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Sometimes, I falter, by shouting words that should only be whispered.
Whisper Writings, Whisper Prayers
By Marilyn Mackenzie

"What I like about an author is not what he says but what he whispers." Logan Pearsall Smith

What are you whispering? What message lies between the lines of your words, your passages?

Often times, other writers will ask of us, "What’s the real story behind this?" Or we're urged to "thrash it out." Sometimes we're encouraged to just "tell more." Is this because our stories lack that magical whisper?

When I write to people by e-mail or snail-mail, I often sign my letters, "Wishing you sunshine and Sonshine." Those are the messages I hope are my whispers to the world when I write.

Joy, to me, is being able to bask in the sun at the beach, with sand squishing between my toes, sea air misting my face and gentle breezes tousling my hair.

Joy, to me, is also basking in the Son, Jesus Christ, who died for each of us. It is resting His arms, feeling His love and strength in my very being. And it is knowing that whether I am feeling small in this world and in need of comfort, or if I'm feeling rather large and in need of someone to rejoice with me at my successes, Jesus is right there.

All I ever need to do is whisper his name, "Jesus..."

Sometimes, I falter, by shouting words that should only be whispered, in my prayers and in my writing.

As I transferred the words from my writing journal to my computer, they changed just a bit right before my eyes. And that small change made my heart sing. This may be the shortest piece I've written, save for poetry. But, this one spoke to me louder than all the others combined - in a whisper. Perhaps that's why we write, sometimes. Sometimes we write a message meant to be heard by our own heart and soul.

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