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by Jill
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A love poem. Dedicated to Mr. Most.
You are the Sun
that heats my life, my days…my very core.
My core is hot right now just thinking about your heat…
and all the places your sunbeams touch.
When one gets too close to the center of the sun,
they disintegrate into millions of tiny pieces that flutter
softly to the Earth.
Just as I do when I writhe in climactic pleasure
under your loving touch, your talented tongue,
I have exploded into thousands of tiny particles
many, many times with you,
only to flutter back softly down to lie
spent in your arms.

You are my Moon
that watches over me at night and keeps me safe.
You light my path so that I don’t
stumble on in emotional darkness.
You heat my nights with a gentle,
soothing warmth that lulls me
to safe and restful slumber.

You are a Star~!!!!!!!!
We are stars together,
ever playful and twinkling
with love for each other.
Ok, my twinkle has some mischief in it, too.
Whenever you smile
my special smile…I see stars.
When you wink at me or
touch me unexpectedly…I see stars.
When you growl…you give me
a thousand times a thousand stars.

Please tell me I give you stars.

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