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This story is about my frightning experience with a ouija board.
Hello my name is Heather Joy. My story is about a Ouija board I had while in college. Let me begin by saying that I come from a verystrict yet loving Catholic family. There was no way that I could have
owned a board or for that fact, knew anyone with a board, while I lived home in the Bahamas.
Once comming over to the states I gained alot of insight and had many experiences ( both good and bad )I will never forget. Here are a few.
When we ( my twin sister and I ) first moved to the States we stayed at an apartment complex, here we met one of our neighbours who was into
the occult and had a board. Being interested and curious, my sister and I would go over to his apartment and "watched" him communicate with these
demons. He would tell us that he was in control of them but also promised his first born to them. WEIRD was all I thought for the momment.
Well on this particular day Juan ( false name ) invited us over. He was on the board and invited me to ask it a question...i was scared but I thought what the heck. Well it did not impress me to much . It would tell me Its name (which I can't recall) and asked what I wanted....it would grant me a wish. I wanted no part so I never wished. During all this my twin Hillary was just watching until she did something extremly stupid. She put her hands on the board and started reciting the Lord Prayer. Well the board took off literally...and flew across the room. Juan was pretty angry and said that he and I would have to calm 'it' down.
We got back on the board and it started shouting really bad things and Hillary would shout something "holy" back. Well this is where it gets weird. It said that tonight It was going to do something horrible to Hillary and it really freaked me out. Hillary then left and went home. I told Juan I did not want anything to happen to her. He said I could use my wish. And quickly not thinking ... I told it 'Whatever your going to do to her, do to me instead'. Its only response was laughter.
After I left and went back home I wasn't really scared just cautious. I guess I did not want to believe....well I believed that night !
Hillary and I shared the same room at this time, I don't know how long I was asleep for but I woke up out of a sound sleep to the most erie, wicked almost insane laughter. I tried to keep my whits about me and listened I tried to keep my whits about me and listened scared now and heard the laughing again. All of a sudden I remembered my wish and thought... What have i done?
Well i decided to wake up my sister, since it was really her fault, but I could not wake her. I shouted her name, threw all kinds of objects at her, but she wouldn't even stir. I could feel tears in my eyes from pure fustration and fear. I believe I said the Lords Prayer at least 40 times that night and eventually fell back asleep.
After that I never went over to Juans again or even looked at a Ouija Board. 'It' never returned Thank God. Yet a couple months later my sister and I would tell each other about shadows we saw. I saw a black cat cleaning itself in the hallway and saw a man sitting on the couch next to me staring
at me as if to say " So what are you going to do next ".
Thanks for reading, I may post another. Heather Joy

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