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by Kings
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Facts every boy and girl should know about this mean man.

Advice From KidKings
Oh! kid's sweet! kid's please take care. Because this mean and bad man is lurking out there.

He likes to hurt kid's in any way he can and he will not care if he does. He looks like any normal man he may even look like your Daddy in some ways. He may seem to be nice by the way he talks and smiles but he is very mean inside. He may offer you candy, or ask you to help find his dog, or even tell you your parents need you at home. Just to get you to take a walk with him or go for a ride in his car. Don't talk to this mean man for he will surely hurt you if he can. No matter what he may tell you don't believe him leave him immediately and go to the closest safe place where there is an adult. Tell them what this man tried to do to you they will know what to do about this mean man. If he tries to grab you scream, bite, kick him as hard as you can. Leave him immediately run as fast as you can to the closest place of safety tell any adult what he tried to do to you.

If you are at home alone don't answer the door to a strange man. If he tries to break in call 911 then hide in a safe place where he can't find you stay there until help comes.

Yes! boy's and girl's He is a very mean man he will do bad things to you if he can. Never walk or play in a park alone or in any secluded place where you are there all alone. If you can, get your school friends to walk to and from school with you. Never stop to talk to an stranger on the street, if he needs directions he should ask an adult.

Oh! kid's dear, kid's please take care. Because this mean man is lurking out there. He is a good actor he will pretend to like you. After he has fooled you he will be mean and hurt you. So don't let this happen to you stay away from this bad man.

He does not have horns on his head he may look like a neighbor or maybe your uncle. He looks like any normal man his smile may make you think he is nice and a good man. He is only acting to gain your confidence so he can hurt you. Always take care with any stranger out there.

Never play or walk alone in a secluded area always play with your friends where it is safe. Always ask Mom or Dad if you can go and play with your friends but, never go anywhere alone unless your parents say you can. Please take my word for it this mean and bad man will hurt you if he can. he will take you far away you will never see any of your family again.

It is okay to play or walk outside as long as you are careful and don't trust a stranger. Remember these warnings I have told you. For this mean bad man will surely hurt you if he can.

By: Kidkings
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