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I am suddenly shrunk while helping an older woman.
Chapter I: Then...Suddenly

My name is Bruce. What you are about to read is true. It may seem like a fantasy, like so many other stories that you've read on the internet, but this is a true story. For the past year I have been kept by my lady, Tina. A prisoner, somewhat willingly I suppose, but certainly in no way, shape or form able to change the confining condition of my life.

Like so many others of you out there I had indulged the giantess fantasy. Yeah, that what it was, a fantasy. For most guys (almost everyone I suspect)I guess that's true. It remains a fantasy and maybe you are all lucky. For me, though, it is real life. A drama that only has had a beginning and, seemingly, knows no end.

This story comes to you out of the kindness of my lady (I have no idea whether she is posting this or not because I am not allowed access to the internet for reasons that will become obvious.) So, if you see this story and like it, please respond to the mailbox she has set up. It is, according to her, untraceable. She's probably right as she has gotten away with this for a year. And please, if I don't write too often, don't get mad. It takes a lot of time for me to write this, even on the tiny Palm Pilot keyboard that she was nice enough to buy for me. I call it my walk'n writer.

My new life started on a June day about a year ago. I had parked my car in the neighborhood I grew up in and was walking up the hill when I spotted her. Her being my lady.

My lady was working in her front yard, clearing out some overgrown brush. She had tied up some bushes she had chopped down and was attempting to move them to the curb when I spotted her. Struggling, she was making slow progress wrestling with the bushes when I happened along. With her back to me I couldn't tell what she looked like but it was obvious she was a woman. I offered to assist her and, startled she jumped up into the air a bit and turned around to face me. I still remember the surprised look she gave me as she turned around, her beautiful dark eyes flashing just the slightest hint of anger before she instantly realized that my intentions were noble. I just wanted to help.

As most guys would I summed her up in an instant. She was older than me, 52 I guessed, but she turned out to be a very well preserved 60(I am 42). She had long black hair which she had tied up in the back and was wearing clothes that gave her your basic frumpy look. Her clothes, loose fitting though they might have been, couldn't hide the largest set of breasts I had ever set my eyes on. I tried not to be too obvious in staring at her but I just could not help but steal a peek (and more) as we talked. It was funny because she knew I was looking and even commented "didn't they teach you that you would go blind" [if I didn't stop looking.] I blushed when she said that but she smiled. She later told me she knew I was just being a man, looking at her that way. And since I had stopped to help her she was a very good sport about the whole thing. Not to dwell on the subject but her breasts were the size of large honeydew melons. This is NOT an exaggeration. They were simply the largest set I had ever seen. Considering that she was not more than just a bit overweight they were (are) truly a stupendous sight to behold.

We worked at clearing the yard for about 20 minutes when her maternal instinct kicked in. Being a true daughter of Greece (and I being a nice Jewish boy) she insisted on feeding me. Unable to tear myself away from the sight of her breasts, I, of course, consented and entered her house.

Her house was a three story attached house. On the main level as you entered was a garage, the foyer, a bathroom and a bedroom and access to the backyard. We washed in the bathroom and then trooped up the stairs to have some food and drink.

After she served me iced tea, she pulled some chicken and salads out of the refrigerator and we ate and talked. During the course of our conversation Tina informed me that she had been widowed at a young age and had lived in her house alone for the last 14 years. Her husband had been killed in a freak accident on the job. He was an engineer and the settlement from his death left her so well off that she hadn't needed to work. She was an accountant by profession and after her husband died she left her job and set up a part time business from her house, using the bedroom on the first floor of her home as an office.

I gathered from the conversation that 14 years alone had, well, left her a lonely woman. We didn't talk too much about it at that first meal we shared together but I later found out that she had not been with a man since her husband had passed away, despite the efforts of her friends and family to set her up on dates. The thought of being with another man was just too much for her to bear.

We had been eating and talking for about a half hour when I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I relieved myself and was washing my hands when it happened. How it happened I don't know. Why it happened I don't know. All I (and Tina) know is that it DID happen. I was standing toweling off my hands when I started feeling just the slightest bit faint. I don't know how long I was out, but when I came to, I was laying, naked, in an ocean of cloth material (my tee shirt) with my head just sticking out from the bottom of the shirt. The rest of my body was covered.

What had happened was so out of the course of normal events that I had no reference points to try to figure out what had transpired. As I looked around (and up) an uneasy feeling settled over me which only grew more and more intense with each passing second. Panic, that's the only word to accurately describe my feelings, almost immediately set in as I tried to figure out just exactly what had happened. All around me I searched for visible reference points. The first thing I was able to make out was the shower curtain. It was transparent and decorated with fish. Only now it rose above me like a sheer cliff. Despite my panicked state I also realized that the large item hanging high above my head was the towel I just dried my hands on. I didn't have much more time to react or think when the ground started to move.

Slowly at first, but then more quickly, the floor began to pulse. It was not the slow steps you hear as a giant approaches in a movie but this was real life and the thumps Tina made as she approached were quick and intense. The wooden floor reverberated so much that it was difficult to keep my balance as my panic reached its greatest intensity. From up above I heard Tina's voice boom "Bruce, Bruce" as she inquired about me. I ran (under the toilet) and was lucky not to get hit by the door as she opened it up. As she opened the door it swept my clothes, glasses (strangely and luckily, my vision was 20/20 after I shrank) and watch up against the wall but as she spied my possessions on the floor she screamed "oh no, not again."

I hid behind the toilet as Tina surveyed the scene from on high. Looking down at my jumbled clothes, watch and glasses she bit her lip and felt a sense of unease sweep over her. It had happened again.

As I was later to find out, my shrinking was the second which had occurred in her house. The first happened to a plumber who was working in her house about five years ago. He shrank right in the kitchen and Tina had stumbled onto the scene before she realized what had happened, stepping on his clothes and him at the same time. The first inkling she had had about what she had done was when she felt the crunch of his leg bones under her sandaled foot. Rummaging through the clothes to see what she had stepped on, she found him writhing in agony, his legs crushed beyond any hope of repair.

At that time some quick thinking saved her. She gathered up the plumber's clothes and placed them in the house next door which she was watching for the neighbors who were away on a cruise. The plumber she picked up with rubber gloves and wrang his neck to put him out of his misery. She later told me that the poor little fellow never knew what hit him. His body was later flushed down the toilet in a nearby park and his clothes found their way into several clothes drop-off boxes in Massachusettes when she went to visit her mother a few days later. Of course she called the plumbing company to report that the plumber had apparently left her house, leaving his tools in the house and his van in her driveway. The police never suspected a thing.

As she surveyed the mess at her feet Tina began to tremble. She was thankful that she hadn't walked into the bathroom and slowly began to poke the clothes to see where I might be. I was too scared to watch as she lowered herself to the floor on all fours, her breasts trying mightily to swing out of their confinement. Very carefully she worked through the clothes and, finding nothing, she began to look around the room. Spotting me she began to speak.

"Bruce, Bruce, come to me. I'm sorry this happened. Please don't be afraid" she said to me in a rather soft voice which still boomed all around me. I was still too frightened to move as she continued to speak, gently telling me not to be afraid, that everything would be all right.
When I still didn't budge she crawled away from the bathroom and waited for me to come out.

After about 10 minutes I finally moved, coming out from behind the toilet to look at the face of Tina. It was massive, bigger than me and, despite its enormity, somewhat soft and feminine. As I approached her she sat up, knees forward with her hands at her sides. Something, a force, came over me and I rushed to her left knee, holding onto it as if my life depended upon it.

Tina allowed me to hug her for a while before she slowly edged herself backward. It was a signal from her that I should back away but it was a signal I didn't get as I again approached her knee. Worried that she might hurt me she reached over my head to pick up my still normal sized tee shirt. Her hand and arm appeared like a jetliner streaking by as she thrust them forward. She also thrust forward her boobs which, despite their incredible size, felt like firm foam padding as the left one gently knocked me to the ground. She was a little embarrassed having knocked me down with her breast but she smiled at me and motioned for me to walk onto the tee shirt that she had laid out on the floor next to me. I walked onto it and she then told me to lay down and relax, that she was going to pick up the tee shirt and me and take me to a safer place.

The safer place turned out to be her bed. Very gently she put the tee shirt with me inside onto the bed and unfolded it so that I could see where I was. She sat at the edge of the bed which spread out around me like a football field it was so massive. Or, rather, I was so small, standing just seven inches in height.

"Help me" I screamed out to her but she just looked down with a smile at me. "Please, call the police, call an ambulance. You've got to help me" I shouted. She didn't answer but when she did she sent a shiver down my spine. An ice cold shiver. "I'm sorry" she said, in a soft, breaking voice, "you'll have to stay here with me." I could see the tears beginning to well up in her eyes and knew she felt terrible. This, however, did little to allay my concern. Looking back I'm surprised I was as calm as I was but I realized that she wasn't joking. Still, I appealed her decision only to fall onto deaf, if sympathetic ears. There would be no reprieve from my lady, my Tina. She was the judge, jury, prosecutor and courtroom observers all rolled into one. And on this one I was the guilty as charged defendent.

I wanted to cry when I realized there would be no changing her mind. I didn't, though, I wanted to show her I was tough enough to take it, but I truly believe now, having lived in the gilded cage for a year, that things could be much worse for me. My prison, unlike most others, has no walls. At worse it has places I am forbidden to roam and even when I have transgressed against Tina the punishments I received were no worse than the infractions I committed.

After I received the bad news that day, Tina tried very hard to reassure me that she would do her best to make me happy. It took a lot of work (we'll talk about that later) but I am much happier than most people.

About an hour after I shrank Tina asked me if I had driven or walked to the neighborhood or had I walked. I didn't want to answer her and she knew it. I looked down to avoid looking into those big gorgeous eyes of hers but she stood to her full height, folded her arms under her breasts and asked me pointedly about a car again. When I still did not answer she reached down and grabbed me by my arm, hoisting me up into the air so that I was right next to her face. "Don't make me mad little man" she said to me, blowing her hot breath all over my still naked body. I quickly folded my resistance and a few hours later, while was getting used to my temporary digs in her sock drawer, she drove my car about a mile away, walking home. My car keys she left in the ignition for the police to find a day later.


When she returned home Tina retrieved me from the sock drawer and again placed me on the bed. I once again begged her to call the police, or an ambulance or to bring me to my family but she gently and kindly explained to me that this was never going to happen. I wanted to cry as the realization set in that I was going to spend my life with her but my "toughness" wouldn't allow it and I held back the tears once again. I never asked her again to get help for me. I just knew that she wouldn't do it.

In a practical sense there was nothing, I felt, that could be done anyway to help me. After all, who has an antidote for shrinking? Tina has treated me so well that I never think about leaving her any more. I would like to see my family and friends but even that would bring about many problems in a practical sense.

When we had exhausted talking about my leaving or staying she immediately set to work to make my new life as pleasant as possible. I now know that from her perspective she could have never let me go but, that aside, she has always treated me very well and dotes on me with (she will blush when she reads this) a maternal affection.

