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my other family
In this house of mine, pets we own.
we have them to remind us we are never alone.

Through scratching and meowing and squealing and such,
I love to watch my children play with them, they love them so much.

Our cat is Ebony, cuddly and sweet,
he plays fetch and sleeps at the bottom of our feet

He loves to be were the people are,
I guess that's good, he never strays too far.

He has eyes like burning amber, and black fir like a mink coat,
and he loves when he is praised, cause he loves to gloat!

I'm thankful for Ebony each and every day,
our family loves him, forever he will stay.

Now, we also have Guinnia Pigs, three to be exact,
somtimes there so loud, like to give me a heart attack!

First one is Dan, he is handsome , just full of himself,
he likes to sit high on my daughter's doll shelf.

He peers over the edge, like he is ready to jump,
but he rethinks himself, and just sits like a lump.

Dan is funny to watch, cute to watch sleeping too,
and he has this cunning face just like Winnie the Pooh!

Dan we had neutered, he didn't like that much,
but to have babies they barely have to touch!

So Dan is a keeper cause he is safe around the girls,
plus were attached to his face and his purrs.

Then there is Pepper, she is gentle as a lamb,
my daughter sits for hours, Pepper in her hand.

She will sleep besides you like a little lost cat,
she also sings and purrs, now what do you think of that?

Last there is baby, she is spastic as it gets,
wish I could race her, place me some bets!

She runs in circles around the cage night and day,
as Dan and Pepper try to hide in their mound of timothy hay!

She squeaks and kicks shavings all over the place,
I'm constantly there with broom and dust pan in place!

Baby is sweet though, she'll calm down as she grows,
or maybe not, one never knows?

Dan, Pepper and baby, my three musketeers,
we love them so much, there our three little bears.

Cleaning cat box and cage consistently,
is the only down fall of a pet you see.

Still we love them so much , and love playing with them too,
this is my family from me to you.

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