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A try at creating a list for macrophile stories at writing.com

I am trying to turn this into a tool for quickly finding macrophile ressources on stories.com. Since I just started this, there is only little information. Over time, I hope to add more details and maybe figure out ways to make searching the list easier.

Why I chose a static item? You can use your web browser's search command to find specific kinds of entries (currently, there are no details about items, but I hope to change that). Official Information contains a sometimes shortened version of the instructions the moderator of an interactive left.

If you know any item that ought to be added, or know about any mistakes in the list, please contact me either by e-mail or via the "Giantess Fetish Forum.

Though I didn't plan to do so originally, I will also include gay material. However, please understand that my priority lies with giantesses, so information will be relatively slow on this topic. Since the list is mainly intended for giantess lovers, gay entries will be explicitly marked as such.

Note: The Official Information entry contains a copy of the official information given at the entrance of an interactive or - in some cases - in its first chapter. These are not written by me but rather by the respective authors who maintain all their rights. I consider this list to qualify as a review where such quotes are allowed.


In order to help you browsing this file, I have started to mark updated/new entries. Every time I do an update, I will place "(-#-)" ("#" being a number) next to the titles of any items changed/added. So, people who just want to check for changes need only search for that combination, brackets - minus - number - minus - bracket in order to find all items that have changed.

List of numbers:
(-1-) July 5th, 2002 (10 interactives added)
(-2-) November 25th, 2002 (1 forum, 12 interactives added)
(-3-) November 26th, 2002 (14 interactives added)
(-4-) November 18th, 2003 (10 interactives added)
(-5-) November 19th, 2003 (15 interactives added)
(-6-) May 10th, 2005 (11 interactives added without comments)
(-7-) May 11th, 2005 (47 interactives added without comments)


"Invalid Item(-2-)
(Bookguy's Shrinking/Giant Forum)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: Some name
Official Information: Thought Stories.com could use a place where people could comment on current shrinking/giant stories. But, this is not a place to slam other authors or contributors. You can comment negatively, but no personal attacks.

Please use to also share ideas, collaborate, etc.

"Giantess Fetish Forum
(Giantess Fetish Forum)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: Deathworks


"1 inch tall
(1 inch tall)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: WritingFan
Current Size: 170 chapters (May 11th,2005)
Official Information: Your name is Brad, a popular teen at your high school. Your home with your mom and 16 year old sister, Cindy, when you hear a noise upstairs in your room. As soon as you enter your room, you suddenly shrink to 1 inch tall. Nothing gay or male feet. Keep it clean please and rate please. no sex scenes please. this is my first story.
Comments: Currently (May 30th, 2002), the longest thread goes up to depth 25 with two versions for 25 written (one featuring Cindy shrinking as well to be enslaved by Serena). After initially hiding under your bed, you try to contact your mother. This fails, and you end up in the pantry. A chance to escape ends with in a glass jar in your sister's room. It turns out that Cindy has shrunken you with a shrinking potion for her science class. Finally, you are enslaved by Serena, a spoiled friend of Cindy's. This thread seems to have quite a lot of foot/shoe/sock smelling and foot licking/kissing and has very few branches (none between depth 4 and 17). The second largest thread reaches depth 17 where you shrink to less than 1/4 inch. After climbing up to your mother's shoulder in vain, you keep switching between trying to contact your mother or your sister. As the former goes out tonight, you decide to go for Cindy's room. After trying to get in touch with Jenn who happened to in Cindy's room with your sister, you go for Cindy. Several attempts to contact Cindy fail and you shrink some more to aforementioned 1/4 inch. This thread has several branches of varying length.

"Invalid Item
(Alice in wonderland curse)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: gtsfan
Current Size: 48 chapters (May 11th, 2005}
Official information: whenever Alice or Allen drink or eat something they shrink of grow. Some foods make them shrink others make them grow. Same goes for drinks.
Be creative but remember 13+,no sex scenes. And no gore, other than that anything goes.

Comments: The first chapter gives the story background as something like candid camera, only that some "super witches" put a curse on an unsuspecting mortal. The first chapter offers you to choose between 21-year- old Alice Smith, blond haired and fair skinned, and 24- year- old Allen Blair, brown haired and fair skinned. So, you got basically two story lines with different main characters.
As of now (May 27th, 2002), the Allen story line is not well developed (greatest depth chapter 4).
The longest thread in the Alice storyline reached chapter 9. This longest storyline has Alice shrinking while a female friend of hers is taking care of her (more or less (^_^;; ). There is, however, a much shorter line where she grows.

"Anime and Videogame Growth(-6-)
(Anime and Videogame Growth)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: Xias
Current Size: 57 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: With the disappearence of some other stories, I've put together a brand-new anime and videogame growth story. Any kind of growth- female or male- is allowed, just don't get too much into the toilet stuff and we'll be fine. I'm going to focus at first on anime that I don't see covered in any other of these types of stories, but if you want to try a more traditional one, be my guest. Just please make sure to leave open the Other option at all times.
UPDATE (5/7): Since apparently the word "growth" in the title rather than generic GTS/GT story wasn't enough of a hint to some people, this is strictly a growth-only story. THERE ARE NO SHRINKING ENTRIES ALLOWED, PERIOD. Any shrinking entries will be deleted by me personally as soon as I see them. I don't care if you think I'm a control freak, I hate shrinking and don't want it in my story. If you don't like that, tough, go make your own story and include all the shrinking you want. If you want to write in my story, it's gonna be growth only, and that's all there is to it.
Follow the rules and we'll be fine. Thanks.

Comments: Though giantess plots seem to dominate the story (judging from a superficial glance), note that it explicitly welcomes giant threads as well.

"Invalid Item(-6-)
(Anime Giantess!)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: gryphis
Current Size: 31 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: No more than Mild Hentai Anime Giantess Stories! Whether it's Kagome from Inuyasha or Faye from Cowboy Bebop, you can make any girl grow to gigantic proportions or have her shrink her man and play with him. Also, no out of character people please. If the person is a good person, they shouldn't go on a rampage. But on that note, enjoy your stay!

"Invalid Item(-6-)
(Anime GTS Mild Vore)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: sith
Current Size: 16 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: Hello there! This item is quite similiar to my other interactive. But this time, it´s about Anime girls!
1. As the name implies, the whole thing is about mild vore. So, try to add MILD vore chapters.
2. But no digestion and no chewing, please!
3. And absolutely no sexual content or adult language! No insertion, sex scenes or stuff like that!
4. About the stories itself...well, just have fun! Be creative, the stories don´t have to be that serious, but they should at least make some sense.
So, I´d appreciate your additions, writers! Have fun!