My new residence was to be a fishtank. For a bed she sent away for a piece of that space age foam that Temperpedic uses to make its beds. My sheets and all my clothes (she is quite a sewer) are made of satin as all other materials are quite chafing for a little person. I would have been happy to go naked or where a toga but her sensibilities would never allow this. She even made a tuxedo for me that I wear when we dine formally. Gentle reader you should see her in a formal gown. She is quite the knockout.

My day begins with breakfast. I prefer yogurt mostly as I don't have to chew it. Chewing is tough for a little person but most fruit and vegetables aren't too bad. Beef is too stringy and I only eat tuna fish so it's mostly chicken for me and only white meat at that. Breads are also tough so malt biscuits are my favorite carbohydrates along with spaghetti. My lady has even fashioned a spoon and fork for me and tiny little plates and cups. She never made me a knife but I don't need it as she cuts all my food for me as she would for a small child. Again, that mothering instinct.

As you might imagine, I bathe in a large, shallow plastic bowl. When I want a bath she places the bowl in the bathtub and sets the water running very slowly (she has marked the exact spots on the wall) so that I can enjoy a bath as I used to when I was normal sized. I never liked to draw a bath. I always liked to get into an empty tub and let the water run. Ever careful she leaves the plug out of the bathtub so that there is no chance of the water overflowing into the tub and getting too high. When I am bathing she usually checks on me every few minutes or so which protects me but ruins my privacy. As a final measure of safety she places a wire mesh over the drain so that even if I somehow slip out of the bowl there is no chance that I would go down the drain.

For entertainment she has placed a nine inch tv just outside one end of the fishtank. The remote is inside and I can turn the tv on and off and change the channels by jumping onto the right pads. I even have a small transistor radio which is much more difficult for me to adjust. Reading books is just too difficult and newspapers, well. Tina will sometimes read to me but I mostly find this boring (sorry, my lady) and I think she senses this.

After about two months with Tina she decided that I deserved a chance to roam the third floor of the house. One day, after warning me never to try to leave the third floor, she set me down on the carpeted floor in her bedroom. She had made little plastic runners so that I wouldn't have to negotiate the thigh high pile of the carpet and even made a little ladder for me to climb onto the sofa in the living room. I found watching tv there so much more enjoyable and it is one of our favorite activities. At the top of the stairs was a plastic wall which totally barred me from getting off the third floor. Still it was nice to roam especially when she was downstairs. Whenever she left the house I was always locked safely away in the fishtank.

I hope, dear reader that I have been accurately conveying my new life. Being so totally dependent on someone was, in a way, like reliving my childhood. Everything I did, especially in the early days of my new life, was totally dependent on Tina. Though she denied me little, it was still a major adjustment and, at times, very frustrating. I must say, without any lies or embellishments, that Tina did everything possible to help me adjust. She is, it goes without saying, a wonderful and caring person and I have often thought what a terrible tragedy it is that she lost her husband so young and had lived a cloistered life until I came along. I am a major investment of time for her. Between the food, cleaning and trying to keep me happy, it is a lot of work. In the next chapter I will attempt to describe our lives together in more intimate detail. I hope Tina will let my readers see this as I am trying to present as complete a picture of my new life as possible.

CHAPTER III: WHACKING OFF (With apologies to Philip Roth)

Gentle reader: I write this for you not knowing if you will see it. I told my lady that I would write the truth and as accurate a portrait of life as a seven inch tall (small) man as possible. I know she has approved of what I have written heretofore but I am unsure whether this chapter will pass through whatever censoring she might be doing.

Tina, despite her 60 years, is all woman. My first thought of masturbation in her house occurred when I entered the bathroom still normal sized. Her breasts had me at full attention and I thought about mastubating into the toilet but changed my mind (fortunately) when I thought that I might get lucky with her and wanted to be able to perform as expected. While my life changed upside down and inside out a few minutes later it wasn't too long before I started thinking of taking care of my intimate needs again. In fact, as a little person there are few more pressing needs that occupy my attention.

It was the evening on the third day after I shrank. In the first 72 hours of my residing in her house, she had never worn anything but frumpy, loose fitting garments. I was kind of surprised by this but I guess her modesty was such that she didn't want to display any more of her world class attributes to me than necessary. The third night, though, she broke the ice, wearing a tee shirt that was at least one size too small with no bra.

I sat through dinner with her trying to keep from obviously staring at her chest. I gotta tell you it wasn't easy. Those sisters were flopping about like fish on a dock. I never asked her if she was trying to gauge my reaction or what, but I am certain she knew she was tormenting me (and enjoying it).

She set me into the tank about nine o'clock. As she hadn't yet set up the tv there was little for me to do except go to sleep. However, I wasn't sleepy. My manhood was rigid and she was gone only 90 seconds before I got myself off. I cleaned myself as best I could with the small pieces of toilet paper that she had torn for me and left them with my other eliminations in the corner of the tank. I took the paper and crumpled it in an attempt to cover my tracks which, looking back, is laughable. Men jerk off and women know they do. The next morning she seemed to take a more active interest in how well I slept than she had previously. I immediately suspected that she knew what I had done but neither of us talked about it.

The tee shirt was the tip of a change in her behavior toward me. In just three days she had grown confortable enough around me not to worry about what she wore but I believe there was something more to it. Why would she care what I thought? Who was (am) I going to tell? It's not as if I can call someone or write to a pen pal. She didn't need my approval and never tried to hide that fact. No, it was simply a matter of dressing how she felt comfortable. With regard to what I thought or felt or how I reacted, I might as well have been a hamster or cat. Trying to be objective I would have to say this was a form of dehumanization of her little man. Where it really mattered I was and am treated well and with the respect that a friend gives to another friend. But on clothing, it just did not matter.

[My lady has now read this and assured me that my readers will see this chapter, but she has asked me to discuss other aspects of my new life with you before I return to this and, perhaps, other more risque matters.]


Living with a giantess is not exactly how you read about in on the internet. The best stories, like the Resort and that masterpiece by Pril about a shrunken husband, do convey a real sense of what it is like but they are rare. Being little is dangerous for humans. We just aren't made to be small. I have survived for a year with a loving person looking after me, but only because of numerous precautions.

The most obvious hazard is to A: prevent being stepped on and B: to prevent being sat on and C: doors. Doors we solved easily. They are always left open. However, despite runners on the floor along with painted lines and designated seating areas, we have had some close shaves. The closest was about four months after I had become tiny. I was watching tv with Tina at night and the lights in the living room were off. She got up to answer the phone and when she put her arm on the sofa to help herself get up, I slipped from the middle cushion where I was sitting to between the cushions. She returned about 20 seconds later when the phone call turned out to be a wrong number. As she sat down her ass almost snuffed me out but something told her at the last possible moment to look for me and she stopped just short of crushing me. Boy did she feel bad about that and since then it has been lights on everywhere. I also tend to sit as far away as possible, especially when watching a long movie.

Another near disaster occurred when I was taking a bath. I was in my "tub" when all of a sudden, without warning, the water became scalding hot. I slipped trying to free myself from my bowl but Tina had just walked into the bathroom to check on me and, in so doing, saved me. The water had become hot because she was doing a cold wash in the washing machine. After that incident no running water while I bathed.

Another thing to worry about is illness. I have been very lucky with my health since I shrank but Tina had a real bad flu this past winter. There were days when she could barely get out of bed. One night she turned in at 8 p.m. and didn't wake until 1 p.m. the following day. She was so sick that she went right back to sleep, forgetting to feed me until she woke again around dinner time.
She made it up to me by cooking my favorite dish when she felt better.

Moods are another problem for tiny people. Tina is a real sweetheart but like anyone she can get into a bad mood. I try not to ask for anything when I sense she is unhappy for whatever reason. She usually avoids me when she is upset or moody which is a hazard avoided.

One time when she was upset I infracted upon the walking on the painted stripe rule and she blew a gasket. It was the middle of the day and she returned me right away to my tank and removed the remote for the tv and the radio for the rest of the day. This may not seem like much punishment but, believe me, it is. There is nothing else to do in the tank and by the end of the day I was starting to go a little crazy. There are other punishments that she has inflicted upon me but I think it is best that I not discuss those at this time.

Again, because of the nature of my relationship and the danger of censorship, I am not at liberty to discuss other punishments I have received as they are of a most personal nature. I won't even write about them until Tina decides to let me share them with my readers. Suffice to say they are, I believe, unique to me and my life.

Finally, there are the other things that I won't go into much detail on. Items such as insects and visitors to the house. I have only seen one insect thus far. It was a spider which was crawling along the floor of the kitchen. It was a good three of four feet away at the time but I motioned to Tina and she stomped it good. As she left the room to clean her shoe, I broke out in a cold sweat just thinking about the awesome demonstration of crushing power she had just exhibited. That spider could just have easily been me. I know she crushed it for my protection but I hope if a situation like that ever occurs again that she traps the poor devil and releases it outside the house. I never told her but I had nightmares for three nights of a shoe descending down upon me. Of course, my tank has an insect proof (thus far) mesh. As for visitors, Tina has as few as possible. When they come the tank and I are stowed away in a secret hiding place which I will not reveal to anyone, even readers on the internet.

I hope this chapter has conveyed in some way the dangers of being little. I guess most guys who fantasize about being with a giant woman never think about the downside possibilities. I know I sure didn't. But they are real and in reality only a step away.

I am thankful for having a lady like Tina. She is kind and gentle and attempts to make my life as normal as possible. Hazard avoidance is a rule we live with and, so far, the rule has paid off.


You may have wondered what we do to pass the time when there are about 60 vertical inches separating you from your lady companion. There is a lot we can't do, a lot we do, and a lot I cannot write about.

I wrote before that Tina did not seem to care how I saw her physically. What she wore and how she wore it has become increasingly less important to her until this very day. I guess she just doesn't care as I speculated in a previous chapter.

I do know that she does care about me. She's told me so verbally and, more importantly, in so many other ways. After being alone for all those years as a widow, she told me she never thought she would live with another person again. Though I am the size of a small rodent, a hamster or guinea pig cannot talk with you, laugh with you or cry with you, no matter how much people may think they can. Only a human can do that, even if he is seven inches in size.

I am certain that this is the reason we have gotten along so well. We need each other. I for obvious reasons, but the more important reasons aren't as obvious but exist in a more complex pattern. I need Tina, not just to feed me, bath me and clothe me, but like any man needs a woman, for companionship and other things that I cannot discuss at this time.

What Tina has told me is that I bring her joy every time she looks at me. She is grateful to the good lord that I am alive and well, but she is also grateful just for me being here with her.
She told me recently that she cannot imagine life without me, something people have told me about their children, but rarely about a significant other or spouse. There is no denying that there is a mothering thing happening, but I assure you that other things are in play as well.


Television and movies make up a big part of what we do together. It is a safe activity and she has made me a little sofa (it looks like a real sofa) to sit on which she has placed on a table right next to the more conventional sized sofa.

