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A woman scorned? She will put a Spell on you.
Light this candle and say his name
Let angered breaths mingle with the flame.

When you hold her hand,
you will feel my touch.

Pin his picture to this doll,
and let all your defenses fall.

When you stroke her hair,
the silk will haunt you.

Now say this word
just as you've heard.

When you hold her close,
her sweet scent will be mine.

For seven days, let the candle burn,
and by this time, his lesson, he'll learn.

When your lips covet hers,
you'll remember my kiss.

In the meantime,
simply repeat this rhyme.

When you reach for her,
you'll recall my embrace,

Keep this amulet close to your heart;
failsafe, it will play its part.

Her satin skin
will feel deja vu.

This Gris Gris will keep you safe from harm;
continue to wait and cast this charm.

When you're thrusting inside of her,
you will long for me.

Let go of your fears
to appease the gods' ears.

When you come inside her,
you will shout my name.

Be prepared for the thunder
that will pull him under.

When you call out for me,
your life won't be the same.

By the end of these days,
the Gris Gris will mend
your heart and his heartbreaking ways.

Your sexual desires will be long gone,
then, I'll have the strength to move on.


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