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by Kenzie
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Mom’s love affected and inspired many people, especially her kids and grandkids.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
by Marilyn Mackenzie

The newspaper requested readers to submit articles about moms for Mother’s Day. The editors wanted to know what was the best advice we've received from our mothers.

That really made me think about my mom. She didn't have a lot of advice to give us as kids, but the one thing I remember hearing most was, "never get married." None of her kids took that advice. None of us have had very happy marriages either.

Another thing she said over and over again was, "men are only interested in one thing." Just once, I would have liked to have heard whistles and catcalls as I passed a construction site. I guess my mother had different experiences than I had. She was gorgeous as a young lady and rather well endowed. She has some pretty wild stories about being chased around desks at work and touched inappropriately at company picnics. I wouldn't have wanted those experiences.

I realized that the best advice mom ever gave any of us didn't come from her words, but from her actions. Except for the first few hours of her day, when she’s trying to really wake up, Mom has a really cheerful attitude. I have tried to copy that, and must have succeeded. My nickname is "Ms. Merry Sunshine."

Mom also makes silly and inexpensive gifts for people she knows (and for their children and grandchildren whom she’s never met). She makes gifts for co-workers, church friends, club friends, neighbors, and for their families, to celebrate birthdays, graduations, births, and sometimes no occasions at all.

At one place she worked, Mom made a gift for an employee who was always called to clean up the bathroom when someone had an accident. Mom creatively decorated a mop and pair of rubber gloves, along with a poem she'd written just for him. The entire work place waited, giggling, while he entered the ladies’ room. When he discovered his gifts, he knew exactly who had made them for him. Although he pouted, Mom later discovered that those gifts had a prominent place in his study at home.

Another place of employment gave my mother an award for being such a positive influence, an inspiration, to co-workers.

Mom has lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas, and in all three place I've encountered people who tell me what a wonderful person my mother is and how blessed I am to have her as my mother. I certainly am blessed.

Mom’s loving actions have affected and inspired many people, especially her children and grandchildren.

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