Next to the sofa is a microphone which amplifies my voice.As you might imagine (although few writers ever describe it in the stories they post on the net,) communication is a difficult process. We have developed a system of hand signals and the like but I also have a microphone in the tank and on the kitchen table. And, if it's convienent, I can walk up to her ear and talk. She works hard at making sure she speaks in a soft voice. We have discovered how powerful sound can be and she has even knocked me down with the power of her voice.

Other than the idiot box, we like to play board games like Scrabble, checkers and chess. She created special Scrabble pieces that she made out of light card stock which I can move around and place on the board. For checkers and chess she does the moving after I indicate the spot. One thing I must tell you, she hates to lose but I don't back down. On more than one occasion she has slammed her hand to the table we were playing on, causing me to lift off the ground. She always feels bad when that happens but I must tell you it is an intimidating strategy. Card games we don't play as it is too difficult for me, even with tiny cards that she found in a store.

I guess readers are wondering (among other things) how we travel or even if we travel out of the house. The answer is yes but I cannot go into detail about this aspect of our lives for security reasons. All I can say is that it is comfortable, safe and relaxing for me. You never know who is reading this and I cannot go into more detail about it.

One thing I have come to accept is her insistence on my exercising at least a half hour daily. Mostly I run in a measured loop that she has set out through the kitchen and living room but I also do situps, pushups and pullups. I even jump rope from time to time on a rope she made for me. It really works.

The exercise has a lot to do with her mothering me. I wouldn't say she is overly protective but she is very protective which I guess has kept me alive all these months. She is extremely careful with everything we do together and even the activites, like a bath, I do myself. At seven inches there is little margin for error.

I know I haven't mentioned anything of an adult nature in this narrative (other than whacking off) but we do have a mature adult relationship. At first I thought she loved me like a child is loved by a mother. I am sure there is something to that still. I have long believed that I am the child she never had as she dotes on me all the time. But again, without going into detail [I am discussing this with Tina and I think she may allow me to] I can assure you that ours is a mature relationship in every aspect. It isn't like you read on the net. Little people are very fragile (at least this one is) and a giant has to be very careful how she handles her little man. My Tina is careful and loving and all woman. I know with all my heart and soul that she loves me and she has displayed this affection in so many ways.


Two chapters on whacking off? Well, there is a lot more to tell you gentle reader regarding this subject. My lady has agreed to allow me to talk about some more about the more personal aspects of my life as a little person. After all, she does want a true and total portrait of my new life.

I had only barely touched on the subject when my lady asked me to discuss other matters. This is obviously a very personal matter and one I will try to be as objective about as possible. I hope you will understand but some details are too difficult to discuss even anonymously.

Ever since I became small, or perhaps four or five days after I shrank, my sexual urges raced forward like a teenager. I could barely contain or control myself and sometimes I just couldn't. I think (honestly) that it would have been difficult had Tina not been as sexy as she is, but with her body and beautiful face it was impossible not to think about sex. In the beginning I thought about it constantly. I could get myself off a dozen times or more in a day. The record is 23 (I counted). I've calmed down somewhat since those early days but it is still not easy to get the subject off my mind.

Because of the intimacy of the act, sexual self-gratification is, for the vast majority of its occurrences, practiced in private. Well I knew that she knew that I was doing it, but we had a little game and neither of us talked about it. What I didn't know was that she was watching me.

The tank, for privacy purposes and for security reasons is not transparent or even translucent. All the light comes from overhead. What I didn't know until many months after I took up residence in it, was that the tank was see through from the outside. It was essentialy like a one way mirror except that the inside of the tank was not a mirror. So here I am jerking off all this time and Tina has been watching me. She even bought a device that allows her to see in the dark. Talk about embarrassing. I'm getting off a dozen times a day and she has a front row seat.

Until the day that I found out about my unsolicited audience, I had no idea she was watching. One day, one afternoon about four months after I arrived in her house, Tina was walking around in her bathrobe except she hadn't cinched it too tight and she was flopping all over the place. I told her I wanted to go back to the tank to watch some tv but she knew what I was up to and stuck around to watch. For some reason I lost my erection and was having trouble getting it back when all of a sudden I felt the tank move. She was placing it on the floor. She stood over me with one foot on either side of the tank and pulled open her robe exposing her chest. My hard on returned in an instant and I beat myself off to the view of her two stupendous mammary glands. As I lay there sated she told me very simply "I thought you could use some help." I cracked up laughing and she picked up the tank and placed it back where it usually stood.

[Readers: Bruce has been a bit under the weather the past day or so but is feeling a bit better and will continue writing soon. Tina.]

By the time she had placed the tank back where it normally stood, I had my regained composure (I never quite understood the laughter. I guess it was a nervous reaction) and was now faced with a creeping embarrassment. Why? Well it was like being caught by my mother and the woman I have had a crush on all rolled into one.

As I have told you Tina is all woman and a great giantess as these things go. I have always fantasized about big breasted giantesses and Tina is my fantasy come to life. There is even something super sexy for me in the fact that she is an older woman. Kathy Castro once wrote on the web that "what is giantess." It is really about domination (and ultimate domination at that.) So, you see gentle reader, for me Tina was the living embodiment of everything I have ever dreamed of.

With her assist that day eight months ago Tina shattered the ice in a way that it could never be put back together again. It was as if Humpty Dumpty had not only fallen off the wall but had been put through a blender.

After I cleaned myself off that epiphany of a day, Tina took me out of the tank and set me down. She apologized to me for invading my privacy and although she said she felt bad about her snooping, I think there was more to it than that. I know, in fact, that she was turned on by watching my solo acts and was stimulated herself to perform in the same manner. What she couldn't bring herself to do was tell me that during that conversation. I could see she was embarrassed but I certainly didn't want to push it as I didn't see any point to it. I just figured that if she wanted to discuss it she would. It wasn't as if I could twist her arm.

After that fateful day, I practiced my favorite hobby with the same zest only now I had, from time to time, a willing model. She always seemed to know exactly what pushed my buttons. I guess it was her womanly intuition. She never appeared naked in front of me and always used some display of cleavage or fully exposed breasts to drive me wild.

I look back now at that time as somehow more innocent than our current relationship. A giant woman and a tiny man, both searching for answers to the greatest riddle ever posed to any man or woman. Tina's answer was a kind, gentle one. It was answer of mercy, patience and full of love.

I knew that wonderful day that she really, truly loved me. Not as a mother but as a man. It was her own modesty, perhaps innocence, that allowed her to only slowly remove the shell that held her in. For Tina, even a tiny man, totally helpless and dependent on her, deserved and was accorded the same respect as a normal sized person. I will tell you gentle reader that our relationship continued to evolve from that day until where we are today. More on that in my next chapter.


Tina has given me permission to describe our life together in its fullest details. This may take a while so I hope you will be patient with me. It is a long story of how we made our transformation from a giant woman with a tiny man in a fishtank to the loving couple we are today. Oh I know that at the beginning of this narrative I talked a bit about being a prisoner, rather then about about being happy about my life, but that was really a cover for my lady as I did not know if she would allow me to go into great detail about our life together. This chapter will certainly demonstrate how wonderful Tina has made life for me.

When I first shrank those very first moments when Tina hove into view were like the first time I saw a giant sequoia in Yosemite National Park. I remember that day quite clearly in California, walking down a wide path, wondering where the giant trees were, and then all of a sudden the biggest living thing I had ever scene came into view. I was truly scared. What if it fell? What would I do? Could I outrun it if it fell? These were, of course, ridiculous notions as the tree was probably over a thousand years old and wasn't waiting for little old me to come along to pounce.

Now with Tina it was pretty much the same thing but she moved, she could think and she was determined, very determined, to keep me with her. As I said previously, there was no appealing her decision. On this she was a one giant woman supreme court.

My fantasies concerning Tina were mostly confined, in the beginning to her titanic set of breasts. For all the fantasizing about giant women I had done in my normal sized life, here, with the seemingly impossible object of my desires right in front of me, it took me a while, maybe two or three weeks, before I could get past her breasts and start to think about actually being her lover.

Now you must remember, gentle reader, that Tina did nothing to encourage such fantasies. When I first arrived in her house, she wore very unsexy clothes and our relationship was that of hostess to house guest. She was very nice to me but I didn't get the sense, even once, that she viewed me as anything more than a shrunken little man. Certainly if she viewed me as a possible lover or sex toy, she didn't show it at all.

Of course, as I revealed in the last chapter, from the time I began whacking off in the tank, she was watching me and enjoying it. Still, until the day she moved the tank and gave me my first free show, so to speak, she did nothing to even hint that our relationship would be anything more than mistress to pet.

I do know now that her shyness and modesty around me had everything to do with her strict upbringing that carried forward for six decades. She later told me even though I was tiny, I was still a man and that modesty was the order of the day. This was the real reason that she had never been with a man since her husband had died. It was, she was brought up to believe, taboo to have relations with a man of a casual nature and none of the few men she had dated since her husband's death seemed worth more than a few dates. Certainly she was not going to sleep with anyone in such a situation.

The other matter hindering any possible development in our relationship was that she was also brought up to believe that the man, even when he was seven inches tall, was to initiate things. While she has never admitted to me in a direct way (again modesty)that she took care of her own needs before we became lovers, I am sure that this is true but it is a subject that we just don't talk about.

I do know now that she has been madly in love with me almost since I came to her. She told me this soon after we became intimate with each other. She told me in great detail how much she longed for me but that she just couldn't, just couldn't bring herself to talk with me about it. I was fairly surprised by our initial conversation on this subject but not totally shocked. I had always harbored at least a small notion that this was the case but I was just too scared to broach it myself.

The crux of the matter for me was simple. What if I were wrong? What if Tina did not want to be my lover? Tina had been so loving and wonderful to me that I didn't want to take a chance on moving our relationship forward. I know that may sound a bit crazy but I even imagined she might end our relationship in a most decisive way. I guess that would have been the ultimate rejection. Getting stepped on, literally.

Once she began to facilitate my mastubation and flash me, I knew it was just a matter of time until she became comfortable enough for us to become lovers.

For her, there was another thing. She was worried, very worried, that she might hurt me in the throes of passion. Certainly this was a legitimate concern and one that I had thought of as well. You will see, gentle reader, that Tina is a passionate lover and certainly could have damaged me, or worse, had she not been too careful.

[I have made changes, gentle reader, to the
beginning of this chapter].

So there you have it. I was too worried and scared to ask her and she was to modest to ask me. I have always had a bit of a problem with being too much of a gentleman with woman. I guess, in the end, that when it was meant to be it was. I will now describe in great detail our first "date."


How do these things happen. Well sometimes a man, or woman, will chase their quarry for a while and catch them. And sometimes it is a very short period of time and sometimes it seens to go on forever. For Tina and me forever was six months.

Two months after Tina had let it be known that she was aware of my "extracurricular activites" as she called it, we were watching television in the living room. This was hardly an unusual occurrence. Tina was sitting on the couch and I sat in my chair on the end table. It was a safe and convenient place for me to sit, ogle Tina's chest, and watch tv all at the same time. For Tina it was a good arrangement as she knew where I was and knew that I was safe.