"Anime Size Changing Vore(-6-)
(Anime Size Changing Vore)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: PenguinTacoLampshade
Current Size: 24 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: As a follow-up to my other interactive story: Videogame giantess vore, this interactive story will cater to both giantess vore and the consumption of little peoples. The reason I created this was to expand the intent of my first story to those unfamiliar with videogames.
Have fun!
update - 1/13/04: Come on people! 372 views and not a single submision... *sigh*

"Another Anime Growth Story(-6-)
(Another Anime Growth Story)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Mr.Grow18
Current Size: 331 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: ~Important stuff for authors!~
Rules/Things need to work on
*Down a bit on crossovers,thanks.
*The self-including thing needs to be down a bit, but can be done, I like it but its straying off a bit.Thanks
*Make sense,use logic,common sense,etc.
************************Allright did I get your attention?Good.Well anyways its been brought to my attention that several chapters have plagerism in them especially stories from cubecinder's place!!!PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAA
AASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE don't copy $hit!!!If you do I'll find out,i have sources ya know.Well thats all i wanted to say...Oh an i'm sorry i haven't been updating at all but schools being a pain in the a$$ to me lately plus finals are coming:( Once again please be respectful of other peoples work they put their own hard-earning time to do their best pieces of writing and it pi$$es me off that some hypocrite copies and paste for an chapter that takes less than 3 minutes editing out to make it fit the story,so please don't do it.
Thanks again for adding.
If anyone has any suggestions please e-mail, If I get any flame mail, I will personally see to it your email box will be filled of annoying e-mails by me.Thank you and have a nice day.
(Formatting changed to fit)

"Invalid Item(-6-)
(Another Inuyasha Giantess Interactive)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: gryphis
Current Size: 10 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: Another Inuyasha GTS Interactive. You should not post anything that is over Mild Hentai at any time. I will monitor and post regularly in this story. You can swear as much as you please. Also, no any Out-of-Character people! If a person is good, such as Kagome or Sango, they shouldn't go on a murder streak. Aside from those few rules, anything goes, unless I later redeem it. Enjoy, and visit some of Edge's Giantess Interactives too!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Antsize for a Day)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: a5587r
Current Size: 18 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are a 16 year old boy. Your parents divorced a long time ago and they share visiting rights. You are spending the weekend at your stepmoms house and one morning you wake up to find that you have shrunk down to a pathetic 1/4 inch! What will you do?

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Arcade Shrink)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Leon
Current Size: 28 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: There are no main characters in this story other than the arcade itself. When the characters shrink down, I'd prefer it if the normal sized characters are unaware of it or if they are, make it so they think the character is an insect. No chapters less than a paragraph or else I'll delete them. Other than that, have fun!

"Attack of the Giant Parents - Round 2(-7-)
(Attack of the Giant Parents - Round 2)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Leon
Current Size: 56 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: A group of children Mike, Ben, and Sara find an invention of their father's in the basement. Little do they know its a shrinking machine. Their parents, Dana and Frank, do not know their children have shrunk. Keep the parents unaware of the children or if they are aware make it so they think the children are insects or dolls. Other than that, go wild. No one sentence chapters please.
Mike: 12 yrs old
Ben: 10 yrs old
Sara: 10 yrs old
Dana: 37
Frank: 40

"Invalid Item(-6-)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: bloodangel518
Current Size: 12 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: Notes
Yes, I am aware the setting and such isnt completely original.
No male giants.
Use proper grammer.
No introducing new characters.
Write ateast 200 characters in your entry.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Role in story: Main character (you)
Normal height: 5' 8"
Shrunken height: 1 centimeter
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role in story: Older sister (giantess)
Height: 5' 7"
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Role in story: Younger sister (giantess)
Height: 5'2"

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(BBW GTS story)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: a_fetsi
Current Size: 315 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: This story contains many scenarios that are not mostly connected to each other and anything goes as long as its about growth (and shrinking goes too), weight gain, bbws and so on. (no furry, transgender and so on. No giant males, either.) Choose a scenario involving size-changing and bbws.
Erotic and sexual content is okay, as long as this is rated R mainly because of those instead of extreme violence. Don't make this a story about gore, ok? Lesbian content is also okay and so are multiple giantesses (Thin girls/giantesses are okay, if there is a fat one present).
If you're taking on the growth scenario, don't make the girl grow miles high and 2000 pounds fat (in scale) right away, unless if its just one of the paths or kept away from the beginning. Also, don't make an ending before the 19th chapter of a storyline. Of course, going over that is recommended. Especially if its a storyline with potential.
If you have got an idea for a storyline but every chapter beginning a storyline has been used, feel free with putting a chapter in the middle of a story like "taking a break from the current storyline, we can take in a new storyline."
And the options would be like
1) Go with the current storyline.
2) Start a new one.
Here is the yahoo group for this: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bbw_gts/
This is the continuation of the first group:
There is some material there now.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Becky's Size Gun)
Rating: ASR
Moderator: The Underling
Current Size: 52 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Becky is a 13 year old girl, who's boyfriend has left her, and is losing friends and popularity fast. She then decides it may be fun to shrink some people she hates, or maybe better yet, make herself grow into a giantess, with her fathers size changing machine!
Please add to this.. under these rules :P
No Male giants plz
Dont stray away from the story line
Other Characters can be added, so long as they are not Male Giants (As i said before, lol)

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Beyblade GTS)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: dra-zero
Current Size: 11 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Female characters from Beyblade grow into giantesses! Just no shrink, mild crush, no male growth, and no character death. Stay away from those, and you're cool.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Big girls and Shrunken Men)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: aaren
Current Size: 34 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Ok, folks, hear me out. This story is free-range. The main character is named Brian. I would prefer no hand/foot stuff, so stick to the other aspects of this if possible. The more creative and sexy, the better.
Go to it!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Bugs! Bugs! Evereywhere!)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: keri
Current Size: 23 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Keri a twentyone year old collage senior, has the ability to make things shrink or grow,and she also has the power to give this ability to others.
So let the madness begin!
Oh I almost forgot, lets try to keep this for 18 and over characters only, thanks and please add what you can. This is my first time at this so here I go.
Happy growing!!!!

"Celebrity What's That Smell?(-7-)
(Celebrity What's That Smell?)
Rating: GC
Moderator: dr.weird
Current Size: 23 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Like the original "What's That Smell?" story, this story revolves around the GTS/Butt theme. However, this story features celebrity characters and FOOT AND SOFT VORE ARE PERMITTED. For those who aren't clear on what "soft vore" is, it is the act of consumption through specifically swallowing. In other words, no chewing involved. All posts that are not Butt/Foot/Soft Vore posts are not permitted and will be deleted. Just stick to the storyline, add chapters and even characters if you so desire, and other than the restrictions listed above, have fun!

"Invalid Item(-1-)
(The Change Gun)
Rating: GC
Moderator: slowbro
Current Size: 14 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You find a strange gun outside your house one day. You realize it can control your size. What do you do with it. Read on to find out.
Post anything. I wont change much. Add lots of sex and anything you want.

