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A story of the 1930's mob scene!
The city of Chicago was abuzz with the news. Harsh whispers were the only sounds on the cold streets. Some people rejoiced, others cringed. Questions spread like wildfire. Was the legendary bank robber, John Herbert Dillinger, really dead? How did the feds know that Dillinger was at the theater, catching the late night showing of Clark Gable's Manhattan Melodrama. Bankers cheered at the prospect of Dillinger's gruesome death in an alleyway.
Mother's celebrated in the fact that they no longer had to worry about the murderous criminal.

Edward Delecioux stood on a dark street corner, sucking his cigarette. Edward saw the action unfold, everything from Dillinger calmly leaving the peaceful theater to watching the acclaimed Public's enemy #1 be pumped with three bullets from hiding FBI agents. Edward looked on at the scene, Dillinger's body had already been removed, but there was still police men chatting over the event.

Edward slowly turned and strolled away from the theater where Dillinger saw his last movie. If you gazed upon the tranquil man wandering down the dismal roadway you would assume that he had no cares, but your assumptions would be wrong. This man was walking towards his worse fear and only nightmare. He did not care that he just saw a man die in anguish, nor did he care that there was blood in the street. All he cared about was how he would tell his
boss about the scene that had just evolved. Edward pondered this as he headed to the house that harbored Robert Johnson. Bobby, as he was known in the underworld of criminals and prostitutes, had no thoughts of comfort to anyone except to himself. He had tunnel vision, leading to the destination of his success. Anyone and everyone was Bobby's chess pawn in a game that people like to call life. Today's move- get John Herbert Dillinger to join
Bobby's team of notorious criminals. Their mission- to spring legend Al "Scarface" Capone from his imprisonment. Bobby was waiting to hear Dillinger's response to the request that Edward was supposed to ask after the movie. Now there would be no response, only excuses.

Seeing the extensive house at the end of the gloomy street sent no consolation to Edward. He stared up at the window that held Bobby's expensive study. There he would face the man he feared most, the one man who had not only had control in the city, but also on the whole country. Sighing deeply, Edward headed up towards the room decorated in costly black leather. He knocked softly on the mahogany door, hoping that Bobby would be at the club with
Helen. He should've known that he wouldn't have such luck. Helen Briner opened the door after a moments pause. She looked, tears in her eyes, at Edward, giving him fair warning that Bobby was not in the best of moods. Across the room stood the handsome mob leader. He was painting, a favorite hobby of Bobby's. The canvas showed a woman, laying naked on a couch. Bobby was good. He had the talent to make it with his paintings, if only he knew that art
critics weren't a fond of pornography.

Edward entered the room swiftly, now wanting to get this over as quick as possible. Bobby did not look at Edward, but continued to paint the soft cheeks of a woman who held no resemblance of Helen. Edward peered at the intimidating figure, not daring to speak first, tensely wringing his hands. A chilly voice emerged from the shape. "I have heard some disturbing rumors, Edward. Are they true?"
"Yes sir, I saw it myself."

Bobby nodded, placing his paint brush into a cup of water. "You saw it yourself. That Dillinger was never careful. Ruthless, but not careful. Did he go out with a fight?"

Edward looked puzzled, why was Bobby stalling. He glanced over to Helen, who was sitting on a couch, listening to their conversation. She shrugged her shoulders, looking just as confused as Edward felt. "Yes sir. He managed to get a couple shots out before they got him."

"Well, Edward," Bobby said calmly, not raising his voice, "It will now be quite difficult to have Dillinger join my team while he is lying in a morgue. Don't you agree?"

Edward took a deep breath before quietly stammering, "Yes sir."

Bobby finally turned towards Edward, his young face showed no sign of anger. He glanced over to Helen. "Helen, darling, do you think this might set us back on our plans, just a little bit?"

Helen was cautious. She nervously pulled her hair. "I'm not sure."

"You're not sure." Anger rose in his voice, "I am trying to find out how in the world I am going to get Al Capone out of jail when my leading man is laying dead and YOUR NOT SURE IF THIS SETS US BACK!" By the end of his sentence Bobby was yelling. Helen looked down to her feet. Bobby took a deep breath, chillily he began to speak again. "How could you let this happen, Edward?"