We had been watching for a half hour when she excused herself. She told me she had a surprise for me and left the room for a few minutes only to come back wearing a sexy, new, white silk bathrobe, which she modeled for me, inquiring how I liked it. I liked it just fine and told her so.
My life was about to change forever and I didn't even have the slightest hint.

Above her left breast here was a small pocket on the robe, so small I didn't notice it on the robe when she modeled it for me. The following is a verbatim conversation we had when she sat back down.

"You like it" she asked. I nodded yes and she continued to speak.

"I want to show you something. I bought this robe because I thought the pocket would be perfect for us." I wasn't picking up on what she was saying at this point and then she held out her hand and told me to step onto it. I did and she slowly moved me over to the pocket and, much to my shock, placed me on the robe just above the pocket on her upper left breast.

If you want to know what it is like to sit on a breast, especially an outsized one like Tina's, it is like sitting on a mountain of jello. She wasn't even moving but her breasts wobbled around almost as if they had minds of their own. Sitting on the left one I attempted to stabilize myself as best I could with my feet slightly askew and my hands down at my sides, trying to hold myself in place.

Suddenly one of Tina's hands descended and pulled open the pocket on the robe. "Get in' she said with a tone that indicated it was somewhere between a command and a request. I shimmied down her breast a few inches, trying not to slide too quickly on the satin like material. As I inched forward it felt as if there was a change in the texture of the material. I thought that she wanted me to lay in the pocket so that I would have a safe vantage point from which to watch tv. My giantess had other plans.

What I didn't know at that time was that she had cut a hole in the material underneath the pocket so that as soon as my feet entered the pocket they were now traversing her bra. Ever clever, she had used tiny safety pins to hold the robe and bra together so that when I entered the pocket with my feet, my crotch would eventually come to rest on her nipple. Her nipple was exposed in the pocket as she had cut a hole in her bra cup allowing it to protrude free. I continued to work my body down until my legs straddled her nipple. She had measured everything perfectly. My feet came to rest at the bottom of the pocket so that my crotch was exactly where her nipple was.

It took me a second, maybe two, to realize what had happened and exactly where my body was resting. I craned my neck to look up at Tina and she began to speak.

"I thought this would be a nice diversion for you" she said. She still spoke in a code like language. No directness, no words at all to indicate that she was acting like anything but a lady. Still, after months of waiting and hoping, I knew that the moment had arrived that I (we) had been waiting for.

"I think it would work better if you removed your shorts" she said and I did so quickly, my now rock hard member making contact with her taut nipple. I think I could have slid it into a crack in the sidewalk it was so hard but, instead, I had the pleasure of humping her teat as she held me in place with one hand and played with herself with the other. With my manhood slipped into her nipple, it wasn't long before I gushed all over her, my milky white liquid barely making a spot on her freakishly outsized orb.

It's funny, I think, that even at the moment that we consummated our relationship, Tina still would not or could not bring herself to speak about what we were doing. That would change with time but it was as if talk was taboo while the act itself was acceptable. Maybe she felt that it was all right to do what we were doing without talking about it. I guess an analogy would be committing a sinful act and hoping no one would see. A bit of a rationalization for sure, but one that none of us could live without.

I lay on he breast sated, for a while, maybe five or six minutes before I stirred. She gently caressed me as I lay there, her soft hands slowly massinging my whole body as her breast softly quivered. I knew at that moment that there was no turning back, that our lives were now changed forever. My wondering was over. It was time for Tina and me, the couple. No matter how different our relationship might have seemed to anyone who might have been privy to it, I can assure you, gentle reader, that it was and is a relationship of a loving man and a loving woman. Neither of us would have it any other way.

After a while Tina picked me up with her right hand. With her left hand she pulled open her robe and pulled back the top of her panties from her skin and slowly lowered me down to her womanhood. Again, no words as I was transformed into a giantess's sex toy. Actually, I was and am a lover, not a toy and she always treats me as such. Still not a word as I lay there in her dampness. None were necessary to convey what she and I both wanted. With her help, I swam in her ocean for 20 minutes, bringing her a joy and satisfaction she had never known. Her silence was ended only by her moans and shrieks of joy as I caressed and massaged her to orgasm. Even at the height of her ecstasy, she still was conscious of my fragilty, holding me close to her body even as she exploded in rapture.

We both lay still for some time before she pulled me out of her panties and placed me on her exposed breast. I was, of course, basted with her juices, absolutely marinated, totally drenched.
My strength had left me and as she arose from the couch she too me to the bathroom where she carefully washed me off, playing with my penis occasionally as she soaped me down. I slept that night, not in the tank, but in her night table drawer on a bed she had lovingly prepared for me. I was barely awake as she placed me in the drawer and on the bed. Naked, I was smothered with her kisses as she lay me softly to sleep. I slept the sleep of the content, a dreamy sleep which heralded our new lives together.


We had crossed the Rubicon. There was no turning back, not that either of us wanted to. I finally had the nerve to talk with her about sexual relations. It had happened and I was now able to discuss it.

I awoke the next morning and she was, of course, there watching me. As I stretched upon waking she lifted me out of the drawer and playfully dumped me on her bed, kissing me all over my naked body. I tried to wriggle out from underneath her, laughing as her kisses tickled me but her tongue proved to be a most potent device, pinning me to the bed while she ravished me. Whatever switch had been flipped to turn her on, I was starting to believe that it was stuck in the on position.

After playfully teasing me for several minutes she zeroed in on my penis, taking it into her mouth and exquisitely working it with her tongue. I came quickly, my first of many orgasms that day. After she was done, she again washed my entire body, not like a lover, but more like a mother might. Still, it was quite the experience being bathed by a giantess and it took some getting used to.

It would impossible to relate every last adventure that has taken place since Tina and I became lovers. It's not that I don't care to tell you, gentle reader, but it is just that there are so many stories to tell. I have been cataloging them in my mind, in the hopes that I would be able to bring the best of them to you.

That morning I was finally able to tell Tina how I felt about her and she also confessed her love to me. We laughed at how roundabout our courtship had been and I told her that I was scared, too scared, to try and put the move on the 50 Foot Woman.

Our relationship gave new meaning to the phrase safe sex. Tina, above all, was concerned that we not do anything too risky as a simple slip could be fatal to me. I, of course, agreed, telling her that she was right.

There was so much we talked about that morning. I even told her (although it took some doing) about the whole giantess fetish and showed her some of the sites on the web. I think she was a bit shocked by it all but I could see that it captured her interest as well. She asked me all sorts of questions about my fantasies and we talked all day about the topic.

Now I'll grant you, sharing your fantasies with a woman who's five feet six inches tall, or about 59 inches taller than you are, is quite different. There were so many fantasies that percolated through my mind in the days since I became tiny. Now, all of a sudden, I could actually talk to her about them.

I know, really know, that having is not as good a thing as wanting. It isn't logical, as Mr. Spock said, but it is often true. So here I am, titaness at my disposal (well, you know what I mean) and how do I cash in on this whole thing.

I knew now, not that I had many doubts before, that Tina loved me. This was clear. But, I still feared her thinking me goofy if I wanted to indulge in fantasies with her. Then again, I reasoned further, it could be no goofier than her having sex with me. All kinds of people have sexual fantasies its just that they are rarely with a woman who can step on you, literally.

I started, in a roundabout way, asking her quite innocently (at least I thought I was) whether she had any fantasies. She immediately put paid to that when she asked me what I was up to. When I told her she laughed and said that she suspected that I had had this "fetish interest" even before I shrank. She asked me if I wanted to share them with her. I asked her if she would at least try what I wanted and she said she would. Upon a bit of thought, I told her that I thought it best if I wrote out my fantasies on the palm pilot and that she pick them up from there. There's something awkward, especially when you are seven inches tall, about sharing your fantasies with your lady. What happened next blew my mind.


Most fantasies, especially sexual ones, remain just fantasies. Part of the reason is that people tend to fantasize about things that are just impossible to make happen, such as a giantess fantasy. (Although someday, through technology, I believe this will be available just like a video game is available today.) Things that will never happen. And things that, well, maybe, should never happen. There is also, the sheer volume of one's fantasies. Let's face it, on a warm summer's day n New York or anywhere for that matter, a healthy mind can develop a fantasy every few feet.

Now with my fantasies concerning Tina I really didn't know where to start. We had spoken a little bit about some of my fantasies such as being under the thumb of a dominatrix, but I hadn't really fleshed out too many of the details as I still didn't feel that confortable speaking with her about such things. I also felt that if we communicated in writing about our fantasies it might make them more spontaneous.

One of the giantss fantasies I had always had is about a wealthy shrunken person who hires a maid who basically is nice in the beginning but then kind of just takes over his life. This was the first fantasy I wrote for Tina and it didn't take her long for her to make it happen.

The morning she read the information I left for her she went and bought a maid's outfit which she set to busily adapt to her own, unique, body structure. She took the classic French maid outfit and made it so that her breasts basically came spilling out of the top of the uniform like water flowing over a dam. I have to tell you with her sexy high heels and black stockings she looked incredible.

My fantasy began that evening. Tina announced that dinner was served and I enjoyed a nice quiet dinner before summoning Tina to clear away the dishes. Nothing happened. I bellowed again and Tina finally made her way into the dining room, clearing away the dishes without saying a word to me. I demanded that she take me down from the table top but nearly 20 minutes elapsed before she reappeared.

"Where have you been?" I screamed, ticked off that my maid had disobeyed me so blatantly. I again demanded an answer and finally she spoke.

"You know, I could crush you under my foot, tell everyone it was an accident and that would be that but I do need the job. Do you have any idea how whiny you sound? Do you even care? I'm responsible for you but I'm getting sick and tired of it all. What do you think about that little man?"

I said nothing, looking down at the table while thinking to myself that she is really into this.

"There are going to be some changes" she continued. "From now on your meals will be in your room and your room is about to change." Picking me up abruptly she took me into the spare room that she never used. In the corner was a doll house and on the floor around it, 12 inches of super sticky tape surrounded it. A sticky trap for me.

"This is outrageous I screamed" to no avail. Tina set me down next to the house and told me to "get in." When I hesitated she slammed the ground next to me with her fist, lifting me an inch or so off the ground. I got in.

I spent the night in the doll house and all of the next morning before she retrieved me for some personal fun. She came to the doll house and screamed out my name. When I didn't appear quickly enough, she shook the house which got my attention. Once I recovered to my feet, I ran out to greet her.

"The next time I call you you had better come quickly or you'll regret it for some time." That was all she said as she picked me up and carried me to her bedroom where she took off the tee shirt she was wearing to reveal her chest to me in all its glory.

I stood cowering before her on the bed. Straining to see her face, I looked up at this mountain of a woman before me but the view of her face was obscured by her bosom which reached out and threatened to engulf me. Slowly she lowered herself until I was trapped beneath. Swaying side to side on her hands and knees, her breasts became twin pendulums, slowly moving back and forth and knocking me to the bed time and time again. After a few minutes of this activity she lowered herself until her left breast literally covered my whole body, smothering me under its crushing weight.

