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How Phoenix Love began
“We better get going, my Lord,” Zoran urges as the signs of nightfall starts showing. “Her Lady Adara is waiting for you in the manor.”

“Adara could wait a while longer. I have to find that gem,” Arsenio objects as he pulls on the bridle to stop Fire from galloping any further.

“I’m sure we could search for it more tomorrow, Arsenio,” says Fariel, his blood brother, agreeing with Zoran suggestion.

“No, I have to get that gem for my daughter. I want to give it to her when we see her later,” Arsenio responds barely giving attention to his brother and Zoran as he lightly heels Fire to move forward.

Fariel chuckles, as he looks at the persistence of his brother.

“You are quite persistent brother. I don’t remember Ardiana asking for much. Why would she want this particular gem this much?”

“She didn’t wish for it, I’m presenting it to her,” He answers with a smile on his face. "She is my daughter Fariel. A Carios like us."

Ardiana, who happens to be his youngest daughter, the one he begets with his last wife and lady, Lady Adara. She is also his only daughter. The rest of his heirs are boys, each from a different mother, yet each too, from a noble family of immortals. He don’t really have a favorite among his children, but since Ardiana is his only daughter, he couldn’t help but love her a little bit more than the others. Fortunately for him, his sons do understand why.

“You are going to spoil her stupid, you know that,” Fariel laughs.

“Yeah? But I do think it would be worthfit She is my only daughter, Fariel. I would give her the world if she wishes,” Arsenio says, proudly.

"You see that, Zoran? You lord with his pride and joy.”

“Very much seen, Sire,” Zoran nods his head in courtesy, the seriousness carved in his face unaffected.

“Oh lightened up, Zoran. Arsenio, I swear you have the least fun right hand.”

Arsenio laughs at his brother’s cracks. Fariel is his younger brother. Ever since they were children, Fariel is the one that cheers him up, regardless how bad things are back then. Even in his happiest moments or his lowest, he is always there to share it with. He is also his children favorite uncle, and also their mentor in certain aspects.

Zoran, in another hand, is his right hand man. Never seen him crack a smile though. Ever since they have started to work together, 400 years ago, Arsenio never have seen him smile. Thought it as weird though, but he trusts Zoran with his life. First time Arsenio set eyes on Zoran was when he went scouting around the further insides of Zarthinea’s forest, hurt and weak. He remembers as Zoran refused his help and tries to rejuvenate himself, even when he is at the death door.

A flicker of blue light catches his attention from his thoughts. He could still hear Fariel talking away to him, even though he knows that he isn’t listening. Fire slows down his gallops into walks, understanding his master has found what he has been searching. Fire stops, letting Arsenio climbs down from him so he could study the flickering blue light. Fariel stops talking and climbs down from Air, so does Zoran from his Light.

Approaching flicking light, Arsenio smiles as he confirmed what he sees. The blue crystal gem rose, standing proud yet hidden with its crystal clear petals. Arsenio puts each hand on the gem’s side and a few seconds later an orb of light surrounding it. As Fariel and Zoran blinks their eyes, the gem is within that orb, and with another blink, the orb is gone.

“Let’s go, Adara and my children awaits me,” Arsenio says as he climbs up Fire.
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