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tis a story of being used and abused...
by:Dark Dreams

Here I sit cold alone water caressing every inch of my body, steam rising creating a translucent fog surrounding the bathroom. My head on my knees trying to forget, to forget the shades of black, blue and purple that tints my skin. The water rippling as my tears welt in my eyes and burn the flesh as they roll down my cheeks. Taking my hand out of the water and reaching toward the edge of the bath, taking the razor in my hand, sliding it across my skin, I stop as I hear the door slam. Dropping it into the water, brushing the tears aside and standing, the water falling off my body as I step onto the cold tiled floor. Goosebumps cover my skin as I hear footsteps coming toward me; I remove a towel from the rack and wrap it around my body. The door opens and I turn around as he puts his arms around me and places his lips upon mine. He picks me up and carries me into the bedroom laying me on the bed; his rough hands glide over my bruised skin. I know what’s coming next, it happens every night, I’m just his slave, something he can get off on, something he can work his anger out on. His touch so soft yet it hurts, it hurts to know what is coming next; it hurts to see him enjoy it, to have him use me. I feel the towel being taken away; I shiver as the cold air hits my skin. His warm hands over my stomach across my breasts and now onto my face, his lips upon mine once again, his body over mine, removing his clothes. He is now inside me, my mind wanders to another place, a forest, lush green, birds chirping, wind rustling the trees' leaves. He now stops and looks at me, I realise I am still here, and I look back putting on a false smile. He smiles and climbs off me getting dressed once again, I put the towel back over my body and sit up on the bed facing him. He turns, now fully dressed once more, his hand now comes in contact with my face, it burns and stings, I turn to face him once more. His hand now grasps my arm, I can feel his fingers pressing against my bone, it hurts, it hurts so much, I cant, I wont let him see my pain, his hand once again hits my face, my jaw, feels as if it is broken. I can’t look at him; he moves his hand off my arm, which I now hold with my other. His hands now move to my sides where he pushes his fingers into me, bruising instantly. I ask him, I beg him to stop, he looks at me, and grins, 'worthless whore' he says and takes his hands off me, then pushes a fist into my stomach under my ribs. I gasp for breath and hold my stomach and fall to the floor, he kicks me and walks out of the room. Once again I am left alone on the floor, shaking, hurting, crying, I hear the door slam and his car pull away. He is gone, for now, I don’t know when he will return. I eventually stand and stagger into the kitchen, I take a knife from the bench, I cant take this anymore, I’m sick of being used, abused, my life is worthless, I am the worthless whore he tells me, I want out, I’ve had enough, I hate him, I hate my life, I hate this I hate.... fading as the knifes tears the skin across my throat. Once again my mind wanders to that special place, the forest, amongst the trees... I’m free.... my body collapses to the floor the knife falling beside me, blood staining my skin and pooling on the floor.... I’m free.
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