Down below her I couldn't breath as she laughed at her new found power. When she finally lifted off me, I was gasping for air as she looked down on her puny quarry. When I looked up, I noticed that her knees, which had been pressed together, were now spread apart. I was ordered to march into her love nest. When I refused to comply she picked me up by the arm and dropped me to the bed from a height of about a foot. "Would you like to try the floor next time?" she asked. I rushed in to service her needs.

She played with me for an hour. Using her fingers she pushed me around like a toy until she came several times. I was absolutely spent when she was done. This time she did not clean me off, but left me just outside the doll house while she went off to shower.

Hours went by before she retrieved me. She was no longer the maid but my loving Tina again. We talked about how it went. I must tell you, gentle reader, I was truly scared when she dropped me to the bed. I told her so too but also told her that it was a great fantasy come to life. She still dons the maid outfit from time to time. It's a great way to kill a few hours and for me to service my giant woman.


I mentioned earlier in this tome that there were occasions when Tina saw fit to punish me. While punishment is not something that has occurred with great frequency, Tina and I have discussed it and we both feel it needs to be in the story to make it whole.

About five months after I arrived at Tina's I was out and about one day when I came to the top of the stairs. While I am not forbidden from going to this place, I am absolutely (to this day) forbidden from attempting, in any way, shape or form, from going down the stairs. It is a major no no.

I was looking down the stairs through the plastic (which is in place to keep me from going down the stairs) when I noticed that the plastic had separated from the top of the staircase. In Tina's tight world where little people are only allowed in certain places, this was a major development. I just had to examine this.

I want to make it clear that I had no intent of trying to get away. I just wanted to look. Being curious has it's price and on this day it was a heavy one. I had barely begun to wedge my body into the separation when Tina walked into the room and spotted me immediately. Screaming, she ran over to me (her big breasts heaving) and demanded I withdraw from where I was at once.

I didn't think what I had done was any big deal, after all, I wasn't going anywhere. I just wanted to look. In a few moments I was to get an upclose view.

The initial punishment was that I was placed on the shelf (an idea she took from Pril. We had already begun to share the whole giantess world on the net.) The shelf is basically a shelf, high off the ground on which I was forced to stand. The thing is the shelf isn't that big so you have to be really careful not to fall off. After about 20 minutes she came back with twine with which she secured my feet at the ankles and then yanked so that I was hoisted into the air. She carried me over to the top of the stairs where she carefully tied the rest of the twine to the railing. Carefully, she then lowered me down so that I was suspended upside down in midair between the second and third floors. As she walked away she said "I hope you enjoy the view."

Two hours later she returned and pulled me back up to the third floor. My entire body ached and I had a headache and was nauseous fom "hanging out" for two hours. After cleaning the sweat off my body, Tina deposited me in the tank where she left me until morning. She never mentioned the incident again and I never did either.

I've mentioned the worst punishment that Tina ever imposed on me. She has never physically abused me except during some role playing which we both enjoy tremendously. I know that I have been trememdously lucky to have been found by Tina. We talked a little once about the first man who shrank in her house and how she dispatched him. She told me of her remorse for ending his life but I don't think it bothers her too much. By her way of thinking there was nothing else to do. His legs were so mangled he would have bled to death anyway. Her quick and efficient method of taking his life was really a mercy killing. Who needs Dr. Kevorkian when you have a giantess around?

In a way it's funny that this happened to me. How many of us dream about such a thing and yet it happened to me. If it should ever happen to you I hope that you are taken by a giantess as nice as Tina. Now that I am here with her I can't imagine any other way of life and neither can she.

If the mood strikes me I will write again in the future. Until then, please excuse me while I bury my body between the largest silicon free breasts in the universe. It really is that good.


Well dear readers, it has been some time since I last corresponded. I was reading through my efforts this p.m. when it dawned on me that I never explained how Tina shrank me and the other fellow. This is not a simple explanation so sit back and enjoy.

Tina, as I told you previously, is Greek. Really Greek, as in from Greece. Her family came from the isle of Lesbos, which was home to the race of women known as Amazons. Lesbos also lent its name to those women who like other women. They are, of course, called lesbians.

From time to time Tina has delighted me in the family stories that have come down through the ages about Lesbos, Amazons and whatever. Because of their mystique as fighters the Amazons of Lesbos had to handle all comers in the ancient world. It seemed that every Tom, Dick and Harry from all over the ancient world had to take their crack at these uber babes. The problem was, the Amazons didn't always win. Some of these guys were pretty tough and occasionally a few of the fair maidens were hauled off as slaves or worse. You don't read these stories when reading about Lesbos. No this is bottled up among the Lesbos men and women so as to keep the story pure and the tourists coming.

After hundreds of years of fighting the Amazons figured there had to be a better way. Round after round of fighting and killing got tiresome especially when the results went against the home team. So, in the best fashion of necessity being the mother of invention the Amazon scientists discovered, through rigorous testing, that certain of their women, endowed by the Greek gods could, in fact, shrink men. First it was a tribe from Moldova that had sailed down the Black Sea coast to challenge these women that simply disappeared. Maltese men were similarly consumed. The men were kept in cages as pets and such, used by the giant females to satisfy their lust or were traded like baseball cards are today. It wasn't a terrible experience for the men but the Amazons ability to shrink men came at an ironic price. Following the annihilation (disappearance) of the Maltese, no one ever set foot on Lesbos again to make war. The Amazons skills as warriors withered and eventually even their ability to shrink men drifted away.

The ability to shrink was, you can see, born into Tina. She is the only one in her family that can do this. She discovered her power accidentally at 15 when a boy from her village got a little too friendly on a secluded beach. Soon, somehow, he was only six inches tall. Picking him up she returned home to show her mother who immediately placed the boy in a container that she sealed shut. The boy was then returned to his mother who knew what had happened. Sadly the mother took the boy to a convent on the island where he lived out his life. No one asked any questions.

Following the incident Tina was taught by her mother (her mother, Tina's grandmother, had the ability to shrink as well) how to control this gift. She had done so until the day with the plumber. That shrinking and mine were the consequence of the onset of menopuase which places additional burdens on Tina and others so blessed.

So there it is. A simple yet fantastic story. Life continues to be swell. Soon I will be picked up by my goddess and placed in her oh so ample bosom. Would that life were as sweet for you. Ciao.


Yes, "boredom." Not exactly the most exciting chapter title but one that fits. Boredom is the state I have been in lately. Tina's mother has been quite ill of late and she has had precious little time for me. That doesn't bother me that much, that she doesn't see me, but her not being around has forced me to, how do you put this delciately, take care of my own needs. All my needs.

Tina has been running back and forth between here and Massachusettes which is about a four hour drive from here. I begged her to take me with her but she feels I am much safer in the fireproof, theftproof, everything proof shelter she has built for me in the back yard. The shelter is covered with bricks (no one would ever believe that someone was inside) and contains enough food and drink for two weeks. It's just that it is so damn boring. There is no tv because Tina has not yet run a line to the shelter and therefore I spend my time half in darkness as the battery powered light she left for me cycles on and off every 12 hours. All I have is the radio which keeps me from going out of my mind. I guess this is my version of solitary confinement.

Her being away half the week makes me realize just how much I love her and how dependent I am on her. When she returns on Fridays she always makes a big deal of me and walks around in super sexy outfits that have me clawing at her from the monment I see her. You cannot imagine how wild I go. In retrospect I behave like an animal and Tina deals with me as such.

The last time she came home, she was walking around in a teddy, with high heels and fishnet stockings on. She had loosely taped me to the ground (it's a little game we play) and then walked around as I worked myself free. Once she saw that I had freed myself she sat down on the couch and waited for me to come over. I ran up her leg and made straight for her womanhood. Her legs were crossed so it was as if I were slithering into a hot, moist cave. Slowly, every so slowly, she relaxed her legs so I was able to bore in. I don't know who enjoyed it more. When we were done she pulled me out and lay me in her cleavage. After a while, a short while, I took off for parts south and had my way with her again. Her screaming actually scared me a bit as I felt the walls closing in but I was soon rewarded with what I desired, giantess bondage, which is our new favorite game. (More on this in upcoming chapters.)

That was the bright spot. This three days away thing has been going on for six weeks. I am hopeful that Tina will see fit to take me with her but I guess she is right; I would only get in the way of her taking care of her mother.

So there you have it. I have admitted that life with a giantess isn't all wine and roses. She feels bad when she leaves me alone but until we have any better ideas, that's the way it will be. The ray of sunshine is that her mother has been feeling better and it is possible that she won't have to make the trip as frequently as she has been making them. Until then, all I can hope for is good radio and sexy thought with which to keep me busy. Boy am I grateful for an imagination.


I have not talked about the sex life that Tina enjoyed before her husband was killed. That's mostly because I didn't know much about it and what I did know was, I felt, not an appropriate matter for me to discuss with my readers. Lately, though, matters have changed and it is time that we talk about it.

As you can imagine Tina is an amourous and passionate woman. Before I came (no pun intended) along the only man she had ever been with was her husband. After that it was 14 years of loneliness. Our sex life together has been terrific from my point of view and even though I know she has enjoyed it, I always thought that she was missing something but I could never figure out what it was.

When Tina started to go to Mass. on a regular basis to visit her mother she promised me that there would be something exciting for me when she came back. On the first night she returned we had sex in the living room for about an hour before she said she had to do some things in the bedroom and that she would come back and get me soon. What she was doing was preparing for giantess bondage. Yes this tiny little man was going to hold this giant woman in bondage. Crazy yes, but so is my Tina.

Basically her idea was ingenious. Tina did almost all the work necessary including tying herself up. First she tied strong rope to the four posts of her bed. Then she created loops on the ends of the four pieces of rope. To each of these loops she attached a set of handcuffs. Inserted into the handcuff was the key with a piece of metal soldered to it so that I would have enough leverage to turn the key and release her. The only problem was closing the final set of handcuffs so that she would be all tied up. To solve this problem she set up the last open set of handcuffs with padding on the open part of the cuffs so that I could jump off her wrist and use my whole weight to close it. The plan worked like a charm. The only problem was that Tina liked to be basically immobile when she submitted herself for bondage but even this she was ready for.

One hour later, after a quick trip to the hardware store, she was ready to try again. What she had done was also quite clever. At the store she bought little electric motors, the switches of which I could easily turn on and off. The motors were attached to cranks which allowed her to extend her legs a maximum amount and this would allow the cranks, with motors attached, to gather up the slack of the rope. This, in turn, would make certain that she was quite secure. All I had to do was turn the motor on and off at the right time. I thought it amazing the lengths she went to to ensure our pleasure. I did as she instructed me, turning the motors on and off at the right time and Tina was stretched out, almost totally unable to move. The fun was about to begin.

There were no rules as to what I could or couldn't do. We did have a code word, eskimo pie, that she was to use if she were in distress. Other than that, I was to do as I pleased.

When I turned off the second motor which had gathered up the slack, I was near the foot of the bed. I looked out at the immense body in front of me but all I could see was a foot which rose above my tiny frame about half my height again. Her toes were fully flexed backward and as I touched her foot it hardly moved at all, so confined was she. From a distance I heard the rumble which emanated from her mouth as her nervous system delivered the message that I had touched and lightly tickled her left foot.

