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This is chapter one of my Novel-in-progress. Complete set is in a folder in my portfolio.
Amy, inspite of everything

I am an Observer, sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity. I stay in the background, watching and listening. I live by one rule. Do not interfere. Interfering always brings you into it. I almost always follow this rule, almost always.

I was sitting between two men in a black car. In the trunk behind me, I could hear a man thumping. I was only here because I interfered.

It happened last night. I noticed two men arguing in a store. As is my nature, I was curious. I went around a corner and looked inside from an angle. One of the men was wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt. The other man was wearing denims and a fake leather jacket. In his jacket pocket was a slightly protruding pistol. He was about to pull it out and I was suddenly overwhelmed by an urge to warn the flannel man. I shouted before I could stop myself. The flannel man looked startled, then jumped over a countertop and ran out the back door. The other man whirled around and looked at me. I was so preoccupied with what I had done that I didn’t even notice the second man behind me until I got a sharp blow to my head.

I could feel the back my head throbbing. The leather man was driving, so I didn’t know who was in the trunk. We’d been driving for about five hours when the car pulled into a rundown apartment building. The men dragged me out and inside the building where I was shoved into one of the side rooms with no windows. I could hear the click of the door being locked. I turned around to inspect my situation. No windows, no vents, solid walls, and cement floor. There was a cot in one corner. Light was coming in from under the door and the room was freezing. I rubbed my arms for warmth and listened.
“We’d better find some way to keep the kid quiet.” A deep voice said.
“What do you mean ‘quiet’? She hasn’t made a noise in hours.” Another, higher-pitched, voice said.
“We’ll figure out something after we eat.” Yet another voice, this time medium, said. The voices quieted down and I sat down on the cot. I tried to fall asleep but kept waking up to the noises of cupboards and men arguing. Finally, they were silent and I was able to drift off to sleep.

I woke up to a muffled phone conversation. “No we didn’t get him, some girl saw us and warned him.” The deep voice from last night said, “Yeah, we brought her with us, she was a witness. Brownish-red hair, ‘bought 5’ 6”. Sure, see ya in ten.” He hung up and I heard footsteps coming towards me so I sat up and moved into the nearest corner. The door opened and the leatherman walked in. He grabbed my right arm and dragged me out into a larger room. There was another man on a large, tacky, overstuffed couch, with his hands and mouth taped shut. The leatherman tossed me onto the couch and walked over to the other guy.
“Now see, Chester, if you hadn’t made such a fuss, we wouldn’t have had to tape your mouth shut. That’s why you had to ride in the trunk and she didn’t.” He gestured at me. Chester mumbled a rather garbled curse and I grinned to myself. The leatherman didn’t hear because he had turned on the old, broken-down television, which flickered and showed a poor picture of the news. Someone knocked on the door.
“Frank, get the door.” He said. One of the men went up to the door and opened it. Leatherman got up when he saw the guest and I noticed an open window with a fire escape leading down from it. I took a chance and nearly made it before someone caught my arm and jerked me to a halt. My heart stopped when I whirled around to face him. He smiled at me.
“Hello, Amy.”
“Cordan,” I said, frozen with fear.
“Leon, go ahead and escort Mr. McGrath out to my car.” Leatherman shrugged and started dragging Chester out.
“Let me go!” I said, trying to yank my arm away. He had gotten stronger since I last saw him. I turned away and he pinned my arm behind my back.
“Not a chance. It’s about time you came home.” He grinned smugly.
“Let me go or you’ll regret it.” He laughed and when his grip loosened, I threw him over my head and onto his back, knocking the breath out of him.
“It’s been five years. I am fifteen and stronger. I won’t go back, ever.” I leapt out the window and ran. Cordan had been my legal guardian since I was five, but I ran away from him five years ago so I wouldn’t have to spy for him. I have superior sight, hearing, and memory because I am an Observer. I was also born abnormally strong, but that has nothing to do with being an Observer.
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