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Item #399532
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Item #399532
Writing.Com offers many innovative writing tools to our Authors;
each useful tool assists our writers in fine tuning and perfecting their work!

:: Edit Points ::
Edit Points (EPs) are an innovative, totally unique and extremely powerful way to gain detailed feedback about your work.

EPs are small, clickable numbers which may be placed at various points within your item. Once Edit Points are placed within a Static Item on Writing.Com, your readers simply click on any Edit Point (~#~) to launch a small pop-up window. This window allows them to add any notes, comments or precise edits for that particular EP position within the item. The item's owner (or group) can then review, in various display formats, the feedback provided by all members. For complete details, please read "Edit Point Information.

:: Writing.Com Ideanary ::
The Writing.Com Ideanary is a radically new, dynamic thesaurus where words are linked against meanings instead of predetermined synonyms. This provides for more than just word alternatives, but also assists in the idea building and creative process.

The Ideanary can be found in your "Member Tools" pull down menu under "Author Tools". Additionally, Word Count's "Most Used" words link directly to Ideanary suggestions. All Authors may view example searches within the Writing.Com Ideanary. Full use of the Ideanary, however, is reserved for our Upgraded and Premium* Members only.

:: Submission Tracking ::
This useful tool has been specially designed to help our aspiring authors keep track of any and all submissions to such things as magazines, publishers, agents, teachers or contests. Send out your submissions for consideration with organization and consistency utilizing this tracking tool. Use this system to keep notes and discover what works and what needs improvement.

You'll find your Submission Tracking area within your Member Tools pulldown menu under Author Tools (My Submissions). You may also click here: http://www.Writing.Com/main/utilities.php?action=sub_list. This feature is reserved for Premium* members.

:: Passkeys ::
PassKeys provide members with a simple way to allow specific individuals access to their items while locking out all others. This is a great way to hand out private access to publishers, agents and teachers! For more information, see "Passkeys. This feature is reserved for Upgraded and Premium* members.

:: Word Count ::
Now you can save time when trying to meet submission standards or assignment rules. Writing.Com's Word Count tool includes our innovative twist, providing not only a count of all words, but also individual totals for words from 3+ to 7+ letters in length. Authors are also shown their five (5) most used words and the number of times each is found within the item. This is a perfect reminder that word choice is an important factor when writing.

This time saver is available to all membership levels on Writing.Com. Word Count can be found in the "Your Items / Your Options" toolbar located at the top of each of your Static Items.

:: Spell Check ::
Spell checking your work is important! We have enhanced the Spell Check tool to make it even easier. Now misspelled words are clickable and when clicked, they pop a small window with spelling suggestions found within Writing.Com's internal dictionary!

Spell check is available to all membership levels and can be found in the "Your Item / Your Options" toolbar located at the top of each of your Static Items.

:: My Feedback ::
My Feedback provides members with access to view their sent ratings organized by Author or Genre. This tool is excellent for determining which authors you like to read most, whom you should be reading more of and which genres have met your standards most often.

In addition, Authors can view their received ratings organized by Item or Genre. These breakdowns provide an overview of all ratings to rateable items in your portfolio and are great guides to discovering your strongest genres.

My Feedback can be found in your "Author Tools" pulldown menu. All Authors can access both sent and received reviews. The various rating summaries, however, are reserved for our Upgraded and Premium* Members only.

:: Summary Statistics ::
This is a quick, complete summation of all of your items and their daily activity, plus your own activity within the site. See a breakdown of your items' views and ratings for a specific day or view your own ratings that you've handed out to other members' items.

Summary Stats can be found in your "Member Tools" pull down under "Author Tools" and are reserved for our Upgraded and Premium* Members only.

:: Extended Statistics ::
Our Extended Statistics provide a wealth of information about who is reading and rating each and every rateable item in your portfolio.

We are very excited to offer such an extensive tool and in-depth look into your viewing audience. Extended Statistics generate important, useful information that you can provide to potential agents and publishers. This service is only available @ Writing.Com! For complete details, read "Item Statistics.

Extended Statistics reveal item rating breakdowns, number of views by hour and day, the pages that have referred people to your items, and much more! We also tell you the number of unique members to view your item and even how often they came back!

We'll show you their group demographics so you know who is reading your work. You can view the breakdown of your ratings; including detailed information about each demographic group. Now you'll know what type of person likes your work... and what type doesn't!

Extended Stats links can be found below items within your portfolio or in the "Your Items / Your Options" toolbar located at the top of each of your Static Items.

A demonstration is available for all Writing.Com members at: http://www.Writing.Com/main/my_statistics.php?action=show_basic&type=item&id=100...
Extended Statistics are reserved for our Upgraded and Premium* Members only.

* Find out more about Upgraded and Premium Memberships:
"Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits

To start exploring these and many other wonderful features, check out your "Author Tools" pulldown menu to your left!

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