I walked around the foot and headed into a valley framed by her legs. The valley was quite wide as I entered it but eventually tapered down to a box canyon, although totally different than the box canyons I had explored in Arizona. This box canyon had her glistening womanhood at its head. As I walked through this valley I ran my hand along the instep of her left leg and then switched over to her right leg. Some slight sounds I heard seemed to indicate that she was enjoying my exploration even in its very preliminary stage.

I continued to walk along, changing from the left to the right leg like a kid exploring a toy store. When I reached her pubis I just stared at it a while and then backed away, walking straight down the middle of the bed until I reached the end. Lowering myself down the rope Tina had secured to that end of the bed I left my giantess tied up and disconcerted. At first she slowly called my name and then the intensity reached a higher level. Before long she was screaming my name. Her calls went on for about two minutes before she fell silent, accepting her fate that I did, indeed, have the upper hand.

The feeling of controlling was temporarily intoxicating but I knew that I was as much a prisoner as she. I couldn't leave the house even if I desired to. Twenty minutes went by before I went back into the bedroom to further investigate Tina.

Quietly I snuck back to the valley I had earlier explored, only this time I came a running and ran up her upper left thigh, falling as I reached the top. I quickly got up and ran across her stomach from which I jumped up onto her massive left breast. She said nothing as I mounted her now increasingly taut nipple. As I probed her teat with my member she was becoming increasingly aroused and I could feel her body straining against its binds in a vain attempt to free itself.

Laying on her breast was like laying on a mound of jello, a very large mound of jello, as her boob responded to every movement I made. Humping her was a sheer delight. Not having to ask permission to do so, holding her in my total control, made me feel more manlike than I had at any time since I became tiny. When I was done I lay there sated for a while.

After about 10 minutes I got back up and jumped off her breast onto her upper chest. I was so close to her mouth she could taste me but despite desperate efforts she couldn't get close to me, not even her tongue. Boy was I enjoying this.

"You're so big and mighty. How does it feel to be helpless you big ogre" I said, enjoying my new power over her. She started to beg me not to hurt her to which I mockingly replied "no begging. It's so unseemly." I went back to her breasts and began to use her nipples as punching bags which I knew she hated. She asked me to stop and, as I continued, begged me to stop as the pain was getting to her. However, my growing desire to punish her, to somehow get even with her, repressed for so long but now in full spirit, wouldn't allow me to stop. I continued to punch those taut nipples until they became increasingly red. She moved her body up and down and sideways to throw me off my feet but this was only a temporary respite for her. When I got back on my feet I grabbed her left nipple with both hands and squeezed it with all my power, causing her to burst out screaming in agony. I then mounted the nipple and banged it again. The pain from my sexual act was so intense that she began to cry, slowly whimpering as I drove my point home furiously.

Curiously, in all this time she never used the code word to stop me. She later told me that despite the pain I cause her she felt that I was entitled to enjoy myself and that was why she had roposed our new sex game. I later pondered my acts of "revenge" against Tina. I guess that animal in all of us surfaces from time to time. I knew deep down that I loved her and that I could never escape from her even if I truly wished to. I guess it was just knowing that I could exercise my perogative as a man, to dominate her, even for a short time, that led me to that violent outburst.

When I came off her breast I headed to her ears. Tina loved for me to caress and fondle her ears. It drove her absolutely wild. So wild that she sometimes worried that she might accidentally crush me. Tied up, she presented no such problem and I spent nearly a half hour bringing her to the edge of insanity. When I was done with her ears I ran down her torso and dove head first into her love nest, making her cum several times before we were both exhausted. With my last bit of strength I crawled up to her left hand and released her from capitivity. She quickly undid her other hand and her feet, rising off the bed to her full height. Picking me up she carried me off to the bedroom where she set a bath for me in the sink while she showered. When she was done she placed me in the tank and without saying a word left the room.

I sat in the tank for about 15 minutes before she returned. She was wearing her sexiest high heels and the negligee that I loved. It showed off her cleavage exquistely, as if it had been custom made. As she came closer to where I was I ran up to the clear glass wall which separated us and placed my body against it, as if somehow I could get through it. Tina came tantalizingly close to where I was, her boobs so close and yet impossible to get to. I began to jerk off but she wrapped her knuckles on the tank and wagged her finger which told me to stop. After dancing for me for a while she lifted me out of the tank and dropped me between her boobs. Lke an animal I crawled onto her right boob and then shinnied down between the material so I could make love to her nipple. I came almost immediately, bursting out as if I hadn't made love in weeks. When she knew I was finished, she cupped her breast and held me, the negligee's material separating us. As she held me she walked over to the bed and then pulled me out from where I lay and licked me clean with her tongue before placing me in the drawer of her night table where I usually slept.
She smile reverentially and I knew all was all right with the world.

I realized as I lay there, once again hers, that she was telling me that everything was fine between us. My actions, as abusive as they were, she took in stride. I knew that she knew that I loved her and that she loved me. That was all that really mattered. I fell asleep content. Me and my Tina. Tina and me. Who would want it any other way?


I often felt sad for Tina, wondering how she survived the years without her husband. Socially she was a church mouse, shy and retiring. Ironically, she was, it seemed, totally gregarious to her friends and family. Whenever she had visitors she really enjoyed their company making it even more of a pity that she saw normal sized people so infrequently.

For this I blamed myself. Tina never said it but I knew that she kept mostly to herself (and me) to protect me from the outside world. We both knew that this was one secret that had to be kept.

About a month ago there was a visitor whom I had never seen before or even heard of. When people were visiting I was locked away in a closet that Tina has specially prepared so that there was no chance of anyone seeing me. Until Valerie arrived.

Valerie was Tina's best friend from childhood. A year older than Tina she too had kept her looks despite her advanced years with the help of numerous Park Avenue surgeons. The cost of the operations were a mere trifle as Valerie had married a very wealthy man and was now a very wealthy, and bored, widow.

It was the boredom that brought her to Tina. They had not been exceptionally close for years but Valerie always enjoyed lording her status over Tina and this visit was just another occasion to do so. Tina, ever polite, expected to suffer this visit and send Valerie on her way.

When Valerie arrived everything was ready. She had made lunch and set the table. She had cleaned everything that needed cleaning and was ready for every contingency except one. She had forgotten to put me away.

The door bell rang and Tina scooted down the stairs to greet Valerie. A few air kisses later and she was in the house, immediately putting Tina down over some trifle or another. Tina accepted it all calmly as they made their way up the stairs to the main part of the house. There, they talked for a while before Tina suggested lunch. Valerie feigned an interest in helping which Tina quickly dismissed as she headed for the kitchen. Valerie decided to take a look around.

It took her exactly 10 seconds to stroll into the bedroom to find me sitting in my tank. With a shriek that was half in terror, half in delight, she signaled that she had found me. Tina raced into the room but it was too late. The secret was out.

"Oh my" was Valerie's reaction. "Oh my oh my" she kept repeating as if those words were some sort of incantation. Tina was stunned, shocked and, at one point, I thought she would faint dead away. Quickly, though, she composed herself and the stage was set for a confrontation that had been building for a lifetime.

Over the years, from the time they were young girls, Tina had suffered at Valerie's hands. There were always the cutting remarks, the indignities, the putdowns and the insults. Tina, ever polite, took them all in stride, never questioning Valerie or even responding in more than the mildest manner.

"I must have him. Oh you sly little devil. Wherever did you get him. How much" she asked as if Tina would ever consider selling me.

"Valerie you must forget that you saw him. I cannot explain it. Please, just forget this. promise me."

But there were to be no promises. Valerie threatened to expose me to the world unless Tina gave me up to her. Upon her threats she heaped more and more vicious and cruel statements about Tina, her station in life, her looks, everything designed to make her feel as small as I did. And then, after nearly a half hour of abuse it happened. Valerie shrank, disappearing under her pile of clothes.

Tina did not even bother to look for Valerie, stepping forward to see how I was after the trauma of the last half hour. After receiving assurance that I was all right, she looked down with contempt at Valerie's clothes and then began rummaging through the pile looking for Valerie. The search lasted about 30 seconds and ended with Valerie, a very tiny five inch small Valerie, clutched in Tina's right hand.

Valerie was numb, frightened beyond anything she had ever experienced before as she looked up at Tina's now billboard sized face. Tina smiled slightly as she began to think of how to avenge a lifetime full of insults and putdowns. I was to be the instrument of her revenge.

Valerie begged for mercy but whatever feelings for mercy Tina had for her, none were exhibited.

"You pitiful little thing you" Tina began. "Now your physical size matches your personality." Looking over at me she moved toward the tank and quickly dropped Valerie in. "Now for a more formal introduction. Valerie, this is Bruce" Tina said as Valerie looked up at me towering over her. "Bruce is going to show you how we treat people who try to buy and sell my lover."
With that Tina motioned for me to move closer to her new captive. I was about to see a side of Tina that I had never seen before.

Tina had proved, over time, to be ever pragmatic. She always dealt with matters in a straightforward manner, not over thinking any one matter and always dealing with things quickly. Looking back for a comparison to what was to occur in the next few minutes, all I could think of was how she wrang the neck of the plumber she had shrunk and how she had very quickly and deliberately gotten rid of the evidence, his clothes. In my case she drove my car a distance away. She was, there could be no doubt, decisive.

Had I known her feelings for Valerie, her true feelings worked up over more than a half century, I might have guessed that Valerie was in for trouble. I never would have suspected what was to happen next.

Valerie continued to look terrorized as I slowly approached her. Tina, her arms now folded beneath her magnificent breasts looked down with satisfaction as she presided over me and Valerie. She then, ever so innocently, commanded Valerie to give me a blow job. I was somewhat taken a back, to say the least, but when Valerie didn't move and just looked up at Tina to see if she was serious, Tina reached into the tank and picked Valerie up by her long blond hair, hoisting her up to her eye level before telling her she had one more chance to do as she was told.

I was fascinated by all this. This was a side of Tina I had never seen before. I guess, thinking about it now, I should have realized that Tina was capable of these actions. After all, she had kept me sequestered for more than a year. But I knew, or thought I knew, that Tina had done this because she had to. Now, well, I began to wonder. (Subsequently, with regard to my own situation, I realize that she did what most any other person in her situation would have. And, of course, my care, by her, has always been exemplary.)

Speculation aside, for Valerie and Tina this was a penultimate moment in their relationship. Decades of emnity had subsisted just below the surface. All the petty indignities that Valerie had tossed off, that Tina had suffered, came to the fore just now as Tina turned the tables on her tormenting friend. As I looked up I saw the purposefulness in Tina's face and could only imagine the horror felt by Valerie. Down below, my member tensed up as I awaited what was to come.

Within moments Valerie was lowered back into the tank and placed at my feet. Tina picked her up again by her hair and again commanded her to blow me. The face to face confrontation apparently worked because a few seconds later Valerie was sucking away, causing me to cum in about five minutes. I stood there with my hands on my hips, pretending to be a giant lording over a slave girl. I thought Tina would appreciate this but I never looked up to see if she approved. When I came Tina picked up Valerie and left the room with her. Severl Tinaless hours drifted by before I drifted off to sleep.