Comments: Although there are no long threads yet, a word of warning. The threads already implemented do not only contain male shrinking and giantess, but also male growth and shrinking women.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: asukafan2001
Current Size: 101 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You find that your human body has been taken away from you somehow. Your only hope is that you can find some way to be changed back to your human form but how?
I only ask that you keep the characters true there characteristics and given personalities, and names. Meaning don't change abbys name to melissa half through or make Abby a athlete when shes isnt the athlete type. Otherwise your free to do whatever and have fun.

"Invalid Item
(Change size at will)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: gtsfan
Current Size: 23 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You given the power to change your size at will. You can shrink to the size of an ant or grow to the size of a tall skyscraper. or be any size inbetween.
Please keep it within the 13+ ratting and have fun.

Comments: The first chapter then presents you with the choice of 4 characters, 2 boys, 2 girls, of which one couple are 16-year- old neighbors and the other couple are 21-year-old, visiting the same university.
No matter who you pick, you start out by being woken up by a stranger in your bed room/dorm room who says he has bestowed the aforementioned power to you and then disappears. As you can imagine, there is currently not much to read, but lots of space for interested authors.

"Invalid Item(-6-)
(Chibi Anime Girl GTS)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: roni_minala
Current Size: 17 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: Okay everyone! This story is about the younger/smaller girls in Animes to grow into Giantesses (Such as Sakura from Cad Captor Sakura, or Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon). Of course there are some rules as follows...
1. No Giant Males (Unless it's POV and there is a shrunken person)
2. Try to keep this tasteful please. (If I don't think it's tasteful, then I'll delete the post okay? I'm not a really strict person)
3. Older girls can grow in this too.
4. This is going to start as 18+ I'll change it depending on some of the entries I get.

"Invalid Item(-6-)
(cowboy bebop shrinking)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: xwarriorj
Current Size: 72 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: you are a maintness guy for the space gates. the bebop was geting repairs while you where working on one of the engines it sudenly activated.you where hit by a weird blast of radiation you start to shrink slowly you get aboard the ship and look for someone to help you but befor you can find anyone you start to shrink faster and faster till you stop at what you asume is two centimeters tall
no gay stuff
besides that do what ever
come on people over 1500 views and only 4 additions
its real easy to add a chapter just make a acount and read up to a dead end and add
plus the acounts free it cant be much ez'er than that

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(DBZ Giantess Super-Warriors)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: heero
Current Size: 6 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: It is the Shadow Dragons Saga during the GT series. With the Shadow Dragons tearing apart the Earth, all seems lost. Goku and Pan have departed to fight the Dragons individually. The other Z-Warriors are powerless to do anything but watch.
In Goku's absense, the Z-females: ChiChi, Bulma, Videl, and Android 18 devise their own plan of attack.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(A DB/Z/GT Growth Story: Mammoth MOMS)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: dra-zero
Current Size: 14 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: The MOMS of the Dragonball/Z/GT storyline are infected with a GTS-Growth Virus and are transformed into Amazon Super-Moms! Thier husbands and children at thier mercy, these Titanic Warrior Wives will have thier way with anyone they cross paths with! AND, the infection is spreading...
Will the Z fighters be able to restore their super-powered, super-endowed, super-lust-crazed loved ones back to normal? Will they even WANT to?
No shrinkage and no crush are just about the only rules here. Only moms can grow at first, but younger girls can grow later in the story. Otherwise, just have fun.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Dead or Alive Giantess)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: myers234
Current Size: 56 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: The women from the Dead or Alive series become giantess's! They can either Grow or Shrink somebody. What they do next is up to you! Some rules first.
1. No giant males.
2. There can be more than one giantess!
3. Stay on Topic. I will delete anything that has nothing to do with DOA and GTS.
Dont forget to contribute and review! ((and please stop telling me about the women being "out of character" in your reviews! i understand that but its only fantasy people!))

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Department Store Shrink)
Contains SW (with male "giant") plot
Rating: GC
Moderator: iammee
Current Size: 130 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are at a department store with your girlfriend when you shrink down to 3 inches.
I won't delete much.

Comments: This story does contain an explicit Shrinking Woman plot, since the first chapter allows you whether you really want to play the boyfriend or the girlfriend (in which case the girlfriend shrinks!).

"Digimon Giantesses(-2-)
(Digimon Giantesses)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: MadJack
Current Size: 57 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: For Anime GTS fans, any of the Digimon girls from the first four seasons can be mega-sized. Just a few rules:
*No giant guys
*Mild hentai only
*Please, at least *try* to look like you can spell. posts with horrible grammar are a pet-peeve of mine.
Have fun!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Digimon's Growing Girls)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: dra-zero
Current Size: 6 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Hey, what can I say that the name doesn't? Just three rules: no growing men, no crush and vore, and NO SHRINKAGE. That's it. Enjoy.

"Digital Downsizing(-7-)
(Digital Downsizing)
Contains Giant threads
Rating: 18+
Moderator: BugBug
Current Size: 40 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: (Based on Season 02)
Late one night, you were sucked into the Digital World through your computer and, by a twist of fate, you were a mere few inches tall! I know this sounds familiar, but you have a mission: find out what did this to you and reverse it so you can go home! You'll probably encounter the DigiDestined along the way, but you're so small, they might think you're a bug! Keep on your toes... and AWAY from theirs!
(Return from Writing.com's delete box!)
Restrictions: This is a PG-18 story. No sexual content or toilet stuff, okay?

"Digital Shrinkage: Izzy's too Small(-7-)
(Digital Shrinkage: Izzy's too Small)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: Jay-Bug
Current Size: 5 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: This story is based around everyone's favorite Digital computer whiz, who's shrunken during an experiment. The other guys are off camping and only the girls are coming over to see his latest work. Little do they know Izzy is right under their noses, and he maybe under their shoes if you don't pick the right choices.
Please, keep in mind this is a PG13 story, and is a comedy. Don't make it too serious. When people in animes get beaten up, they get healed in like...five seconds. Keep things like that here. No males in this story either (besides Izzy that is), no toilet stuff, and please keep the characters in character. Don't make Kari find Izzy and: "OMG! DILDO! Ooops, I squishzored him! THE END!"
No, keep it all in place. And aside from all these rules, have fun. ^_^ Don't be shy.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Divorce or Shrink)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: trumpetman
Current Size: 147 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Mark is given a choice of being divorced by his wife,Dianna or being shrunk by her. What will happen? Try to avoid any gay stuff. Otherwise,anything goes!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Dragonball Z GT/GTS)
Has explicit SW and giant threads
Rating: 18+
Moderator: aldor
Current Size: 220 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Hey everyone, Wizard here. I've added to so many GT/GTS stories, I thought about making one myself. But I couldn't decide what I should do it on. Pokemon was out, I spent most of my Pokemon ideas on "Pokemon Size Changing" and there are few shows I like that are still out. Then I remembered Dragonball Z when I got "Dragonball Z:Buu's Fury". (Great game, you've got to get it.) There are a few rules, however...
Alright, here they are. No having people crush everything in sight (some stuff, not all) and no killing of main characters, but you can crossover shows, movies, video games, ect. (Except Dragonball!)
Update Crap-*A dark circle of stones*
Behold, mortals, I have returned. In greater strength, greater mind, and greater-
Oh, shit! Godamnit...stupid cheap props...
To awnser mysterious' question, "Hey where the hell are you!", I've been through Hell and back. A couple of times. Satan gave me cookies. Did you know what their baseball stadium looks like Fenway Park? Kinda makes sense, doesn't it?
To explain me...previous performance in the first three parts of THE UPDATE is the result of 6 months of deep, deep thought...
I am a better writer now. But this doesn't mean I'm not the same old Wizard. Wizard 3.0, more like. Don't ask about 2.0...
Sooo...Gentalmen, BEHOLD! A new Wizard has risen! Let the chaos begin!