Edward coughed loudly into his hands, a habit that always showed that he was nervous. "Sir, what was I supposed to do?"

Bobby chuckled lightly. "I don't know Edward. Maybe you could have spent two dollars to get inside the theater to warn Dillinger. Or maybe you could have gone to see him two days ago. There were a number options you could have chosen from, Edward."
"You're right sir. I'm sorry."

"Your apologies won't help get Al Capone out of jail, nor will they soften my rage towards you. Now leave my sight before I tell Joseph to send you to the morgue."

Edward nodded towards Bobby. "Yes, sir. Thank you sir." He hurried out of the room, softly shutting the door behind him. Helen looked Bobby, not knowing how to feel. At one time she loved him. At one time he made her feel like she was the only woman in the world and that no matter what, they would be together. That was when he was young in the world of guns and violence. Helen would be the first to admit that she never thought that Bobby would get
this high up in the importance ladder. Next to Capone, he was probably the most influential man in the business. Helen tugged at her brown pants, smoothing out the wrinkles. Bobby glanced over to her.

"I hate it when you wear pants. When did women get the feeling that pants look good on them. From now on just wear your fancy dresses and large hats." Helen wanted to stick up for herself, to tell Bobby that they are now in the ‘30's not the 1880's, but she knew in the long run that her answer will not defend her, it would just make her more of a victim.

Helen glanced our her legs, softly touching the material. "You'll never see me in them again, Bobby." Bobby walked over to Helen, pulling her softly off the couch.

"That's my girl. Just listen to me and I'll always take care of you." He kissed her cheek and embraced her in a hug. "I have to go Helen. Promise to be here when I get back." Helen nodded, running her fingers through Bobby's smooth, brown hair. Bobby pulled away from the embrace, smiling at her sweetly. "See you later doll face."

Bobby grabbed his jacket that matched his navy pants. Without even looking back at Helen he left the room in a hurried pace. As soon as the door shut behind him, the smile faded away from his face. "Helen, Helen, Helen," he thought to himself, "you are so needy. Don't you understand that being clingy is not attractive?" Bobby sprinted down the lengthy stairs and headed towards the kitchen. He found his main man Joseph waiting at the table, reading
Chicago's leading paper. Joseph was not an attractive man like Bobby. The left side of his face was burned after being in a deadly fire. A large scar occupied the right side of his face, a reminder of a fist fight gone awry. He was ugly, but he was also strong and unscrupulous- just what Bobby needed. The best thing about Joseph was that he was completely loyal. Three years earlier Bobby stopped a man from killing Joseph, after he messed up on a
routine ammunition job. Joseph knew he would've been six feet under if it hadn't been for Bobby. Bobby trusted Joseph more than anyone, and that wasn't very much. Bobby hardly trusted himself.

Bobby signaled to Joseph, notifying him it was time to leave for their meeting. Joseph jumped up from his chair and turned off the new radio that he had just bought. Joseph grabbed his old jacket, looking incredibly shaggy next to Bobby. He opened the passenger door to Bobby's elegant car. He then closed it softly, after Bobby was safely in. The drive was silent, but comfortable. Bobby sat, thinking about the events that were about to happen.
Hopefully, for everyone else sake, the meeting would go as he planned. He couldn't afford another screw up, especially one as big as the Dillinger mess. Bobby shook his head lightly, he couldn't believe that Dillinger was dead. It was the worse thing that could have happened to him. Dillinger was a king in breaking people out of jail. He would have been a great asset to Bobby. Joseph watched his boss out of the corners of his eyes. He didn't know
much, but word on the radio said that Dillinger was killed by the FBI. He knew his boss was upset and upset usually led to violence. Silently he prayed to God that tonight would not get deadly.

Joseph drove the car to an old, abandoned warehouse. He slowed to car to a halt when he found the entrance in which they were to arrive. Inside two men waited for them. This was a friendly meeting, one that would hopefully lead to a joining of teams. Joseph wasn't sure why they were here, but he trusted his boss, whether he should have or not. Joseph let Bobby out of the car and followed closely behind him as they entered the building. Lights shown
brightly. There was a table in the center in the room. A man that Joseph did not recognize sat at the table. There was another seat for Bobby.

