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by Kings
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Crime/Gangster · #456047
Someone abducted Jane Doe from her home at night

"Cold Jane Doe"

Jane Doe you know vanished years ago.
Authorities say it grows colder each day.
Prospect isn't good to be found anywhere.
Abducted at night and not a clue in sight.

She was taken in the dark from her home.
When she was there a sleep and all alone.
They found blood spilled all over her bed.
This is part of what the authorities said.

In a bloody tangled mess her bed was left.
This abduction happened many years ago.
Before what D.N.A. test could have told,
It may be re-examined by D.N.A. means.

The Perpetrator that committed this act.
He should be aware if he is alive in fact.
How could this person live in any peace.
knowing what he's done God has seen.

He will pay for the killing he has done.
abducting and killing this innocent one,
Someday this person will answer I know.
For what he has done to little Jane Doe.

By Kings

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