behind his head and kneaded his thick, dark locks. All the music and merriment going on around them disappeared into that mysterious place where the outside world hides for lovers. But then a voice managed to pierce the barriers of the spell.

"Hey,Hey…Cut that out!" someone said. Reluctantly, they parted. A blonde haired man in a flight suit stood over them, grinning.

"Stick," said, Beeper, annoyed. "Don’t you have something to do? Run along now…Go fly your little plane or something."

"Hey, Beeper," the man said. "A bunch of us are gonna go find a place to get some dinner. You Comin’?"

Beeper turned to Sophie. "Hungry?"

"Famished," said Sophie. There was something about a rudely interrupted seduction that gave her an incredible appetite.

She piled into a van with Beeper and some other people. Beeper kept his arm around her, as if to make her feel protected from the strangers she was with. But she soon learned that protection wasn’t necessary. They were a warm, friendly group of people. They found a restaurant along the highway, a rib place, and gorged themselves on greasy ribs and beer. Sophie learned that the man called Stick was a pilot. He was Beeper’s best friend.

"Are you a member of the two mile high club?" Stick asked her.

"Excuse me?" said Sophie.

"The two mile high club…the…" Beeper cut him off in mid-sentence. "No, she’s not," he told Stick. He pursed his lips as if to further shut him up. "She hasn’t even jumped, yet."

"Oh," said sticks. "I thought that maybe…"

"No," Beeper repeated.

That was the end of that discussion—whatever the discussion was about. Sophie felt uneasy. The two mile high club? She’d heard of the mile high club, of course. But the two mile high club? They returned to the Rally. The spectators were starting to go home. It was growing dark, and the sealed off area had turned into one big, sprawling party. Sophie and Beeper danced, and talked till sometime past midnight. Sophie loved the way Beeper was so protective of her—or was it possessive—she wasn’t sure. But whatever it was, it felt good. During the evening several male jumpers, heavily into the spirit—alcohol and other—of the event made some suggestive comments to her, and Beeper danced her away from them, exposing his broad back to them in a gesture of defiance. She had never felt more safe with anyone. And as the night deepened and the stars brightened, she knew she was falling in love.

"So, what exactly is the two mile high club Stick was talking about?" She finally asked him.

"Oh, it’s nothing, hon," he said. "Stick does a lot of rambling. Don’t pay any attention to him." He pressed her closer to him, and the bulge in his blue jean cutoff’s caressed her stomach.

"No… Really," she continued. "What did he mean?"

Beeper’s lips were at her ear. "Some of the divers have sex during a jump," he whispered.

"Really!?" she breathed.


"Have you done it?" she whispered.

He didn’t answer. He smiled and kissed her, passionately

"I wanna do it," she whispered.

"I thought you were afraid of heights?" he said, and grinned.

Afraid of heights? The question seemed absurd. She was already at a height with him that would cause injury to her heart if she were to fall.

"Not if I’m with you," she said. "I’m not afraid of anything."

"Are you sure, sweety?" he said. His dark eyes were filled with concern

She gazed at him with tender, reassuring eyes. "I’m sure," she whispered.

Beeper snaked his way around the crowd until he found Stick. He spoke to Stick for a moment. Then Stick turned to Sophie and smiled. Twenty minutes later they were aboard Stick’s Cessna. The engine reved up and Sophie felt exhilarated from the power and vibration of the plane. Beeper slowly removed her clothes, kissing her breasts, her neck, her hungry mouth. Then he removed his own clothes. After he belted the parachute to his naked body, he belted Sophie in close to him. Her told her that tandem jumps were done with the rider facing outward. It was the only safe way to do it. But they needed to reverse the position for what they were going to do.

Stick piloted the plane to jumping altitude. Sophie looked out the door at the vast, starry sky. Fear began to invade her senses. Beeper saw the fear in her eyes and held her closer to his hard body. "It’s going to be all right," he whispered in her ear. "You’re with me."

This was it, thought Sophie. She knew she had fallen in love with him. And now she was about to trust her very life to him. Beeper walked gently with her to the open door of the plane. The air rushing against her body felt cold and relentless. She wrapped her legs around him and hung on tight. He edged them closer to the open door.

"It’s okay to put yourself in my hands," said Beeper. "I love you." His words disappeared into the blackness, but the feeling behind them found it’s way deep into her heart as they left the plane. Sophie felt suspended in time and space. She clung to his body and their lips met as they fell into the velvety, diamonded sky, the hottest star in the heavens. The only hint of a bottom to the abyss was in the lined lights of the airport runway. Their bodies became one with the universe around them. She scarcely noticed his hand reaching for the guide chute that would drag the main chute out. But suddenly she felt her body jerk upwards and a red and white canopy shown overhead in the moonlight.

They drifted freely among the stars, he and she. The parachute above protecting them from harm. His hard manhood found it’s way deep into her. Their mouths devoured each others flesh until they were one person, one star in the vastness of space. They galloped across the universe, a frisky horse forming a constellation of it’s own. The heat of passion warmed the high, chilled air. The other stars parted to make way for their steamy bodies, as they took their rightful place in eternity.

She noticed Beeper sensing something in the darkness below. He reached up with both hands and yanked downward on two handles. Sophie felt her feet make contact with soft grass and she toppled over on top of Beeper. The wind blown canopy dragged them a short distance until Beeper gave the lines a twist. Then the chute came down upon them, enveloping them. She lay on the cool grass along side him, the parachute covering their naked flesh with a thin, nylon blanket. They continued to feed each others passion until they lay spent upon the grass bed. And again he whispered in her ear, "I love you."

The End

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