Comments: Although there are explicit choices to start SW and giant plots, this interactive is clearly dominated by giantess plots at the moment(May 11th, 2005).

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Escape From The Mighty Thunder Goddesses)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: acecorona
Current Size: 49 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Criminals from the planet Terra were reduced in size and sent to the planet Microterra, in an alternate quantum reality.
The Microterrans fled a Cosmic cataclysm on the planet Microterra and escaped to Earth, where their greatest enemies are sadistic teenage girls who want to swallow them.
The Microterrans are one centimeter tall, and your goal is to defend the colony and rescue captured Microterrans.
Please, nothing sexual in my story. Thank you and have fun!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Extreme Survival GTS)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: randomman
Current Size: 34 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: 25-year-old hunk Dan Johnson didn't know the sinister truth when he signed on for a new reality series: he would be shrunk to 1/4 inch and forced to survive a month in the home of a typical suburban family.
The family is:
Lauren McCall, 39--a freelance writer and stay at home mom.
Jack McCall, 39--a salesman who travels a lot
Angie McCall, 18--a High School senior
Leah McCall, 15--a High School sophomore
Kelly McCall, 12--a seventh grader
Dan has to survive on the fat of the land--that is, he has to find food and water in the house, he can't just hole up in a corner. He also can't ask for help, or he loses his prize. (Of course, that doesn't mean he can't be found). I won't delete anything.

"The Famous Fabulous Dollman!
(The Famous Fabulous Dollman!)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: littletoy
Current Size: 36 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: The famous fabulous dollman is a public figure. People have heard the reports about him but before now have never seen pictures or video.
He is a tragic curiosity to the world and people
want to know more about him.
Your name is Roger Drake. Last month you were exposed to an exotic virus which has caused you to shrink to 11 inches tall. You have since become a worldwide sensation. The media are clamoring for interviews and you are in much demand for personal appearances. Your contract to write a book about your experiences has provided a little financial security. You live by yourself in a specially engineered apartment that ate up a lot of the book money. You need more moolah. You have been a hermit up to now and nobody but the doctors have seen you. Resigning yourself to your fate you try to make the best of the situation and have just hired an agent to manage all the offers coming in. It might not be too bad being rich and famous.
Ok guys please stick to the following guidelines:
No gay stuff please.
No size changing. He's stuck where he is. He HAS to interact with regular sized people at under a foot tall. That is his absolute reality.
No violent murder, or toilet play, please.

"FanFic Shrinking(Or shrinking on TV)(-7-)
(FanFic Shrinking(Or shrinking on TV))
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Unsung_Hero
Current Size: 109 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: I decided to go ahead and add to the already massive array of Interactive Shrink/GTS Stories, probably to the dismay of many. But piss off, wankers. Don't read if you don't like.
The concept of this one is a "Characters on TV Shrink/Grow" concept, based on shows with particularly gorgeous women(such as Buffy, Angel, Firefly, WWE Wrestling and several others, with many spots for you to add shows that interest you), so please do add. I'm going to work reasonably hard to keep things going, but I'm lazy. But do whatever you like, including men and children if that's what your trip is. I'm a big advocate of doing what you like and staying out of other peoples way. Enjoy.

"Fast Food Shrinking(-7-)
(Fast Food Shrinking)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Shrunken One
Current Size: 10 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You're at your job in a fast food restaraunt when, suddenly, you find yourself shrunk to one quarter of an inch tall! Will you make it out alive?
The rules to my stories are relatively simple:
1: Keep the story in the second person..no giving the guy, or girl, a name..and no using the words I or me, as this story is meant to be told from the second person..only use you, your, yours, etc.
2: No sexual antics with males. That's not my cup of tea, and I'd rther such actions be left to other peoples' stories that allow for that kind of interaction.
3: Put some detail and thought into your posts. You dont need to right a huge chapter, but non of that 'your dead, end of story' crap, please. ^.^;
That should be it. Enjoy.

"FF Growing!(-7-)
(FF Growing!)
Rating: GC
Moderator: RandomWriter
Current Size: 37 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Choose a game, choose a character and let the fun start! A warning, characters in this story are probobly going to be OOC (Out of Character.) This does not mean that they HAVE to be out of character, just means they can be. I cant think of any rules, I'll put them up here if I do!
Also, this is only "my" story in the regards that I can edit it! So don't hold back! Write as much as you want, and about what you want. I promise you I wont care.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Field Trip)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: bloodangel518
Current Size: 19 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: PLEASE ADD!!!
No chapters under 5 sentances long.
No male giants.
No growing, shrinking only.
No shrinking the teacher.
No introducing new characters. The amount of students in the class are listed below.
Ms. Megami
The main character and giantess in the story.
Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Wieght: 120 lbs
Hair: Black, smooth, goes a few inches below her neck
Skin Tone: Slightly Tan
Attire: Short leather skirt, blue shirt that reveals clevege, "flip flop" sandals
The Class
A class of 16 students, all ages 10-11. You can make up the rest of the information. Before describing a new student, make sure there are less than 16 in chapters linked to yours.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Final Fantasy X/X-2 Giantess)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: norad
Current Size: 11 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: A basic Giantess story. However, I require that the posts be appropriate for the rating I listed (13+). No vore whatsoever. The story is, basically, a female character grows, or a male character shrinks. I will let you come up with plot, and stuff like that. First, and foremost, enjoy.

"Invalid Item(-5-)
(gargantua-the early years)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: griffo
Current Size: 22 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Gargantua is a young girl at this time and has just passed puberty. When she discovers she can grow it changes her whole life.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(A Giant Couple Story...)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Nate
Current Size: 44 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: While many stories deal with a giant men or women...or shrunken men or women, there are not many that deal with a man AND woman who are together much larger then others. So, I decided to create this story.
This is intended for a giant man and woman, or a man and woman with shrunken captives. As such, I hope you would keep it that way. No shrinking one or the other, no bringing anyone else to their size.
Since there are not many stories like this, I plan on keeping it VERY open, with the first few choices launching in wildly different directions. Consider it a catch-all for this concept.
Now, the couple in question will likely be quite romantic. How gentle or rough, how good or evil, and such will all be up to you. Remember to leave options open.
Let me be clear, this story is rated 18+...feel free to write ANYTHING you want them to do...as long as it falls within the guidelines I laid out.
Finally, if the concept of a giant couple does not appeal to you, please do not derail this story. There are dozens of giant and giantess stories out there, leave this one to the people that want to contribute...
Let the creative juices flow, and look out below...

