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by Joy
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Fantasy · #457012
The search for true love through the mind's eye
In the city, an expanse of rubble,
Hopes, smiles, sins, radicals and trouble,

From the heart erupted one great desire,
To find the truth to love, I yearned with fire.

On my way, a wide chasm opened en route,
Appeared an old man in a strange suit.

"A treacherous aspiration, you'll see,"
"While there's time," he said, "forget this and flee."

Pleasure or peril underneath my feet,
Passionate love maybe or truth I'd meet.

A dark drop opened up in trapped emotion,
A black hole horizon slapped to motion.

"I must now lead you on; your will is fixed,
Heat of the moment with oasis mixed.

Pry into your muck, no baggage needed
to find your treasure, your wish is heeded."

In countrysides unfenced, frontiers I met,
Wild-eyed pioneers in quicksand were set.

Others kept searching with savage bird calls,
Inwards and downwards, where everyone falls.

Bride, groom, or goddess, as the case may be,
Not the holy ground, but just blasphemy.

Free will or judgment, scattered ambushed,
With finger pointing, casualties pushed.

"What they think is love is nature's old sap,
To gasp and shiver never fills the gap.

If remorse or terror can show their face,
It is your funeral, not true love's place.

The people you've seen are those who are stuck
At first stage of love, they've run out of luck."

In a flash, we ran to another realm,
To boats on oceans with children at helm.

"Here birds are singing to the tune you seek
Child's love is innocent, but still too weak.

So, we are getting closer, twist by twist,
Fine intent you own, just break through the mist.

Love's in stages, one after the other,
Your next step will be to love your brother.

Love from one's passions is not love at all,
Yet, one must go through them without a fall."

One ripple brilliant through the fog shifted,
I watched friendships bloom when gloom had lifted.

"Old truths are dawning when friendships are real,
There's much more to true love for you to deal."

His jocular tease deflected with ease,
Into a marvelous perfumed breeze.

His promised kingdom, I watched it amazed,
In view of miracles, I stood there dazed.

Lofty feelings on golden walls, astir
True love and brotherhood for him or her.

All races were crowned, with everyone winning,
Only way to exist, from the beginning.

"You've come a long way, far as it could be,
What's more, you're in your own divinity.

Your next step is for truest love of all
A tough job for mortals where angels fall.

But your limit's here, further's forbidden,
Love only holds the key to the holy hidden."

"Who are you?" I asked, "An angel or friend,
To take such trouble for me to this end?"

"Who I am is who you believe me to be,
Look in your mirror, your own truth you'll see."

A rapid swirl with flurries of light
Sent me to stare into my mirror bright.

As dusk to dawn changed, so far from the norm,
The old man's visage bonded to my form.

His image faded, though mine stayed, you see,
From the deep, his voice said, "I'm you; you are me."

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