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by Sophy
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SLAM! FINALE Round 3 - Generation Gap
A Walk Down the Street

We walk down our familiar street
the one you've lived on
for forty-three years
and where I lived
for twenty-two of them ...

We are in no hurry -
and I slow my steps
to match your shuffling ones
my hand on your arm
to steady you.
We talk about life
and how you are feeling,
about death and dying
and not being ready -
interspersed with
you telling me about the neighbors
when things get too fraught -

         he's a firefighter in LA -
         takes really good care of his lawn

         her husband just died -
         I wonder if she'll stay there now

         they just moved in -
         I hope they paint the house

As we walk
I imagine
and remember?
walking down this same street
as a toddler.
You held my hand,
slowing down your steps
to match my baby ones,
and pointed out
trees and birds and cars -

         that's a blue jay
         see him up there on that wire?

         smell the jasmine?
         it's my favorite

         what color is that car?
         blue, right, very good!

We walked together
when I was a child
parent and child
and now things are reversed
and we walk again
child and parent
but this time you are the one
who needs my hand
my help.

And as much as I am honored
by your letting me -
I have to admit
I liked it better the other way.
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