Rating: 18+
Moderator: Unknown2o5u2
Current Size: 9 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: pick a anime woman and watch the growing start.[external description]
no shrinking or growing men. Plz no small wome, if its a woman being shrunk down to origanl size thats ok.
Update: Now giving out 10 points to good posts.....

"Giantess Babysitter(-7-)
(Giantess Babysitter)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: Taylor
Current Size: 99 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Timmy. You are 9 yrs old. You have a brother called Jack who is 18 and a sister called Emma who is 16.
Jack is at University studying Law and is away from home for long periods during term time.
Emma has just taken her GCSE's and came out with 8 A*'s and 2 B's. She is a very clever girl.
Both of your parents are members of the town council, they have to go to several meeting and functions regularly.
This weekend they have to spend away and they have arranged for a babysitter for you.
Read on to find out what happens next.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Giantess Becci)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: spudly
Current Size: 17 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You visit your friend Becci at her place because she pleaded you to do so. She has always had her way with you, a sort of a hold, which is about to get tighter.
Becci, like you, is 16 though a little older.
Her two best friends are Jo and Stef. Jo has an athletic figure, and a strong feminine mind. Stef though is a larger girl, and a bubbly personality.
In my book, anything (as long as it follows the plot) goes!!!
PS; it will be completed as soon as possible...

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Giantess Empire)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: mredge
Current Size: 61 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: In the world of Osira,two major empires rule the lands. On one side is Arcathia,rulled by the great empress Machi. They believe in peace and harmony amongst themselves. On the other side is Semira,the darkness empire ruled by empress Kiri believes in ruling with an iron fist. These two great empires,filled with humans and giantesses have been at war for generations. The tides will turn once more.
Rules: Keep at PG-13 range and all posts must be above 2 sentences. Other than that,have fun. Feel free to add any characters you want.
Attention!: I am seeking artists and web site builders to make a whole opperation out of this, maybe even a roleplay thing. If you want more information,please e-mail me.

"Giantesses and Shrunken people(-7-)
(Giantesses and Shrunken people)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: MaXxClock
Current Size: 207 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: This is purely up to you, whether you want to be at the mercy of a giantess, have a shrunken person at your mercy. Its all up to you. You can have Celebrities, Video game characters, Anime girls or just girls from your imagination.
Please no gay stuff
No toilet stuff
Gp's given for good chapters
Don't worry about content
I'll change the contentif it goes overboard
Otherwise, anything goes, ANYTHING!
Rate, Write and review

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Giantesses Galore)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: gtslovr
Current Size: 93 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You can make any Contributions you like, as long as you stick to the plots and these rules:

"Giantess Girlfriend(-4-)
(Giantess Girlfriend)
Rating: GC
Moderator: biggirl
Current Size: 59 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: One day you are sitting with your girlfriend at her house when she brings up the idea of living out her fantasy. Her fantasy is to either shrink you down very small, or for her to grow into a huge giantess.
Add to this story, Anything goes in this except for man-man stuff, i'll delete anything like that, other then that, enjoy!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: gryphis
Current Size: 26 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are living in an alternate reality. The only difference is that women are considerably taller than men.
The average woman is 9 feet tall, where the average male is only 5 feet 5 inches tall.
You are Bill, an average man in an average town. Your girlfriend is Jacqueline, who is taller than average, standing at 10 feet tall. She is a very gentle, intelligent girl, who treats you very kindly. She is one of the few women who let their boyfriends live with them. Jacqueline is not very prone to get angry enough to hurt you, but she can get annoyed. She is very successful, and has a very nice house.
Do not post anything that is exceptionally vulgar, and be appropriate. Enjoy.

"Giantess Sailor Moon(-7-)
(Giantess Sailor Moon)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Unknown2o5u2
Current Size: 233 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: This stoy should be for some reason one of the sailor scouts for some reason turns into a giantess. Add all u like. 2 things....no shrinking or giant men. And PLZZZ ADD
To get People to add Ill give 10 GiftPoints to the VERY GOOD addin . But I only got a limited amount so start Posting!!! I Would Like To See More Than Just 2 people posting....so LETS GET GOING! (Even though they are godo writers)
(Update: I like wats going on but can yous start to head back to the !GTS! side of the story plz? Ill only give points for that now to keep it on more of a track....sry guys)

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(giantess sarah michelle gellar)
Rating: E
Moderator: patty
Current Size: 14 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: you win a chance to visit sarah at her house but when you get there you get a little suprise!
nothing erotic please!
dont shrink her!
have fun!

"Giantess Teenagers(-4-)
(Giantess Teenagers)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: biggirl
Current Size: 113 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Brian, you are over at your best friend Abby's house with a bunch of girls who are also your good friends, when all the girls decide to shrink you and have some fun with you. Add anything, i won't delete much AT ALL.
Abby: 5'2" Brian's best friend, very hot, medium proportions. Brian has a little crush on her
Lauren: Hottest girl in the school, long blonde hair, nice breasts.
Stephanie: HUGE boobs, a little overweight but most people still find her attractive.
Natalie: Latino girl with big boobs, is very nice, and has a nice ghetto booty.
Katie: 5'9", tall girl with nice boobs, and one of the nicest asses you have ever seen
Again, i will hardly delete anything, so add a chapter

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Giantess World)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: mredge
Current Size: 12 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: A virus has infected the population and the women grow to amazon proportions while the men are around 5'5". This in turn caused a massive shift in society, and you get to live it!
Rules: No sexual situations, no gay stuff. Giantesses are allowed instead of amazons.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Giant Mother-in-Law.)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Dxhiker
Current Size: 48 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: After Bo was shrunk to a tiny size in a science experiment gone awry, his wife Lisa took good care of him. When Lisa had to leave Bo in the care of her mother, however, things started to go horribly wrong for Tiny Bo! In fact, his mother-in-law finds that the worse she makes life for Bo, the better it makes her feel!

"A giant perspective.(-7-)
(A giant perspective.)
Contains a few giant plots
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Authorboy
Current Size: 816 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Well, it's been a while, but you lads and ladies have kept this thing alive. Well, no rules: just write whenever, whatever you want. It's as much your's as it is mine.
WARNING: This story is violent and such, so if this stuff offends you, don't just run in and rate it poorly. If it isn't for you, just don't read it, no reason to ruin things for other people.
And that's it from me.

Comments: Although there are a few giants in the various threads, the vast majority seem to be giantess plots, judging from a look at the chapter titles (May 11th, 2005).

