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by Kings
Rated: E · Article · Children's · #477126
Mom's new friend said he wanted to become a second Daddy to little sister and me.

Mom's New Friend

Mom and Dad could not live together anymore. So they got a divorce, and Dad moved away. Mom met a new friend she thought he was a good man.

Mom's new friend said he wanted to become a second Daddy to me, and little sister. He said he likes children, and always wanted to have one. He holds, kisses, and squeezes us all the time. The other day when Mom was away, he told little sister, and me he wanted to play.

He gave us some candy he had bought for us at the store. We ate the chocolate candy it was really good. Then Mom's new friend told us to come, and play with him. He said our game would be a secret just for us to know. Never tell Mommy or any kid or adult about it. He said if we told any one else he would be mad, and would not become our new Daddy.

So we started to play our game we wanted to have fun with him. Then he grabbed me and little sister and, put us on the bed. He said we could wrestle, and show him how strong we were. Then he grabbed me, and touched me all over, even in that special place down there. It scared me I did not want him to do this bad thing. I knew it was wrong for him to do this to me.

I grab my little sister by the hand, and we ran out of the house. We ran to Miss Johnson's house next door, and ask her if we could stay there until Mom came home. Mom's new friend left our house before Mom came home.

I told Mom what he did she grabbed me, and little sister and ask us if we were hurt anywhere. Mom said she did not know he was a bad man. He would never again be around us, and we would never have to play his secret game again.

By: KidKings
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/477126-Moms-New-Friend