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by Kenzie
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Sometimes we just know when someone we love is in trouble. What a love connection!
A Love Connection
by Marilyn Mackenzie

A beating heart.

I think with real love there is a connection that is almost unexplainable. It can only be experienced. In my family, we have that connection.

Often, one of my aunts will phone (or now email) my mother, asking if everything is okay. Or mother might contact one of them to inquire about the welfare of one of her sisters or the health of her family. My aunts and my mom have a love connection that allows each of them to "feel" when something just isn't right with the other.

My sisters and I have developed that same kind of love connection, with each other and with our mother. It isn't unusual for mom to get a call from all three of her daughters within the span of an hour, asking, "What’s wrong?"

It might appear that this is something only women are capable of feeling. But that’s not so. We've all heard stories about men feeling their wives’ labor pains.

In the case of Marilyn and Kevin (a former boyfriend), we experienced that connection as well. I rubbed my temple as Kevin was experiencing a headache many miles away. He rubbed his knee at the moment a pain shot through injured knee.

Most times, as these feelings of compassion for loved ones come upon us, we stop and pray. We lift a quick prayer, then continue on with the chores at hand. In the case of my sisters, my mom and my aunts, depending on life’s circumstances, it may be a few hours before we can get to a phone or computer to inquire about someone’s health. But we can stop for an instant and pray.

One day, as I sat writing at my computer, God laid Kevin upon my heart and I stopped what I was doing to pray. I was hot, and went into my room to change into something cooler. As I sat back down at my computer thinking I'd resume writing, I was overwhelmed with the necessity for more prayer for Kevin. I, then, glanced at the clock and realized he should have been home from work by then. But I "knew" he wasn't home. I knew, somehow, that he was on the road. A feeling of unrest, of something close to fear for him, came over me, and I stopped thinking about the page before me on my computer and concentrated on truly praying for Kevin.

That night as we spoke, I realized why I was so compelled to pray for Kevin’s safety in the afternoon. While I prayed for him, Kevin was dealing with a tire blow-out at 60 mph. He was bringing his car to rest near a concrete wall on one side and speeding traffic on the other. He was walking in that horrible Arizona heat to find a phone to call a friend for help in changing his tire.

I'm sure Kevin prayed as well. The Lord answered our prayers in many ways.

The first business he came upon was a Ford dealership. They let him use their telephone. Although none of his friends were home, help came in an even better way. The Ford dealership manager offered his employee (and truck) to help.

The paper left on his windshield, although from a police officer, was not a ticket. It was a notice that the car would be towed if it were left too long.

The line wasn't too long at the tire store, and Kevin was able to get new tires installed that very afternoon.

And, nearby, was a fast food restaurant where he could sit in comfort as he wrote another story, another poem (about answered prayer).

We both were reminded - again - how important it is to "listen" for God's leading. And to pray when we have the urge. Now, that's a love connection.

Heart, In Love with Jesus

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