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Giant's place)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: petreal2000
Current Size: 21 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are Arthur. You wake up in your friends house where everyone else is asleep. Your friend, Eddie, is asleep in his bunk bed, so you can explore his house. His single mum, Kathy, and his sister Georgia (16) are in the house.
At 1 inch tall there aren't a lot of things you can do yourself, but feel free to explore the world if you can!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(Gir's Story of Waco's DOOM!!!)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: nnyisgood
Current Size: 18 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: This is a story I wrote involving a girl I know and the town I live in. I was getting tired of reading other peoples giantess stories, so I decided to get all of my favorite things from those stories, and make the ULTIMATE EVIL GIANTESS STORY!!!! Anyways, Layla grows giant and kills people. In terrable ways. HAVE FUN!!!

"Invalid Item
(Gothic Shrink)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: ArtimusG
Current Size: 44 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You're name is Joshua Langstrom. You live a pretty decent life. Good grades, a great girlfriend, and a loving mom and sister. Paranormal activity has always been sensed at the dark house at the end of the alley, and while strolling along, your life changes when you shrink to a centimeter tall. Now, in order to return to normal, and figure out this mystery, you must venture inside! No gay stuff, male feet, or erotic scenes. Try to keep the tone a little morbid, this is a gothic storyline!

"Invalid Item(-7-)
Contains male giants.
Rating: 18+
Moderator: slowbro
Current Size: 144 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your life was normal. You hated school and loved to fool around in class. You never paid any attention to your parents or your teachers and you loved to bug your little sister. You are 19 years old and about ready to go to collage. You have a girlfriend who is very sexy. But your whole life is about to change. In some obvious ways and some not so obvious.
**Keep the toilet stuff to a minimum. It makes me sick, but I well let there be some as long as it isn't too graphic.

Comments: Although there seem to be one or two scenes/threads including a giant theme, the interactive in its current state (May 11th, 2005) is definitely dominated by giantess content.

"Invalid Item(-4-)
(High-School Shrink)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: Yeats
Current Size: 66 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Ryan, you've never been very sucessful with the ladies, but things change when you happen to shrink to 4 inches. Soon the whole female body is after you. Will you escape and return to normal, or will you sit back and enjoy the ride.
Ryan has a 14 year old sister named Taby.
He has a crush on one of his friends; a short black haired girl named Ida.
Ryan has an admirer of his own, a shy girl named Cora.
-no gay/lesbian stuff
-no killing him off for no good reason
-no ass or toilet or vore

"Interactive Object of Affection
(Interactive Object of Affection)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: gtspendragon
Current Size: 64 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: This is based on my story, An Object of Affection, but the characters and events are completely different. Have fun, go wild, and don't be afraid to make it as juicy as you can stand. You have created a devive that lets you shrink or become any inanimate object you want. What will you do first?

"Invalid Item(-7-)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: masterstr
Current Size: 49 chapters (May 11th,2005)
Official Information: Welcome to
The Incredible Shrunkin Teen
Author: MasterStoryteller
Additions by:
Wild Thunder
(list incomplete)
(garyx1, has been banned from making any further contributions to this story as hes violated the listed guidelines, please read them first, I've had to go back, and delete all his chapters hes submitted, not one of them even made up a complete sentence. if he makes anymore attempts to submit chapters again please feel free to report him to the site admin, as follows, if theres anymore he'll be the first on a list of banned users (Thank-you.)
Protagonist/main char/bro
age: 19
height: 6'1
gender: male
hair: wavy, black
eyes: hazel
figure: tall, thin
rank: average teenager
occupation: high school student, held back
age: 16
2nd main char/sister
height: 5'6
gender: female
hair: long, brown
eyes: hazel
figure: slender, fit
rank: average witty teen
occupation: straight A student,
athlete, member of the PTA
height: 5'4
age: 15
gender: female
hair: long, black
skin: tan
eyes: brown
figure: slender, fit
rank: enthusastic teen
occupation: hs student, Kellys friend
height: 5'5
age: 16
gender: female
hair: long, blonde
eyes: blue
figure: slender, fit
rank: average teen
occupation: hs student, Kellys friend
age: 16 1/2
gender: female
hair: long, red
eyes: greenish blue
figure: slender, fit
rank: attractive, tomboy
occupation: hs student,
Kellys friend/neighbor
height: 5'6
age: 28
gender: female
hair: longer, blonde

eyes: blue
figure: fit
rank: adult/authority
occupation: single mom, business woman
height: 6'1
age: 18
gender: male
hair: short,
blonde highlights
eyes: liquid blue
figure: slim, muscular
rank: teen heartthrob
occupation: Matts rival,
the boy next door, athlete
every girls crush
Setting: unlimited
Scenairio: What will happen when Matt finds himself less than an inch tall, everyones become unreachable giants, his mothers away on a business trip, and hes left in charge of his kid sister Kelly who plans on throwing a party, and theres nothing he can do about it?!
Earnest to say Matt has his enimies in high-school. Theres his more popular rivals. Some of his sisters friends might find him cute, and others not so much. He is the older brother so who knows what she says about him.
Due to a recent turn of events please take all this into consideration, and decide poor Matts designated fate now that hes at the mercy of his teen turned titan sister.
1. Write complete full length sentences with body paragrapths.
2. During dialogue to give the effect that Matt has been shrunk all characters except for him have their phrases completly CAPSIZED.
3. Traits such as hair color, skin pigment, height etc. are as listed.
4. Follow storyline accordingly. Events should be in chronological order.
5. Cast characters only.
6. No sexual intercourse, nothing like that
(Formatting adapted)

"Little Big girl(-5-)
(Little Big girl)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Alto
Current Size: 54 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: She is a 9 yr old named Amanda. She is a tomboy so she likes to spit and burp really loud. She has braces and she is hungry. oh yea and she gets real angry when people make fun of her. I wont delete much just keep the good stuff coming.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
("Little" Girl)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: slowbro
Current Size: 49 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your a grown man who has a hot wife and a 16 year old daughter. You have a good job. All you life you have called you child, Amy, your "little girl". She never liked it and so you did it to joke with her. Apparently she took it too seriously and now is set to get her revenge.

"The Matrix: Shrinking in the City
(The Matrix: Shrinking in the City)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: gtspendragon
Current Size: 25 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: We all know about Neo, Morpheus and Trinity. But what about the other hackers that know too much for their own good? Would they be killed off? Or would the agents be more...ironic? You are codename "tiny." Try to survive. Free your mind.

"Invalid Item
(The Misadventures of Pass-around Pete)
Rating: GC
Moderator: alsos
Current Size: 22 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You're about to be shrunk by your ex-girlfriend and her hottie friends. What's up with that?
No gay giants.

"My Worst Day Ever
(My Worst Day Ever)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: WritingFan
Current Size: 40 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Greg, you have a girlfriend named Dana, and you live with your mom, Janet, and your 15 year old sister, Kim. It is Friday the 13th, and you have had a rough day at school. Your mom tells you to go to the grocery store and get a few things. At the store, you are blinded by a white light and shrunk to a height of 2 inches tall. Your adventure starts here. No gay stuff, no toilet stuff, no sex scenes.
Comments: Well, the official information should answer most questions. Currently (May 27th, 2002), the longest thread (chapter 9) starts with you getting caught by a lady but then manage to escape from her house. Other threads include you getting into your girl friend's (Dana) house or ending up with a strange girl (Carol). However, all the story lines are still short and waiting for authors to carry on.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(A Night To Remember)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Mike_spawn
Current Size: 20 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are Mark, a respected chemist that works for a massive firm. You are exparimenting with some new chemicals that you just recieved. You mix them together and they start to boil and an erie green. Unknown to you some of the boiling liquid spashed on you hand and was absorbed immidiately. You continue your day and then go home.