Bobby smiled at the men. He walked over to the table and sat on the open chair. "Good to see you again James." He nodded friendly towards the other man. That is when Joseph realized who they were meeting, James Ballinga, a major gangster from New York. Bobby was must've been working hard on this mission, because James, so Joseph heard, rarely left his mansion in New York.

The man nodded back to Bobby. "Yes Bobby, it's a pleasure. But, lets skip the chit chat and head straight for the point."

Bobby laughed, but Joseph felt the force behind it. "Always in rush, huh James. Okay lets get to the point. I am organizing an effort to get Al Capone out of jail. Unfortunately the man who I was planning on running the escape mission had an unexcepted meeting with fate."

James leaned back in his chair, not caring about looking intimating, everyone there already knew what he could do. "I admit Bobby, that I have heard this news before, my only question is what's the big picture?"

Bobby looked around the warehouse, his smile abruptly leaving his lips. "Well James, there is a bigger picture...in which, you come in. No one knows why I wish to get "Scarface" out, but there is a reason. I want to kill him. I'm hoping you will help me to eliminate Al Capone." He ended his sentence in a calm tone. The warehouse was quiet. No one said a word. Joseph stared at his boss....kill Al Capone! When did this come up? You could tell by the
confused looks on everyone's faces that they were wondering the same thing. Bobby continued, "Al Capone murdered my father. Whether it was intentional or not, my pa is dead because of him. I am not a forgiving man, gentlemen, I hold grudges forever. It is time that I honor my father and get rid of the scum that for rid of him."

James Ballinga thought about this for a moment. A smile crept onto his face. "What will I get out of this?"

Bobby laughed. He understood completely. "A large payment, I assure you." With a warm smile, Bobby continued "Possibly around the sum of 2 million dollars." James' assistant let out a high pitched whistle. James smile grew larger. He held out his hand to make the deal.

"I never liked Scarface anyway." he said looking at his man. They laughed, together.

On the way home the feeling in the car wasn't as relaxed as on the trip to the warehouse. Joseph stared at the dark road. Bobby noticed the tense air. "What's wrong Joseph?"

Joseph shook his head, "Nothing sir. It's just.... it's just I don't understand why you are doing this."

Bobby turned his body towards Joseph, his brown eyes bore into him. "My dad was honest and hard working. After my prostitute mother left me out on the door step, he took me in with no complaint. He always gave me the best. He was always there at dinner and he was always generous to whoever came his way. Four years ago my father was working hard at his bank. Capone's men hit the place hard, killing my father and several guards in the process. I
didn't care about the money he stole. He messed with my family and that is what set me off. No one messes with my family. No one! "

"Yes sir."

"Good. No more questions tonight Joey, we will talk about plans tomorrow." Bobby sat comfortably in his seat closing his eyes, ready for sleep. The rest of the trip was made in silence. When they reached the front of the house, Bobby began to speak, "Take the car to the back, and wash it in the morning."

"Yes sir. Have a wonderful night sir."

Bobby got out of the car admiring his home. Silently, he climbed the stairs towards the doorway. In his mind he thought of the day when Capone would get his just reward. So preoccupied with his thoughts, it didn't occur to him to notice the dark shadow in the bushes. He didn't even notice anything, as the man walked quickly behind him. He did notice, however, the sharp pain in his back, as the figure plunged a knife into him. Slowly turning, Bobby
saw Edward Delecioux holding the bloody weapon. Bobby slowly fell to the ground. Edward's voice rang in his ears, "No one makes a fool out of me." Suddenly, Bobby's world went black as he took his final breath.

Edward stared down at the body, the bloody knife still in his hands. He couldn't believe that he'd finally did it. He'd killed the man who always made him look bad. Suddenly, a large slam came from the garage. He saw Joseph walking around the car, inspecting it. Edward silently ran up the stairs and entered through the front door. Luckily, there were no maids cleaning the front hall. Edward wound up the long stairs as quick as possible. He had to
hurry. Edward headed for the direction on Bobby's study, but instead of approaching the room he scurried to the end of the hall, where another door waited. He opened the door and rushed into the room, surrounded by light.

