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by Kings
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American Star shining bright both here and afar.

American Star

America you are God's beautiful shinning star.
Illuminating you freedom around here and afar.
Deprived people all around the world come,
Your freedom and justice here for everyone.

No other country on this earth offers more.
To immigrants who are cold, hungry,and poor.
America was founded by God fearing people.
Right to worship under their church Steeple.

No wonder Why the deprived and poor hunger,
To come to this land Enjoy freedom for man.
Like an island of love in the middle of an ocean.
America welcomes people give their devotion.

Not all people who seek its safety and shelter.
Come to live in peace and respect our culture.
Some use deceit to do their terroristic deeds.
They're not welcome here hates not needed.

Don't come to America stay where you are.
Keep your terror and hate in your country afar.
Here in America we enjoy living in our peace.
We won't tolerate Atheistic suicides or beliefs.

By: Kings

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