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In response to photos posted at www.mycathatesyou.com/
When My Cat Hates You

Usually sleeping as a ball of fur,
My cat hates you if you cause her to stir.

What could possibly bother her?
Barking dogs, thundering skies,
When you aim for the garbage
And your toss goes awry.

The pillow back sofa is covered in hair.
She hates when you move her,
And when you have food
You don’t want to share.

Lint brush, vacuum,
Allergy attack!
The hair is gone now,
But it will soon be back.

My cat hates you around about 6:15,
If dinner is not being served, or seen.
She may just smell it, then walk away.
But being a cat, it’s part of her day.

Afternoon sunbath,
Stretched out on the porch,
She lounges for hours,
Soaking heat as from a torch.

When it’s time to come in
She "meows" at the door.
Last resort: the open window,
Through the hall, across the floor.

My cat hates you
For causing such a chore.
Still, life for a cat is never a bore.

My precious little kitten
Just eighteen years ago,
Has mostly teeth missing,
But, still sharpens her toes.

She lovingly nuzzles my hair,
Causing a sneeze.
That cat of mine
Sure knows how to please.
Because the blue-eyed stare
I usually see,
Makes me feel sure
That MY cat loves ME!

If you look at the photos at
or copy and paste,
You’ll get a feeling akin to a qualm.
The eyes of a demon, anthropomorphic hate...

I know, MY cat loves us,
But, the Internet site is great!

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