Inside the room, Helen Briner Capone, sat at her vanity mirror, slathering red lipstick on to her mouth. She looked at Edward calmly, and told him to close the door. When this task was done, Helen arose from her chair and ran over to Edward, embracing him in a hug.

"Did you do it, Eddie?" Edward nodded, smiling at his girlfriend. A squeal of delight emerged from her throat. Helen kissed Edward in delight. "Thank God for that. It's about time that Bobby got a wake up call."

Edward shook his head in agreement. "Yeah, he did deserve one, doll. Although wasn't killing him a little too much?"

Helen pushed away from Edward, her cheeks flushed with anger. "Don't you go and feel sorry for that deadbeat. He got what was coming to him. No one messes with Al Capone and they certainly doesn't mess with Al Capone's daughter. If we didn't do it my father would have had someone else do it, and so at least we get the satisfaction of knowing that Bobby is in the morgue because of us."

"You're right doll. What are w...." Edward didn't have time to finish his sentence when there was a knock at Helen's door. Edward looked at the door in surprise. Helen signaled to Edward to hide in the closet, before she opened the door.

"Just a minute." She waited until Edward was completely out of sight before turning the handle to the door. There stood Joseph, with a look of complete despair. "What is it Joseph?"

Joseph walked into the room and observed Helen's surroundings. "Ms. Briner, I'm afraid that I have some awful news."

Helen repeated herself, acting concerned, "What is it Joseph?"

"Bobby's dead. Somebody murdered Bobby."

Helen raised her hands to her mouth, a move that she had practiced before. She taught herself how to bring tears to her eyes. She managed to say, "What? Bobby dead? How? Who?", before collapsing into Joseph's arms. She made over dramatic noises to show the pain that she was supposed to endure.

Joseph patted her head softly. "I'm so sorry Helen. I should have been there, I shouldn't have let him be alone. It's my fault that he is dead."

Helen looked up at Bobby, tears still falling down her cheek. "What are you saying, Joseph?"

"Usually I walk Bobby up to the house, but not tonight. I should have been there. Someone killed him in the front of the house" Now tears started to form in Joseph's eyes. Helen took an up an opportunity. She slowly brought her perfectly polished hand up to Joseph's cheek.

"No Joseph, don't blame yourself. Bobby had to many enemies. It was impossible to keep him safe from all of them."

Joseph nodded, but felt no consolation at her words. "Thanks Helen. It's just that he... saved my life, and I couldn't even protect him." Helen pulled him into a hug, sonneting gentle words to the strong man. Before long, Joseph realized what was occurring. He was in the arms of his boss' lover. He slowly stepped away from Helen, pushing her arms away from him.

Helen looked surprised, "Joseph, in a time of tragedy we need to stick together." She moved closer to him. "Don't you agree?" Ashamed Joseph abruptly turned and hurried out of the room. Helen smiled broadly, before thinking, "Oh well."

Edward came out of her closet, a frown on his face. "In a time of tragedy we need to stick together? What was that about?"

Helen rolled her sapphire eyes, heading over to her vanity. "Oh Eddie. I had to be believable. I can't be half way to New York when Joseph realizes that I felt no remorse."

"Ahhh... yes, good point, doll." He went to embrace her, but stopped suddenly. "Wait a minute! New York? What's in New York?"

Helen checked her makeup in the mirror, "I am, cupcake, or at least I'm going to be. I'm leaving as soon as possible."

"What about your father?"

Helen laughed. "My father has been out of jail for the past hour. You really are slow aren't you Eddie? I'll meet him in New York."

Edward smiled, "Whatever you want, doll. Where's the car we are taking?"

Again Helen laughed. "WE. I didn't know that WE were taking anything together." Edward looked around confused, Helen continued. "You are the only one who could break me, Eddie. I can't have you prancing around New York." She walked over to him. "Don't take this personally. You really are a great guy. You were exactly who I needed." She hugged him tightly. Distracted by her embrace, he didn't see the knife she drew from her pants, all he knew was his
back hurt, and extreme tiredness. Helen kissed him on the lips, for the last time. "Goodbye Eddie."
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