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Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #402000
Who ended up cooking the casserole, and how did it turn out?
Hi, Everybody!

I hope nobody minds getting the same e-mail as everybody else, because this is so funny that I want to share it with everybody, but I don't want to write it over and over again.

Where should I begin?

As most of you know, Mom has decided to go back to college, now that all of us kids are in school.

Most of the time, her classes are during the day, but she has a late afternoon class every Thursday that gets out at six.

By the time she gets home, it's around seven, so we usually have some sort of easy-to-fix or easy-to-get food waiting for her so we can all eat together.

Sometimes, we will bring home a bucket of chicken or else have a pizza delivered.

This time, though, she had made up a ham, potato, and cheese casserole the day before, and told Dad to put it in the oven at 350 degrees for two hours, starting at five.

But Dad's best buddy from his high school days just happened to be in town for a convention, and he asked him if he'd like to meet him at the corner bar to shoot the breeze and have a few beers.

So Dad told my older sister, Renee, that he was going out for awhile, so could she start preheating the oven a a few minutes before five and put in the casserole to bake at five.

"No problem!" Renee told him.

But, then, her best friend, Karen, called her up to tell her that Aaron Matthews had gotten a job working at Cool Temptations and was, in fact, there right at that moment.

Let me tell you how goofy Renee is when it comes to Aaron Matthews. When the minister tells the congregation to turn to the book of Matthew in their Bibles--or, if he reads part of the story of Moses and Aaron--Renee tries to hide it, but she starts to get this silly grin on her face.

This kind of stuff has been going on forever! I don't know why she doesn't just go up to him and tell him she likes him and ask if he would like to go see a movie or something. That's what I would do.

I've told her this much, but she tells me that I'm only eleven years old, so I'm too young to understand things like that.

The problem with her is that she thinks she knows everything, just because she's almost fifteen.

Anyway, she asked my brother, Kevin, who just turned thirteen two weeks ago, to take care of putting the casserole in the oven at the right time--and remembering to get it out, in case she didn't get back.

Then, she and Karen were off to Cool Temptations.

I never asked her, but I bet they only ordered pop and sipped it in a very ladylike way. That's the way they are these days--very strange!!!

If I had been going, I would have ordered their Oohie-Gooie Banana Split with every topping they had to put on it. If I have to give up Oohie-Gooie Banana Splits and and Kitchen Sink Sundaes in order to get a boyfriend, I'd rather not have a boyfriend until I'm as old as Mamaw and Papaw! Maybe, not even then!

Then, Kevin's best friends, Jason and Lucas, came over and asked him if he wanted to practice some skateboarding moves with them, so he asked me if I would take care of the casserole, and I told him, "No problem."

Well, I thought it would be no problem--until my best friend, Samantha, called me to see if I wanted to team up with her to do a project for the Science Fair. She had some ideas and wanted to get together and talk about them.

So I decided to see if Paul wanted to be in charge of the casserole. I knew that I would have no problem getting a yes out of him, because he's seven years old and likes being given "responsible" stuff to do.

I made sure that he understood the instructions, then, I left to go over to Sam's place.
She lives three houses down from us.

I'm not sure how long we had been brainstorming when I heard sirens and saw a couple of fire engines coming down our street.

What had happened was this:

Paul had been playing computer games and forgot about the casserole until almost six--about an hour after he was supposed to have put it in the oven.

So, he had decided that it would turn out okay if he were to simply cook it at a higher temperature.

The highest number on the oven dial was 500, and he decided that it probably needed to be hotter than that, so he had set it on broil and went back to playing computer games.

Then, he heard the smoke alarm go off and saw smoke coming out of the oven.

At least, he knew to call the fire department.

We're not only going to have to get a new oven, but we're probably going to have to have the kitchen rewired before we can cook in there again.

When Mom and Dad came home, they were not impressed.

They grounded every one of us except for Paul, because "He's just a baby!"

They really spoil that kid and let him get away with everything.

They said that we would have to go out to eat.

We were expecting to go out for pizza or something like that, but Mom and Dad took us to Pisces On The Bay, and we all had to eat their awful fish!

They don't serve their fish square and breaded.

They serve whole fish that still have heads and tails on them.

This, alone, was gross enough, but, then, Kevin and Paul had to go and press on the fish heads with their forks to make the eyeballs pop out and up in the air.

Renee looked a little green in the face. I don't know if that was mostly because of the fish and what our creepy brothers did to them or because Aaron's parents were sitting at a table with the parents of Chanelle DuVall talking about what a sweet couple their kids made and how they were going to the Spring Fling together.

My sister should save herself some pain by forgetting about boys and doing really fun stuff instead like eating banana splits, studying bugs and skeletons, and making homemade volcanoes.

I wonder where we'll be eating tomorrow night.

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