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by Kings
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Johny's long time wish to become Lawyer in sports management.

Johny's Wish

Johny is a boy of 16 who lives on a farm in rural Kentucky. He attends school at Mountain High and he is in his Sophomore year. When he graduates he wants to attend college at The University Of Louisville, so he can major in sports management. His dream is to become a lawyer and represent professional athletes.

Living in rural Kentucky far away from the city. I guess you could call him a true Hillbilly. His girl lives about a mile down the road. Johny just got his auto drivers license. He can take Joanie to the Dairy hut. He don't have a car yet he'll barrow Dad's.

His Dad told him he would buy him a car. If he helps with the chores on the farm. Johny milks the cows, feeds the chickens. His Dad is always busy farming the land He grows feed corn for the animals to eat.

and a lot Sweet Corn for the family to eat. Green beans, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Cabbage, They're the biggest crops his Dad grows. His Mom cans crops to be eaten in winter. The pigs meat is Pork, Ham, Sausage, Bacon.

The chickens lay their eggs in their nests. Johny may be Country but he is healthy. eating Mom's made biscuits for Breakfast, and drinking the fresh milk from the cows. Johny really likes his life living on the farm.

When Johny finishes School at Mountain High. He'll attend college at University Of Louisville. After college he will have to move to the city. Where he'll pursue a career in Sports Management. He'll miss the farm he must leave to fulfill his dream.

He knows he will have to work hard at school. By devoting his spare time to learn about his future. Joanie his girl encourages him in any way she can. She knows he will spend his time learning a career. Johny calls Joanie on the phone emails on the Internet.

Johny received an Academic Scholarship for college. He wants to earn his own way with his expenses.. Johny is willing to continue working on the farm. \Maybe even get a job working at the Dairy Hut. So he will be able to save extra money for expenses.

He is willing to work hard to achieve his dream. Sacrificing his time and having the determination. To fulfill his life long wish in sports management. You may call Johny a country boy or even a Hillbilly. He knows what he wants and will give his very best.

By: KidKings
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