I awoke several times before morning. After all I had not drifted off to sleep until the early evening and when I awoke around 7 a.m. I could see Tina asleep in the bed. There was no sign of Valerie.

Tina awoke around 8 a.m., late for her but, as I was to later learn, she had been up late at night dealing with Valerie. Valerie was nearby, in a chest of drawers on the far side of the bed. Tina had taken a cigar box, put some cloth inside along with Valerie, before taping the box shut and placing it in the top drawer in the chest. Valerie's prison was a dark black hole in which she could barely raise her head.

I didn't know what to say to Tina. She smiled when she saw me and told me she was sorry that she hadn't seen me after she left with Valerie, but she had a lot of work to do to cover her tracks. Valerie's car she dumped way out in Westchester County, about a half mile up a dirt road. She walked back into town, then took a bus to White Plains, from which she took a train to Manhattan and then made her way home by a subway and a bus. She disposed of the sneakers she had worn on the trip in the garbage and then showered and went to bed exhausted. (The police found the car two days later and the disappearance of Valerie was a big story in the newspaper, though no one has yet put Tina and her together and I am sure they never will).

Then she did something that surprised me a bit. She apologized to me for involving me with Valerie. I knew what Valerie had been forced to do was wrong and I probably should have said something at the time, but Tina seemed so cross that I was too scared to say or do anything but go along.

Over the next hour Tina told me plenty of stories about Valerie, about how she had mistreated Tina over the years and how perplexed she was about what to do with Valerie now. Of course, she could not return her to her family but she also felt strange about keeping her with us. She talked a while about this and then asked me what I thought.


It was tough to be honest about Valerie. After all, despite my loyalty to Tina, companionship by a person my size was something I had dreamed about but just didn't think possible. And now, well, it seemed to be within the reach of my grasp. Still, I had to be careful, I didn't want to hurt Tina's feelings. I spoke carefully, in measured words.

"Well, I guess it would be nice to have someone around, you know, my size. But after all the things she's done to you... Well I just don't know what to think" I started. Tina smiled looking down at me as I spoke to her while seated on her thigh. "What do you think?" I asked, puzzled at what to say next.

Tina bit her lip, and smiled weakly, seemingly not knowing what in the world to do. I smiled back at her while thoughts were swimming in my head about having a slim and attractive doll to play with. A doll named Valerie. Still, I didn't dare tell Tina. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She had always been wonderful to me and, besides, I wouldn't want to damage our relationship in any way. After all, she could step on me.

"I just can't believe this happened she said" starting to cry. "Now I have to take care of her" she said as she began to cry more intensely. "I love you, but her..." she said, her voice trailing off as her tears slowly subsided. After a few minutes of silence she spoke again.

"Bruce" she said "would you mind sharing with her. I mean your space. I can't even think about setting up a separate place for her. It's not the work, it's just, well, two of you, in two different places. It seems illogical."

"Tina" I began, "whatever is best for you. You've been so wonderful to me that whatever is easiest for you. That's what I'll do." Tina picked me up and kissed me so delighted was she. I don't think she had really thought out all the possible connotations to Valerie and I sharing living space, even if it was just part of the time. Or maybe, she just didn't care. Either way, in another hour Valerie and I were alone together in the tank while Tina went out to shop for Barbie Doll clothes for Valerie.

Valerie just sat curled up in a fetal position for a while after Tina placed her in the tank. From best I could tell she had just dumped her into my place without a word to her. After a few minutes I tried to speak with her but she didn't respond, just laying there for the longest time like a large shrimp.

When Tina back after two hours Valerie was still curled up which brought a pleasant smile to Tina's face. A lifetime of putdowns will do that to you. It was not unlike the book SMALL WORLD, where Dolly breaks her tiny charge emotionally. Tina removed me from the tank and allowed Valerie just to lay there She asked me if she had done anything, spoken, whatever, but there was nothing to report and I told her so. Then I spoke.

"Tina" I began carefully, "what am I supposed to do with her. I mean, what do you want me to do with her" she said smiling broadly. "She is yours, to do whatever you wish with." "But Tina" I replied as it dawned on me that the old adage about not wishing for something because you might get it rang true in my head, "the two of us together?"

"Leaving you with her is the worse thing I can do to her. She will hate being with you, I am sure of that. Whatever you want to do with her is up to you. I will not judge you for it, I promise, it is done." As so it was. Tina walked away to leave me alone with Valerie in the tank. I spent hours alone with her all but certain that Tina was watching us through the one way mirror.

Several more hours went by before Valerie said anything when she suddenly arose and asked for something to eat. I got her some bread and banana that was left from lunch. She ate it and remarked somewhat frostily about the rotten cuisine. Than she asked me how long I had been with Tina and wanted to know if I was Tina's "sex toy." I said nothing as she continued a string of insults about Tina and about me. I soon understood why Tina felt the way she did about this little woman now just inches from me. When I asked her to shut up she laughed at me and threatend me and Tina with all sorts of stuff when she was "finally free" of us. I laughed and told her she was "here forever." That's when it got ugly.

Leaping to her feet she charged me in a ridiculous attempt to physically assault me. Putting out my arm I grabbed her tiny fist and stopped her cold. When she tried to hit me with her free hand I got hold of that one too and putting both her hands together I hoisted her off the ground and held her at eye level while she screamed profanities at me. I must tell you that I was quickly aroused by my power over her. I later figured out that she was the equivilent of 4'10", 92 pounds to my 7'4" 360 pounds. Not exactly an even match. When I dropped her to the ground, in an attempt to make a point, she charged me again and this time her shirt ripped as I stopped her, exposing her left breast. "How dare you she screamed" as she illogically inferred that I had ripped her shirt on purpose. She cursed and spat at me like a vicious animal. While she didn't frighten me in the least I knew something had to be done.

I must tell you at this juncture that I was ill prepared for Valerie's outbursts. I am a fairly mellow person and do not enjoy mixing it up, especially with a woman and a tiny woman at that. However, she left me no choice. The only thing I had with which to tie up my diminutive charge was my clothes. Pushing her away from me I began to take off my shirt when she thumped me in the stomach. I had had enough. Time to deal with this tiny bitch.

Picking her up I flung Valerie across the tank onto what passed for my bed. She seemed a bit dazed at first but then got her bearings back. Charging me again I stopped her cold and this time carried her over to and dropped her on my bedding, face down. I tried to convince her that I meant her no harm but she was absolutely possessed, as if on a holy mission. There was only one thing left to do. I had to tie her up.

With my pants now off I attempted to wrap them around her but she grabbed them away and ripped them so they were now useless for this purpose. Forcing her onto the bed I pulled her arms behind her and held her with my full weight sitting on her bottom. She still coninued to try to get out from under me, cursing and spitting. It was quite a display. Something had to be done.

Getting up I quickly grabbed her ankles and worked my way up her legs, spreading apart her legs as I held her upside down. With my shorts at my ankles I penetrated her from behind, my relatively massive penis slowly but surely working its way into Valerie. Her curses turned to screams, piercing screams as I inflicted her. There was no contest. As I finished I put her on the bed. She lay there crying, cursing no more, and finally fell alseep.

For three days she did little more than sleep and moan when she was awake. I tended to her the best I could as Tina kept her distance. Since then with Valerie there have been no complaints. Valerie's recovered he rhealth and the tiger, at least temporarily, was turned into a pussy cat.

I realized soon after I took Valerie that I was acting out what Tina had wanted all along. Unable or unwilling (or perhaps a little of both) to express herself, she had put Valerie in with me fully knowing what she would do and how I might react. I think that Tina knew that she might go overboard in punishing Valerie so she got me to do it for her. It was a measured response to be sure, but one that got the message across. Tina also knew that my love for her was strong, so strong that no matter what my interest in Valerie, there was no chance that I would betray Tina.

Whatever was on Tina's mind I knew from her actions over the next several days that she was delighted with how things turned out. Our sex life hit new heights as she pleasured me beyond what I ever thought possible with her tongue, bringing me to orgasm almost 50 times over the next three days while I tried, best I could, to reciprocate. I knew that she considered her victory over Valerie to be complete. By pleasuring me as she did she merely confirmed that she was all the woman I needed, thus denying Valerie even a chance to get to her through me. Sex with Valerie could never reach the dimension and level it did with Tina. By continually proving this to me, she had effectively robbed Valerie of any hope getting even. Just to be sure, though, I haven't spent a night in the tank since Valerie recovered. My bed is by Tina's side. In her night table. Just where she wants me. As for Valerie, the night's remain as lonely as ever. She sits in solitude, a lonely prisoner of her past, present and future. She and Tina haven't even talked over the past two weeks. I guess Tina feels that ignoring Valerie is the best revenge.


It is three weeks since I last wrote about what has been happening. Believe me, a lot has occurred since then. For starters, Tina has been spending less time at home and I have been spending more time with Valerie.

Three weeks ago the bookkeeper in Tina's church became ill so she has been volunteering every weekday for about five hours. While she is gone she has left me in the tank with Valerie. As you might imagine there isn't a whole lot to do in the tank except watch tv and talk and...

I must tell you that it only took about two hours before I succumbed to Valerie's blandishments. But let me back up first.

I know I spent two chapters of this journal discussing masturbation. Well, even with Tina's attention I am still forced to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. My reduction in size has caused my sex drive to increase to such a level that heretofore I was embarrassed to speak about it. Now you know. My desire is incessant or nearly so. Now that isn't necessarily a problem for me. Ordinarily Tina takes care of a big portion of my needs and I just take care of the rest. These, however, are not ordinary times.

I must also tell you, dear reader, that I don't believe that Tina was aware, really aware, of my needs until the last three weeks. If she were, she might not have left me alone with Valerie. You see, before Valerie, I spent most of my spare time addressing my own needs. Now, with Valerie handy, things had just sort of worked themselves out. Now that you know all this, back to the story.

As I told you previously in this chapter, Valerie and I were doing it within two hours of our being left alone. It started innocently enough, just talk, you know, between two lonely people. Watching tv it slowly became obvious to both of us that we had needs to take care of. Yes, she too had her sex drive as enhanced as mine. Anyway, one thing led to another and before I knew it several hours had passed by with our bodies entwined in one another.

I didn't realize it at the time but I was being used. Valerie, even at five inches, was still trying to needle Tina. I just never saw it. I just saw a way to get laid. But then, what does a guy ever see. Our sexual escapades eventually took up all the time that went by while Tina was out of the house. With Valerie I explored fantasies I never thought possible, lifting and carrying her around like a doll while I buried my manhood in her.

By the time Tina returned every day we were finished with our daily "exercise" and Tina removed me from the tank to play our own games or just to talk. For the first two weeks she had no idea what was going on. But then, as it always seems to happen on tv or in the movies, she caught us in the act, way into the act I should say.