"Pokemon Giantess(-5-)
(Pokemon Giantess)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Dawnbringer
Current Size: 149 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: As Ash and company travel to a distant city Misty stumbles upon an ancient ruin and grows to epic proportions. This story can contain stomping, eating, whatever just no gay stuff.

"Invalid Item
(Put Me Down!)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: littletoy
Current Size: 263 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are a 19 year old shrunk to eight inches tall and you have to make your way back to the lab. Will you get caught? You betcha
This story should focus on hands and fingers and the thrill of being easily caught, picked up, displayed and then humiliated, dominated and toyed with by lots of cute, nubile young women. Please stick to this theme.
Gentle, semi-gentle and nasty giantesses are all fine but no eating or stomping or murder please(no vore). Teasing rules!
If you are into feet then this is probably not the story for you. I don't mind a little foot action here and there but this is not primarily a foot story. Dont make it one or I will delete.
No size changing. I will delete.
No toilet stuff. I will delete
No male giants or gay action. I will delete.

"The School of Shrink(-3-)
(The School of Shrink)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: Bro13
Current Size: 8 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are shrunk in your school, careful who you trust.
Please no homosexuality, other than that have fun.

Rating: 18+
Moderator: the guy who wrote this
Current Size: 72 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: no gay stuff i wont delete much and keep cussing to a minimum

"Invalid Item
(Shrinking at the party)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: alsos
Current Size: 36 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: The main character is at the biggest college party of the year when he shrinks! Will he safely make it through the pary house?
No gay. No scat. No kiddies

Comments: You are 21-year old Jack, on your way to aforementioned party, when a truck spills some strange liquid on your shoes. You wipe it off with your bare hands. During the party you start feeling sick and finally lose consciousness on a bed on the second floor. Waking up minutes later, you are reduced to 5 inches in size.
Currently (June 4th, 2002), the longest threat reaches depth 6. Walking out into the hall way, you come across a woman. Trying to hang on to her ankle bracelet, you nearly get squished under her foot as you fall off while she walks down the stairs. Alternatively, she might be heading upstairs, in which case jumping off leaves you in a dangerous spot as well. Chapters are rather short thus far, but there is still lots of potential.

"Shrinking down to size
(Shrinking Down to Size)
Rating: XGC
Moderator: Deathworks
Current Size: 473 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are 21- year- old John Stone. Life had been pretty dull thus far, until you suddenly shrink to half an inch in size. Suddenly, your normal surrounding have become pretty dangerous, and no one knows you are there. So will you survive? Things start out at the university where you studied together with your friends, some of them female and quite good- looking. You are not exactly the virtuous type, so you just may try to take advantage of that new situation.
(Bizarre developments are welcome as is sexual content; physical laws may be bent/broken; please no male gay sex)
Please check Giantess Fetish Forum for news and further info!

"The Shrink Suit(-4-)
(The Shrink Suit)
Rating: GC
Moderator: dr.weird
Current Size: 13 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your girlfriend, while attending her university, steals the latest tech project from the science/technology lab-a suit that allows the wearer to shrink. But that's not all it provides...

"Invalid Item
(Shrunk by celebrity women)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: alsos
Current Size: 52 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: This is a story about being shrunk to six inches tall and encountering famous women. You may include anybody you want; movie stars, pop stars, tv actresses, models, whatever. Your character may interact in any way you see fit.

"Invalid Item
(Shrunk by Lorri)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: gtsfan
Current Size: 9 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: In this story you decide on wither or not you want to be a ten (shrunk one tenth your orginal size), a hundred (shrunk to one hundredth of your orginal size) or a thousand (shrunk to one thousandth of your orginal size)

"Shrunk by your little(i mean BIG) sister(-6-)
(Shrunk by your little(i mean BIG) sister)
Rating: GC
Moderator: Alto
Current Size: 36 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is John and your 11 yr old sister(Amanda)is having a sleep over. They shrink you and decide to have some fun. Her friends are typical preteen girls who are full of energy, love junk food, and are sensitive about their bodies.
Amanda-Your sister, has long black hair, loves
doritos, and can burp real loud.
Carly-Her best friend, has a crush on you, and
loves pizza.
Brianna-The fat one, loves Christina Agulera,
and will do anything the other girls
tell her to do.
Julie-Hates you, has a cold, and loves vanilla
Add whatever you want. I dont care what it is as long as it sticks with the story.

"Invalid Item(-7-)
(a shrunken adventure)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: h3ll3
Current Size: 4 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Jeff 19 6 foot 2 150 Lbs and one day you just wake up after a party and find out you have shrunk!!! How tall are you who will you ask for help???? Your girlfriends name is Katlin who is 5'6" with blond hair, blue eyes, 36D-24-32. If you read this please feel free to add as much as you want i will not delete much(please keep away from Gay stuff)

"Shrunken in an Exam(-4-)
(Shrunken in an Exam)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: Doom
Current Size: 244 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You're in an exam, when you shrink. 'Nuff said. I think everyone knows what to expect from these sorts of things by now... :P
Oh, and feel free to add stuff. No, go on, I won't bite! I'll only REALLY edit if you happen to breach the rating somehow, or if your spelling is very bad. >:)

"The Shrunken Student
(The Shrunken Student)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: WritingFan
Current Size: 202 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Mark was born at a height of 2 inches. His father died in a plane crash before he was even born. He lives with his mother and 15 year old sister, Julie. It's his first day of school and he needs to make friends with the kids, but remember he is the smallest kid in school. Please keep clean, no gay stuff, and no sex scenes please.

"Invalid Item(-5-)
(Super Small Adveture)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: kaioken45
Current Size: 56 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You live at home with your family
Amanda 14 year old sis
Kimmy 6 year old sis
Michelle 17 year old sis
Dana 35 year old Mom
Jane 37 year old Aunt(she doesn't live with you)
You acidentaly shrink to a microscopic size. Please don't have men characters, gay scenes, sex, tons of toilet scenes, or make the charecter grow.

"Teenie Tiny Jason
(Teenie Tiny Jason)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: no action
Current Size: 32 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Jason, and you work in a fairly large hospital. You have always loved the GTS/shrink fantasy, and had a special desire to be made tiny and be close to female feet! Today is your lucky day as some technicians in the lab perfected the shrink ray they've been working on, but everyone in the hospital is being required to take a vaccination to prevent accidental shrinking. What do you do?
Please keep to the storyline. I had BETTER NOT see any gay and male feet interaction, either. Keep it to where if and when Jason is found, that everyone doesn't immediately act like he should worship their feet, but rather slowly lead up to it, and make him unknown to many of the characters.

