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My personal strugle now, read, learn, relate(?)

More...Religion I guess.

They say ignorance is bliss, and I believe them.
When I was a kid, it was simple, you go to church, god is so real, and everything he says and does is wonderous.

Then about 4 months ago came independent thought, well...about religion anyway.

We (my family, one of whom was not Catholic), were discusing religion. Not the basis, or theory, or relavance, but it was more a debate on whose was right.

Now, call me un-faithful, but i don't think anyone is right.
How could they be?
Religion has been around for a lot of years, but, think of the mentality of the people who wrote the bible. They were crazy idiot, barbarian fools!
Even the best "scholars" of the time didn't know diddly about anything in the world.

So that cancles out the bible for me (old testament anyway)

Then it got me thinking, I, as a Catholic am led to believe, having sex before marriage is wrong, and being gay is also wrong.

But since god made us, and the way we feel, should we really be heald accountable for our feelings?
If I did have sex before I got married (which I likley will) does it mean I'm horrible? Will I go to hell?

I highly doubt it.
I'm a good person, by all respects, I don't do anything out of MY moral standard, which makes me feel no sense of guilt.

Which brings me to another thing, confession, it's gotta be crap...I mean I don't do anything!
I confess to almighty god and too you father...um...er...I swore...
I am then absolved of the swearing that I wasn't feeling guilty forin the first place, and not only that but i go out and swear some more.

My friends and I were discussing religion (2 catholics, and one baptist)
The baptist said that no matter what you do as a Baptist (now excuse me if I'm not right, I'm going by her) then as long as you are "saved" you will go to heaven.
So...I have sex I go to hell...they kill somebody and if they are saved they'll go to heaven?


Another arguement the narrowminded people in my town make is. "oh he's a good Catholic/Baptist/Penacost/Jewish/Muslim/Buhdist/Whatever".


Being a certian religion does not make you a good person.
Look at the preist scandle!

I believe in god
the father almighty
the maker of heaven and earth

I also believe that a personal relationship with your god or no god is better then following a religion that makes you conform into somethign that you, as a human can't change.
Why worship in a catholic church every sunday if I come home and pay no attetion to my maker.
Church does not make me a good person, I make me a good person. Simply because of the morals that I have set for myself.



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