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Tommy pays a visit to his best friend during the night.
Nowadays he struggled to fight it. Fight that one instinct that told him to flaunt his courage and go for it. At first it was easy because Stacey Hanson was around to distract him. But then she left for college, and he thought he might go crazy. As if on cue though, she was replaced by Lori Baxter. He and his best friend, Merton Dingle, fought over her for awhile, but it was just an act. Tommy Dawkins was after something much more worth-while.

It had taken many, many months of waiting and preparation, but the time was finally right, and he was finally ready. Here lay his comrade, his dream, his prey. "Look at you," Tommy breathed as he ran hungry eyes along Merton's slender sleeping body. "So vulnerable."

Tommy felt some pangs of guilt in his stomach, but he had to ignore them. He was too close to back out now. Reluctantly, he brushed two fingers along Merton's cheek. the boy stirred slightly but did not wake. "Please stay asleep," he begged. "At least until I'm gone."

He got to his knees from his sitting position beside Merton's bed. With the utmost care, he leaned over the innocent one. Ever so gently, Tommy touched his lips to Merton's. He closed his eyes and pressed harder, letting the emotions take over his imagination. Then he pulled back from the kiss with as much caution as he had gone into it with. Merton still did not awaken.

Tommy then heaved a miserable sigh. It was just as he had suspected. Merton had the same power over him as Stacey. Lori had caused him to turn on occasion, but Stacey was potent. Much to his misfortune, the one he craved the most possessed the same potency. He looked down at his beast-like hands and damned his curse. "Why can't I just have you?" he murmured bitterly to his sleeping companion.

Although Merton knew about Tommy's secret—the boy housed him during the full moon—the latter couldn't be sure if he could understand the way he felt about him. He thought it better to save them both an discomfort and not say anything until he was certain.

Tonight marked the first of several. While waiting for the right confirmation from Merton, Tommy could sneak into his bedroom and watch him sleep. It was nowhere near what he would like to eventually achieve, but it was a start. And at least it could quench his thirst, satisfy his hunger.

"My Merton," he whispered. Merton only slept soundly, dreaming of things Tommy could only imagine. (And how he tried!) He checked the clock standing on Merton's bedside table. It read nearly three o'clock, and there was school in the morning.

The werewolf took a final look at Merton. "I love you," was the last thing he said before rising from the floor. He kissed his forehead affectionately, then took a step back. Once again he reminded himself of the life the could share. Tommy wept a few empty and lonely tears before dashing out into the warm late May air, not knowing that his beloved was sitting up in his bed wishing for him to return.
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