"Tenchi: Downsized(-4-)
(Tenchi: Downsized)
Rating: GC
Moderator: Haruko
Current Size: 46 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: I was tired of reading all the anime giantess threads and never seeing one about Tenchi, despite how many girls there are and their relationships with one another. So now there is one. Basically, you can add anything you want, I won't delete much. Just keep the violence/foot fetish to a minimum (not that there can't be some =)). Feel free to even have the girls shrink some of the other girls to get "competition" out of the way (or to just plain humilate). Well, have at it then, let the creativity flow.

"Invalid Item(-1-)
(The Tiny Teen)
Rating: GC
Moderator: tinyteen
Current Size: 61 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You are 18 year old David Michaels.
You attend Corement High School.
One day your teacher pairs you with your ex-friend Bobby to work on an assignment. When you get to his house, he shrinks you to 3 inches tall!
No sizechanging. No shrinking anyone else.
It starts off with Bobby or his sister, but you can add other giants.
This story is free to go anywhere. Just keep to the shrinking theme (No growing) and HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Comments: As the official information mation indicate, this story has two main story lines, one a male giant plot, and the other one a giantess plot.

"Invalid Item (-5-)
(Tiny Town Hotel)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: SmittySmith
Current Size: 110 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You're name is Steve, a 20 year old college student who is at a job fair with your girlfriend for the best of the best in a variety of industries from all over the country. You have a history of enjoying women a bit too much, but you have been true to your girlfriend for 6 months. You are caught by suprise though when you shrink to only 4 inches. Hijinx insue.

"Invalid Item
Rating: 18+
Moderator: gtsfan
Current Size: 15 chapters (May 11th, 2002)
Official Information: Author Note: Sizechangers can change their own size and the size of others. They can also change the size of non living objects.
Please keep in mind that Rita and Tom live on a world, where Sizechangers try to keep a low profile.

Comments: The protagonist is Tom Keat, a student who gets to meet Rita Size. By accident, he notices that she is a Sizechanger. In order to protect her secret, she shrinks him to a fraction of an inch and keeps him in a shrunken house. So much for chapter 1 :)
Currently (June 4th, 2002), the deepest things go is chapter 5, and there are even 4 versions of it! The first "thread" starts with Rita selling the house (which she has been keeping as an earring) to Marsha. As Sizechangers are a secret, Rita does not tell Marsha about Tom, so the house winds up being attached to Marsha's breast while she talks about dominance fantasies (^_^;; (chapter 5). Alternatively, Rita may decide not to sell the house. Marsha starts threatening her and may end up getting shrunk so that she has to live in "your" house (chapter 5). Instead of Marsha showing up, we may get to meet Tammy, Rita's younger sister (about 19 years old). Tom refuses to have sex with her, so she shrinks him and asks him to become her slave. Another refusal seems him reduced to 3 inch compared to her who is already only 1/10 inch tall and she starts toying with him (chapter 4). This may either end with her trying to eat him (chapter 5), or a very exotic experience of the being in vagina of girl who is in vagina of girl situation, as Rita comes in to have some fun herself (chapter 5, by gtspendragon :) ). As you can see, there is already some hot stuff there, but there are still branches that wait for authors willing to help them grow.

"Video Game GTS Mild Vore(-6-)
(Video Game GTS Mild Vore)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: sith
Current Size: 225 chapters (May 10th, 2005)
Official Information: I changed the purpose of my interactive a bit. Now, please focus on mild vore (even if it´s only one chapter, and the next one is a "normal" GTS chapter again).
1. Keep it (rather) serious and interesting! Above all, there must be good reasons for the events (why is the girl growing? Why is the man shrinking?)
2. Most importantly, keep it clean! No sexual content or adult language! The stories have to be serious somehow, so please follow my advice.
3. Although the story is, ahem, serious, that doesn´t mean there can´t be funny events, as long as you keep it interesting.
4. As the title says, mild vore only. No chewing and no digestion.
5. And don´t end the stories with the main character dying!
6. Most important question: which girls? What game should they come from? Well, everything goes, as long as they´re from a CONSOLE game. I propose: girls from Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter, Star Ocean, Ridge Racer and so on. But of course, there are more possibilities.
So, that´s it. These are the rules. If you are a video game and gts fan, then PLEASE add! I´m looking forward to reading your chapters!

"A Visit To The Shrinking Place.(-7-)
(A Visit To The Shrinking Place.)
Rating: 18+
Moderator: digger123
Current Size: 185 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Brian Miller and you are a systems person for a major corportation. You have been working extremely long hours over the past six months and your boss rewards you with a trip to the Shrinking Place, which is located in the Bahamas, on one of the many out islands in the archipelago. You really need the vacation and laugh when he tells you about shrinking and all the wild things that go on at the resort. You laugh, to yourself, and swear that your just going for some r&r and there's no way you'd allow yourself to shrink.
However, things have a way of going wrong in life and this time they do.

"Invalid Item(-4-)
(The Voyeur)
Rating: GC
Moderator: racehorce12
Current Size: 60 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Greg is sixteen .Like a lot of boys that age his hormones are growing faster then the rest of him. He has a terrible crush on his nineteen year old neighbor Connie, a beautiful black haired girl with a marvolous figure. He befriends Connie's's sixteen year old brother Joe just to be around Her .Connie is a nice girl and is nice to Greg never suspecting how he feels .One day Greg kisses her on the mouth and tells her he loves her .Now Connie's mother will not allow him in the house
Greg's father is a scientist.Greg finds a shrinking potion in his father's room and shrinks himself so he could sneak into Connie's House
Please add on . Please make additions Heterosexual Anything Gay will be deleted. Other then that please add on and have fun!

"Invalid Item
(A Whole New World.)
Rating: 13+
Moderator: ArtimusG
Current Size: 59 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: You volunteer for a new kind of research that will end world hunger, garbage disposal, and the homeless problem. When you arrive, they shrink you incredibly small! What do you do?
Nothing gay, male feet, male vore, or erotic scenes.

"Invalid Item
(Wondrous Journey)
Rating: GC
Moderator: ryusfalpha
Current Size: 203 chapters (May 11th, 2005)
Official Information: Your name is Tom, an 18 year old wiseguy. You can barely remember what happened to you... all you know is that you have waken up.. in a sorority house, full of 20 year old girls..
And another thing.. you are one inch tall.


"The Appearance of Giant Chibi(?) Moon
(The Appearance of Giant Chibi(?) Moon)
Rating: GC
Author: Deathworks
Comment: Rating due to relation to fetish community. Otherwise ASR 13.

"Now They Got Ami!
(Now They Got Ami!)
Rating: GC
Author: Deathworks
Comment: Rating due to relationship to fetish community. Otherwise ASR 13. Sequel to "The Appearance of Giant Chibi(?) Moon"

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