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Just a short walk down a winding trail.
Picture yourself walking down a trail in the mountains. You're all alone. Nobody around for miles. Just the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. The leaves rustling. The sunshine filtering in to land upon the grassy floor below. You pass by flowers as they amass in the field to your right. To your left a creek flows. You hear the bubbling of the brook as it flows over the rocks. And you sigh...

You sigh as you are truly relaxed here in this special place. This place you longed to be for so many years. This place you've dreamed of since you were so very young… This place you always felt safe in. This special place of yours. This place of beauty. Look. See those blue wildflowers as they spring up from the ground in that clearing. Smell the air. So fresh. The pine trees and the oak fill the air so wondrously...

Shhhh. Over there... A deer... No... A doe and her fawn just emerge from the forest. She looks up, and around... Senses you... And slowly moves her young away.

However, the birds keep on singing. The brook keeps on flowing... And the sun keeps on shining as you walk gently down the winding trail... Into the darker reaches of the forest...

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