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by Kings
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Teens have many options in these modern days to live their young life.

"Living As A Teen"

Teens let me tell you I was once a teen too. Like you I could not wait to grow into adult hood. I did not know as a teen I was living in the best part of my life.

I had very good parents who raised and protected me. They assumed all the responsibilities in my life as a teen. All I had to do was go to school and occasionally a chore around the house. All the rest of the time was mine to do with as I pleased. I could call my friends on the phone, or sometimes visit them at their homes. During summer vacation I would do a lot of fishing, play baseball with my friends, or sometimes I would walk and talk with my girlfriend. Yes, when I was a teen life was simple and easy.

Teens now days have so many more ways to play. The Internet lets you chat with friends all over the world. You can play games of all kinds there in your own home. Modern times have brought many changes in a teens life. However no electronic or machine can replace your feelings inside. Take the time to know and understand your youth by enjoying it while you can.

Someday you will grow old it will be to late then. Heed these words of wisdom I am telling you. Take it from this old man who is being honest and true. Let the wind blow at your back while the Sunshine warms your face. Enjoy your life as a teen in all the different ways. Make new friends when you can but never forget your old ones. In time you will find your old friends are the best friends and in them you can confide.

By: KidKings
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