I don't know how long Tina was standing there watching, a few minutes at least. When I noticed her it was like geting caught by one's mother. I took one look at her and knew she was upset. She lifted me out of the tank and we went into the living room for a talk.

Tina placed me on her thigh and looked down at me in a very cross manner. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't even look up at her.

"I am so upset I don't even know what to say. This is how you spend your time, fucking that tramp." The language was the strongest I had ever heard Tina utter. She continued. "She is still trying to humiliate me."

I felt bad about all this. Boy, nothing ever seems to go right with women. But I tried to stick up for myself.

"You told me she was mine, to do what I want with" I began. "I'm sorry, I thought you wouldn't mind. But when you told me what you said, well..." "I never thought you would fuck her in my own room. Everything I ever had, she had to have. Now she has you" she said as she began to cry. I couldn't believe it. Here was the real 50 foot woman and she was being reduced to tears by someone whom she could turn into a spot on the rug. Boy emotion sure is a powerful device.

As she cried I moved up her thigh to her belly. Her breasts covered most of her stomach and I moved closer to her, nestling myself between her breasts as she continued to cry. Suddenly her right hand came to hold me against and then it lifted me to her face.

"Please, please tell me you love me. I can't lose you to her." "I do love you. Please, you're making this very difficult. I'm sorry, but after what you said." "Well I've changed my mind" she shouted. Boy there's a toughie. Living with the 50 foot woman and she changes her mind. In retrospect I should have realized that my actions were a bit foolish but when she gave me that license I thought I had a free pass.

For once I was speechless. I just didn't know what to say. I loved Tina and she loved me and now there was, for want of a better word, an interloper. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of silence, I spoke.

"Tina, what do you want to do. Let's try to think this thing out logically." Even I knew that this was a longshot. How do you do things logically when two of the parties are less than a foot tall and the other one is as big as Queen Kong.

"Well, I don't want her with you any more" she said, squeezing me tightly, very tightly, to make sure I got that message. "I don't want to play with her. I really don't even want to look at her." Quickly our choices were being eliminated. "Bruce, what are we going to do? Maybe we could just put her on a shelf in a closet and feed her once a day." Even this idea was quickly discarded. Had I been able to see Tina's head I would have seen her shaking it back and forth. "What a mess. I wish she would just go away."

I didn't know what Tina was thinking but her last comment sent a shiver down my spine. There was a very simple way to make her "go away." Very simple. Tina pulled me out from where I was and started to kiss me quietly. "Tell me you love me, only me" she whispered to me. With her enormous hand she placed me at her ear where I whispered back that I did, indeed, love her and was sorry for everything that had happened. Then I hopped onto her ear and began kissing it as only I could, instantly driving her crazy with passion. After a while she took me with her right hand and held her panties open with her left. An hour, and many orgasms later, I emerged from her thicket.

As I lay on her stomach, drenched from my lover, Tina sighed a sigh of a contented woman, seeming to put aside the problems we had been confronting just a short while before. Both of us fell asleep and when I awoke an hour later I was on Tina's bed. She had obviously awoken before me and placed me there, covering me up with my blanket as only the doting lover that she is would.

Soon after I awoke Tina was back in the room to get me. I noticed, she didn't see me notice, her looking scornfuly at the tank although I couldn't see Valerie or any movement inside the tank. She took me back to the living room where she placed me on the coffee table and began to talk, once again, about Valerie.

"Bruce I need you to help me. I just don't know what to do with her. All my life I tried to be nice to her, make her feel like she was special, but as we got older she just had to be better than everyone, especially me. My husband, he hated her. Thought she was a stuck up you know what. Now a few hours with her turns into a nightmare. I can't even leave her alone with you for a few hours. I don't trust her and you, you're a man and men just seem to get into all kinds of trouble when their giant lovers are away. If I could scare her into behaving..."

Boy this was a toughie. Tina didn't want to take care of her, didn't want me near her and couldn't get rid of her. At least I didn't think she would. I struggled, really struggled for a solution to this. She had to go, at least she had to be out of Tina's world. Where she went, well that was soemthing else. But what to do, what to do? And then something weird happened, really weird.

It was yesterday, six days after Tina found me consorting in the tank with Valerie. She was taking Valerie some food and changing her chamber pot when Valerie suddenly began to lash out at Tina. I don't know why, I guess I never will. And all I could hear was Tina's responses to Valerie's taunting.

"Stop it, stop it" was the first thing out of Tina's mouth. It was as if she were begging Valerie to stop making fun of her or cursing her. This went one for two minutes but then Tina hit her boiling point. All the rage that had built up inside her exploded as she slapped Valerie with the back of her hand, knocking her into one of the walls of the tank. When she staggered to her feet she cursed Tina out who promptly smacked her again into the wall. This time Valerie didn't get up as the force from Tina's hand caused her neck to basically implode when she hit the wall of the tank, snapping the life right out of her. I think Tina nearly went into shock as she tried in futility to revive Valerie. It was quite obvious to me when I examined her that she was dead. Now there was nothing left to do but get rid of her body. Again a toilet in a nearby park served to eliminate the evidence.


I honestly believe that Tina went into shock when she saw what she had done and I also know that she didn't mean it. We didn't talk about what happened for two days when Tina told me how sorry she was. She was sorry Valerie had come to us, sorry that she had discovered me, sorry that she had shrunk her and sorry that she had killed her. She wasn't sorry, though, that she was rid of her.

I tried as best I could to relieve the guilt I knew she was feeling. This went on for several days when she abruptly told me that as much as she loved me she enjoyed being "in charge" of me. I immediately thought this quite odd because in all the time we had been together she had never even come close to evincing this type of attitude. She continued by telling me that for all the love she had for her husband she enjoyed our relationship much more. This was because of two things. With regard to her husband she was not in charge. Further, because of her husband's demands, she barely had time to herself. With Valerie she said that although she felt "badly by the way things turned out," she also felt as if she had "goddess" like powers over her. Those were her words, not mine.

As you might imagine these words immediately had me concerned. Tina had never talked like that before, had never talked about enjoying "owning" me as she did now. When she was done she asked me how I felt to be in her thrall.

My response was simple: I never felt as if she owned me, that her care for me was so wonderful that I couldn't imagine living any other way. She smiled at my response and asked me what it was like to be small, something she had never asked me before either. I told her it was certainly different but that the way she treated me made my life as wonderful as possible. Sure I missed people but I also told her that we don't see people as much as we would like to anyway. I also told her that I had a freedom with her others couldn't imagine. Then she told me something even more interesting.

"With you there was never a feeling like I owned you" which backed off from what she had just said. "With Valerie", she continued, "there was always a part of me that wanted to crush her like a bug. To pick her apart piece by piece. Really bad feelings." What do you say to a statement like that?

Over the next day or so I had the feeling that Tina was tortured by some feelings she was having. It wasn't about Valerie's demise, but something more basic, something that shook her to her soul. Then, as she always does, she shared her feelings with me.

"I know you've been wondering about me the last couple of days or so" she said. "I've been struggling with my feelings about being a giant woman and the power and responsibility that brings. I hope I haven't disturbed my little lover but these feelings are very strong. All my life I've been a good girl. I've always done what was expected of me. I was good to my parents. I went to church. I married the man I was supposed to [marry] and took care of him, you know. Then, when you came along, and even before that with the plumber, I wondered if I was being tested. I know with you I passed the test (she smiled as she said that and I smiled back) but with Valerie I think I failed. But what bothers me is that it didn't really bother me. I took her life and it really didn't bother me like squashing a bug or something. I think some part of me enjoyed it and I'm not even ashamed." I was getting a little hot with all this talk I must tell you and doing my darndest to hide it from Tina.

"I was thinking", she continued, "would it be so bad to shrink other people and keep them too. Is that so bad? Is it so bad to explore my feelings as a giantess?" She looked down at me as if she were waiting for an answer. It's not easy being a philosopher when you're seven inches tall. Especially when you're positing for a giant woman whom you love and who has been moody of late.

"I love you" I said, hoping my words might elicit some reaction that would allow me to gauge how to deal with my giant lover. She smiled at me but I knew she was looking for more of an answer than I had given so I continued.

"Well I can't tell you what to do, but I think... I think you ought to think this through. What would you do with them? Where would you put them? This is very complicated and it doesn't sound like you've thought about this" I told her hoping to put this whole matter to rest. But it didn't.

"I think" she said, standing up, thrusting out her chest with her hands on her hips, "I think, well maybe I deserve to have some fun." With that she put me back into my tank and left the room, leaving me to wonder exactly what she would do.


I am Tina, Goddess. Destroyer of worlds. Holder of life and death over my subjects. Lover of tiny men. Murderess. Confused woman seeking answers. Actually, I am all of these things.

I have watched as Bruce as told his story, watched it unfold over many months. It is all true. My feelings, those feelings in which I was so secure, have all come undone with Valerie's death. Honestly I didn't mean it. It was a terrible thing. And yet, I cannot help but tell you that it has provoked me in some way that I have yet to figure out.

As you know Valerie was my friend for so many years, since childhood and now I've killed her. Several things bother me about that. Mostly, though, I feel I should have just walked away from her when she was taunting me. Can you imagine I let her get to me. Also, I cannot honestly say whether or not I intended to hurt her. I know I didn't want t kill her. I guess it doesn't matter much I suppose. I now have Brucie all to myself again and it is certainly a neater, tighter world with just the two of us.

Bruce is delicious. I don't know if he would have been had he been of normal height, but he certainly his now. If I could only make a few hundred of him and sell them to love starved women everywhere. They would know the joy I have known. He is fun, sexy, a flirt and makes me feel like a young girl again, all dreamy is my head with him. Ever since he came here I have been consumed with having him. It took a while for this to happen, (I was scared) but we will never turn back. There is something about having a tiny man that is so yummy.

It's funny, Bruce wrote that i was always the good girl and that is true. If my mother could see me now, oh my heaven, what she would think. Well mama, I'm all grown up now and thanks for the power you gave to me at birth. It has made me so happy. Bruce too.


I haven't written in nearly two and a half years. I guess I got bored with writing. There wasn't anything new to say. I read and reread my chapters and figured that I had given up my best stuff so to speak. That was until I met Tina's stepsister Maria.

I met Maria at the funeral for Tina's mom who was Maria's stepmom. Actually it was a week after Tina's mother died. We had had the funeral and Tina was staying at her mother's house, working to clean it out really when Maria stopped by.

Maria is much younger than Tina, only 45 and looks about 10 to 15 years younger than that. She was the only child of Tina's mother's second husband who had married late in life (the first time) and whose wife was killed in a car wreck when Maria was 14. Maria's father figured she needed a mom, even a new one, and got hitched to Tina's mom Effie. Unfortunately Tina and her stepfather never got along, especially when he tried to put a move or two on her. This bad blood was transmitted to Maria who, according to to Tina, always seemed to hate her.

Maria had stopped by to "pick up a few things" which began to make Tina's blood boil. The "few things" turned out to be the most expensive jewelry Effie owned and there was no way Tina was going to give them away. Unfortunately Maria made a big scene and next thing I knew, whammo, she was five inches small.
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